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14 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face


Don’t we crave for fine sculpted cheekbones when we see Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightley or our very own ‘Heroine’ Kareena Kapoor? Look no further! You can now flaunt well-defined cheekbones.


There is a special makeup technique called ‘contouring‘, which gives you the illusion of higher cheekbones. Is it possible to contour our face for a sculpted look every time we go out?

Here we introduce you some simple yet effective facial exercises for a lean, sculpted and younger looking face. Yes, face yoga is a promising technique that involves series of exercises which help to tone the face just like yoga for body tones and relaxes the body.

Here is a brief illustration on face exercises:


A wide and perfect smile makes your face look even more beautiful. But as soon as laugh lines appear around your mouth, your beauty tones down by two times. As the body muscles need a lot of exercise, similarly our face muscles also needs a workout. The muscles of the face start loosening out as we age. We try a lot of methods like cosmetic treatment, botox, chemical peels and wrinkle fillers. Buying hoards of anti-wrinkle creams and applying them day after day won’t give you any permanent results. You stop applying them and the wrinkles re-appear.

Doesn’t the idea of exercise for face sound so much more effective and appealing.

Facial Exercises For Women: Yoga For Face

There are some very simple face yoga exercises that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and gives you a younger looking face.

Face Exercise 1:

This simple exercise will work on your orbicularis oris muscle (Muscle around your mouth), zygomatic arch (cheekbones) and modiolus muscle (Muscle on either side of mouth).

·         Close your mouth pressing your lips together and blow air under your upper lip. Hold at the count of ten.

·         Transfer the air to your left cheek and again hold for another 10 counts.

·         Now transfer air to your right cheek and hold for another 10 counts.

·         Repeat this transferring of air from one cheek to the other for 10-15 times.

This exercise is quite easy and very effective to delete the chubbiness of your cheek.

Face Exercise 2:

Another simple exercise to reduce the chubbiness and tone your facial muscles.


·         Inhale air deeply with your mouth.

·         Transfer the air from one side of the cheek to another as if you are swishing mouthwash inside your mouth.

Face Exercise 3:

Vent your lips in ‘O’ shape and blow air out of your mouth.

Face Exercise 4:

This exercise is called the ‘Smiling fish face’.