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20 Uplifting Things to Do When You Feel Sad


If you feel down and out, here are 20 uplifting things you can do right now that will help you go back to your regular happy self!


Everyone goes through periods of sadness. People die or hurt you and you feel down, or life isn’t going the way you thought it would which leaves you feeling blue.

Although you can’t avoid sadness entirely, that doesn’t mean that you have to wallow in it. There are several things you can do to turn your grey skies blue, your frown upside down and lighten up your spirits a notch or two.

If you feel down and out, for whatever reason, here are twenty uplifting things you can do right now that will help you go back to your regular ‘ole happy self:

#1: Focus on what you’re doing


Generally sadness occurs when you think about a loss that you have suffered or are about to endure. Therefore, staying in the moment and focusing on what is happening in your here and now can help you to ease your dreariness and get you to put a smile on your face.

Speaking of smiles…

#2: Go someplace public and smile at people


The one great thing about smiles is that they are infectious. You can’t smile at someone without them smiling back at you (well, it does happen but not often). And, when they smile at you, it makes you happy.

It’s like you are helping others help make you happy, if that makes any sense.

#3: Strike up a conversation with a stranger


Sometimes all you need to lift your veil of sadness is something to take your mind off things. When you strike up a conversation with a total stranger, that is exactly what will happen because you will be engaged with someone you know nothing about.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even make a new friend and that is a reason to be happy, right?

#4: Tackle your to-do list

You may not have a lot of energy if you are sad, but forcing yourself to tackle even one thing on your to-do list will actually make you feel better. You will feel productive and that brings positivity all on its own.

#5: Say “I feel sad”