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3 Little Words That Will Change Your Life Forever

3 Little Words That Will Change Your Life Forever

True Story: One rainy afternoon a few years ago, I was driving into Seattle for a networking event when my husband called me from his office in Tacoma. As I listened to him, I noted the barely perceptible panic in his voice: something unexpected had come up, and he needed the car for an off-site meeting. Since I was in the car, traveling up I-5 at 65mph in the opposite direction from him, he clearly had a problem.

There was a time when I would have sighed, said, "I'll be right there," and gotten off at the next exit and turned around. He called me with a problem; I had to save the day, right? I would have felt mildly annoyed but, in a twisted way, virtuous for having come to his rescue and fixed his problem. (And my strong introvert side would have felt relieved... no networking event!)

But that's not how this story ends. I listened to him and said, "Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. How else can you get to the meeting?"

We brainstormed some solutions for a moment, he said, "I'll figure it out," and we hung up. And I forgot about the conversation until I got home later that evening.

It was a true turning point for me. It was one of the first times I'd intentionally taken a concept I learned in coach training and put it into practice personally:


To see and hold others as whole, capable and resourceful.



While the three words are simple, the concept is a game-changer.

If I choose to hold someone