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11 Odd, Weird, And Crazy Ways to Make Money


With the economy recovery being anything but certain, more people seem to resort to truly unique ways to make money. But some of these money making ideas are just crazy, which doesn’t seem to stop people from trying them.

Some people have made crazy easy fast money using these strange methods. 

If you think you are crazy enough or need money so bad that you are willing to try anything, have a look at these 11 crazy ways some people make money today.

Maybe you’ll find one that will work for you.

1. Butt Painting

I came across the news that pictures of backsides painted with national flags are generating interest in Europe.

If anybody can make a living out of this, why can’t you?…

What you need to do is to convince enough people to drop their pants so you can paint on them. Take photos of your artwork and market them on the Internet.

Since people have done national flags, you could try astrological signs or celebrity faces so at least you could claim to be original. Maybe money, and possibly fame, will find you.

2. Selling Virginity

I am not at all for this idea but to stay true to the subject of this article, I just have to rub this in at some point.

A few years back, Fox news reported on a case where Natalie Dylan, a made-up name for a real 22-year-old California college grad, was selling her virginity for  $3.7 million.

You can read the story here.

The fact is, some women have been selling their virginity for ages. And the way the society works nowadays, some women simply have no qualm whatsoever to advertise their virginity is for sales.

Again, this is a ladies only game.

3. Professional Cuddling Service

This is yet another trendy activity in modern society. The trend definitely cuts across the world and you can find this professional cuddling service in LA, Tokyo, London and many other cities.


Rumors have it that some are so hot in demand that they easily make $360a day or more.

A Graduate student named Jacqueline Samuel is