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15 Ways to Feel More Powerful in 15 Minutes

15 Ways to Feel More Powerful in 15 Minutes | Levo League | powerful, lifestyle 2

1. Wake up earlier.

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, challenge yourself for one week or one month to wake up 15 minutes before you usually do. Having more time in the morning before starting your day means more control—over your routine, your breakfast, your health, and your sanity.


2. Meditate.

There’s immense power in focusing on the present moment. Too often, we dismiss our emotions or attitudes and ignore the initial spark of innovation or romance because we’re afraid of commitment or rejection. Addressing them head-on is very humbling and builds self-awareness, potentially leading to giant positive leaps.

3. Write things down.

Each day is laden with hidden insights, and documenting thoughts about your day (both positive and negative) is cathartic. Seeing your strengths, weaknesses, goals, regrets, and worries written on paper somehow makes them more real. Owning up to your vulnerability is powerful.