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22 damn useful invention

That certainly be useful in everyday life anyway. Great ideas!

22 damn useful invention

You probably have long realized that the progress does not stand still: every day resourceful inventors invent all sorts of things to make our lives better.

While you sit idly by many scientists and designers around the world are working hard to develop incredible devices that will greatly simplify your life.

All this is done to ensure that you applied a minimum of effort and soared above the everyday problems.

"Just So!" Has prepared another batch for you, well, downright brilliant veshchichek that you immediately want to have at home. With these devices daily life will become much easier. I bet some of them will surprise you pretty!

ingenious devices

1. Plug the ring

It will take all who often forget to turn off appliances from the outlet - "smart" ring flashes, reminding about it.

22 damn useful invention

2. Portable Keyboard for Smartphone

22 damn useful invention

3. The original soap dish

22 damn useful invention