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5 Beauty Commandments To Live By

Want to know the secret's of daily beauty then read along and discover the youthful glow everyday.



Most of us have a tried-and-true skin-care routine, whether it involves two, six, or even 12 steps. When you're lucky enough to stumble upon that ideal regimen — you know, the one that generally keeps your skin happy and freak-out free — you're probably reluctant to change things up. We get it. That said, the wild world of beauty still has some secrets out there worth uncovering. And it turns out, many of them are hiding outside of your medicine cabinet.

Together with Neutrogena®, we asked seasoned makeup artist and beauty vlogger Sona Gasparian to share her top five beauty commandments. What we found most inspiring is that many of her tricks start in the kitchen (think: the wonders of coconut oil and vegetables). This video might just be the kick your morning routine — or afternoon snack — needs.