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I journeyed down this path as a social chameleon for years. Becoming all things to all people. I would change my clothes, conversations, habits and hobbies all in hopes to impress those around me.

Life is the most difficult exam of all. Many people fail because they try to copy others not realizing everyone is answering different questions.

It wasn’t until I was 25 staring at the face of an opportunity that would change my life forever. I had been an entrepreneur for almost 7 years with my sights set solely on profitability; because money was what the world said would make me valuable. But the chase was tiring. My efforts resulted in a six figure income while my heart screamed the truth: putting only money in my pockets would never put meaning in my soul. I needed to change. But to what?


It was this moment I realized becoming who I once was, was better than becoming someone else.

I realized the real me, the little boy from my past was not just capable, but qualified to change the world. I turned to what I knew was true of my heart and my hands. I loved to build and to elevate others. I loved charity, children, and big change. But I needed my passion to become a profession.

And then it clicked. Shift my focus from from making a million dollars, to helping a million people.


It was this adjustment that cured the brokenness of my pursuit and healed the heart behind it. It was the beginning of the real Dale, the birth of putting people over profit, and the start of what I was meant to do.

The lesson is this: You are worthy how you are. Your uniqueness is actually vital to your life’s mission. If you change you, you might miss your calling. Nobody was intended to become someone else in order to find their purpose. Quit the false you and step into the adventure