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Temporary glows and instant brightening creams, we are talking to you. We crave for the kind of healthy skin that stays. What we really want is to get a healthy skin from the inside. So how do we go about it? What are the ways to foolproof health of the skin? Here we have enlisted all the simple tips and home remedies for you to obtain the youthful looking skin.

24 Simple Tips On How To Get Younger Looking Skin:

The following tips will surely help you get that flawless, younger looking skin you’ve always wanted.

1. Hydrate Yourself: 

This is the most important of all beauty tips for younger looking skin. Water makes up to around 65% of your body, and depriving yourself of it is a big no no to fabulous skin.

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Carry a bottle wherever you go, do not deprive your skin of water.
  • Switch to tender coconut water; it is healthier than the aerated drinks that lead to toxin releases in the body, causing breakouts.

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2. Eat a Balanced Diet:

Have a healthy meal that includes foods containing omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Increase your intake of pulses and fresh fruits like oranges and watermelons. Vegetables on the other hand, help to retain your skin’s glow.

3. Skin Care Routine:

Follow a skin-care routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Cleansing gets rid of the gunk, toning handles the pore issues and moisturizing is extremely important for the skin texture.

4. Exfoliation:

Have a regular exfoliation and cleansing routine. You can do this at home by using yogurt, oatmeal, and rosewater. Stick with natural skin care routines over store brought ones. Spare your skin of the harsh chemicals.

5. Be Sun Safe: