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50 Amazon Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Money



Today, we are going to share some Amazon hacks to help you save more money when shopping on Amazon.

Amazon is one of those go-to websites, as it’s so convenient and has a great selection of products. It’s even better if you subscribe to the Prime program and can get the additional benefits of fast free shipping.

There are a number of ways that you can save even more money when shopping on Amazon, and there are sure to be some here that you haven’t thought of.  

50 Amazon Tips & Tricks for Saving More Money on Amazon

Some of the hacks and tips you are about to read only apply to Prime members (which by the way, if you are a frequent shopper of Amazon, you definitely want to become one since it will save you a lot of money on just shipping fees alone), but there are also some that anyone shopping on Amazon can use to save.

1. Quickly and Easily Filter out Discounted Products

Here’s a trick so that you can quickly find the best discounts…

You have to add a code to the end of the URL, and that will narrow down your search results.

The code is “&pct-off=” (without the quote marks) followed by the amount of discount you want to see.

As an example, say you wanted to see only items which are discounted from 40% to 70%. When you do the search, go to the end of the URL and put in “&pct-off=40-70”, again without the quote marks, and it will narrow the choices.

2. Get an Automatic Refund If Price Drops

There is even a website that you can register with that will track the prices, and put in a claim for a refund on your behalf.


It’s at Paribus.co, and it is easy and free to register with.

You have to allow Paribus password access to your email account, and then it will review the purchase emails you receive and let you know if it finds and submits a claim.

3. Get Discounts by Not Checking out Right Away

Here’s an interesting idea; Try adding items you want to your shopping cart, but then don’t go through with the purchase.

After a few days, you’ll get a reminder email from Amazon, telling you that you have items left in your cart and asking you to complete your purchase.

What sometimes happens is that Amazon will send you a discount code or promotion for something you’re buying, to try and incentivize you.

If you don’t mind waiting to get what you’re buying, it might be worth trying this trick.

4. Get Paid to Shop on Amazon

If you don’t yet shop through a cash rebate site, then you probably should. The most well-known is probably eBates, and there are others.

Amazon doesn’t feature a lot on these sites, but you may get as much as 5% back when you buy through the eBates.

Cash rebate sites work by sending buyers to retailers, earning a commission for the rebate site. The rebate site then splits the commission, giving you some of the money they receive.

5. Green Isn’t Always the Color of Saving!

You may not have noticed, but items that are available in a variety of colors sometimes have a different price on different colors.

If you are not particular what color you buy, you may find you can save 10% simply by choosing a less popular color.

6. Get a Refund If the Price Drops

Amazon is always changing prices, and if the price on something you buy falls in the following week, you’re entitled to a refund of the difference.

You can claim this in one of several ways, including email, chat, or on the phone.

Note that this only applies to items sold and shipped by Amazon. Amazon also provides a selling outlet for many third-party suppliers, who would have their own price match policies, if any.

7. Get an Additional 5% off by Using Amazon Store Card

You can get an Amazon Store Card which gives a permanent rebate of 5% on anything you buy.

Unlike other credit card rebate plans, you don’t have to opt in to a category that changes, and it covers all items all the time, not just selected types of goods.

Of course, as it is a store card it has a high-interest rate, so you should make sure that you pay it back each month as a priority.

8. Get a $20 Amazon Gift Card Free, Instantly

Going for that Amazon store card not only gets you 5% off on anything you buy, but it also earns you a free $20 Amazon gift certificate that gets added to your account instantly.

9. Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are tons of ways to get free Amazon gift cards.

One easy way is to use Swagbucks.

Sites like Swagbucks pay you for watching videos and trailers, shopping, signing up to websites–basically, things you already do online.

It is free to join, and you can get your earnings in the form of instant Amazon gift certificates right in your inbox.

10. Share Your Prime Account

Don’t pay twice to get the benefits of a Prime account for both you and your partner.

Amazon allows you to share your Prime account with another adult in your house. They will get full benefits, including free two-day shipping.

11. Don’t Miss Exclusive Prime Discounts on Hardware

Prime has the additional benefit that Amazon will often send out exclusive discounts for members, even on hardware that hasn’t been released for general sale.

This happened for both the Fire TV stick and for Amazon Echo, which were initially offered for 50% off the MSRP to Prime members.

12. Get 1 Month of Free Prime When 2 Days Shipping Is Late

By the way, if Prime fails you and doesn’t get you your order within 2 days, you should contact customer service.

They would usually offer you an extra month of Prime for free, or sometimes they’ll just give you a credit.

13. Get Prime for Free If You’re a College Student

As long as you are a college student, did you know you could get 6 months membership of Prime for free?

Actually, it’s not the full Prime membership, as it doesn’t include Instant Video, but it does get you free two-day shipping on everything you buy.

If you want to get full membership, then students qualify for 50% off the normal rate right up to graduation.

You can even get a referral credit of $10 for every friend you bring into the plan.

14. Convert That $0.22 Leftover Prepaid Gift Card to Amazon Gift Card

You’re welcome to buy Amazon gift cards at any time, but did you know you can use your old prepaid gift cards from other stores to buy Amazon cards?

This is particularly helpful if your old card is due to expire or is one of those that is devalued over time.

The minimum required for converting is $0.15.

Here’s how to convert your gift cards to Amazon GC…

  1. First, check the balance of your gift card (usually there is a number on the back of card that you can call)
  2. Login to Amazon and click on “Your Account”
  3. Click “Purchase a Gift Card” under “Payment”
  4. Choose to send via email (so you can get your code instantly)
  5. Then simply enter the balance of your card and hit submit.
  6. You will receive your Amazon code within seconds in your email. To use it, simply go to your account and click on “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account”.

The great thing about this little trick is that your Amazon code will never expire. So you can keep it in your account and use it whenever you actually need it.

15. Get 1 Free Book Every Month from the Kindle Lending Library

You may know that Amazon has a program called Kindle Unlimited which costs $10 per month, which allows you to borrow any books that are in the program, which is quite a lot of the ones available.

But as a Prime member, you can use the Kindle Lending Library without joining Kindle Unlimited, and you are entitled to one free book download a month.

There’s also a program called Kindle First, which gives Prime members access to books that have not