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Health Benefits Of Molokhia--

by Jan Mh on January 28, 2015

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Molokhia


We are talking about molokhia leaves here! This little known vegetable is widely used for its many known health benefits. Want to know what they are? Go ahead with your read!

1. Lowers Blood Pressure:

Molokhia leaves have been found to reduce the risk of hypertension, by effectively helping reduce blood pressure. Molokhia leaves are rich in potassium, and since potassium is a known vasodilator, it helps relax the arteries. This property of potassium helps improve oxygenation and reduces cardiovascular strain (1).

2. Improves Circulation:

Molokhia leaves are rich in iron, which not only increases RBC production, but also leads to improved blood circulation. Iron is needed for the blood to carry oxygen and a deficiency in iron usually results in anemia. An iron-rich diet ensures that blood circulation is at the optimal level, which in turn helps you stay energetic (2).

3. Aids Digestion:

Molokhia leaves are rich in dietary fiber, and this makes them especially good for your digestive health. Dietary fiber is a bulking