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Jon Platt helps fight Parkinson's Disease.

10 Intuition Hacks

by Jon Platt on November 11, 2017

10 Intuition Hacks

In everyday life, it’s very difficult to come across people using introverted intuition in an obvious way. While many people mistype as INJs, most of them are actually ISJs who thrive on proven facts and personal experience over flashes of insight and symbolism. Intuition is a very mysterious function and many times when INJs (or ENJs) use it in real life they are met with confusion or resistance from a largely sensing culture. As a result, many intuitives have to rely on their less-preferred functions to try to explain themselves to the outer world. INJs find that they have to rely on either Te (extraverted thinking) or Fe (extraverted feeling) in the outer world, and many wind up relying on inferior sensing to try to navigate a world that is tailored much more to sensing types.

But what is introverted intuition?

 Introverted intuition is a perceiving (information-gathering) function. Carl Jung called the perceiving functions “irrational” and that’s because they aren’t decision-making functions. Introverted intuitives focus on the subjective, internal world of the unconscious to find abstract and symbolic connections and relationships between the unconscious and the environment. Ni-users see intrinsic patterns and connections everywhere and examine them internally to find their significance. They know how to shift perspectives to see things from many different angles and points of view simultaneously.

Gary Hartzler, one of the founding board of directors for The Association for Psychological Type said of Introverted Intuition “It is first and foremost