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10 Signs Your Life Is Too Complicated


“Life is hard enough, you don’t have to embellish the drama!” – Marianne Williamson

When you take a walk down a busy street some time – stop and look around you. Observe. What do you see around you? Zooming cars? Rushed pedestrians?

What about their faces? Do they look anxious? Hurried?

That’s life. Not only some large metropolis, but life in general. We live in a world where people “ought to stay busy” even if they don’t know why.

When we try to regain some semblance of control, we are too often (and too unnecessarily) filled with overwhelm. When it comes to life’s problems, we too often have a panoramic view at a time when we need to zoom in.

Modern society has regrettably “claimed” many lives by making it all seem too complicated. Unfortunately, too few of us make an attempt to simplify things. Instead, most of us add to the complexities of life by not prioritizing or making poor decisions (or decisions others think we “should” make.)