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20 uses for ketchup sauce

by Jon Platt on October 29, 2017

20 surprising uses for ketchup


If you thought tomato sauce was just for meal times, think again! These handy hacks and tips show just how versatile ketchup really is.

Shine your copper with tomato sauce

If your cooking pans or copper trinkets are starting to dull, shine them up like new by massaging them with ketchup and watching it dissolve away the tarnish.

Restore your hair after a chlorine swim

Repair any chlorine damage to your locks by rubbing in some ketchup and letting it set for about 20 minutes. Be sure to swill it out thoroughly afterwards though!

Decorate your home with ketchup bottles


When you’ve run your ketchup bottle dry why not wash it out and use it as a storage container for glitter, sequins or craft items? They make great paint dispensers for when the grandchildren are painting too and the squeezy action hopefully prevents any accidental knocks and spills spoiling your cream carpet. The glass bottles could also make a small homemade vase for a lovely bunch of flowers.

Make pancakes with a ketchup bottle

Bake a neat and tidy batch of steaming hot pancakes by using a ketchup bottle to squeeze out your batter mixture into the pan.

Alternative icing nozzle