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5 Steps to Align Every Day Life with Your Spirit

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What is a spirit for you? What does it mean in your life? I believe the spiritual part of our lives is incredibly important. When we connect with ourselves, deeply and truly, we find "the missing part" of our life. We close the gap, emptiness that used to haunt us before. This feeling of not enough or growing fear to fall into the vacuum in the middle of the street. The connection is the answer, with your own self first. What do I mean by that? 


Through my practice, I was observing that lack of connection is one of the reasons for anxiety, depression, panic attacks. These symptoms are usually the best guides, not torture ( I know it definitely seems this way!) on our way. Once I was talking with my friend how we came to doing what we do and loving the life so much. When I was telling him my struggles with anxiety, depression, and medications, I was surprised and deeply touched as I honestly already forgot how HARD it was. I exhaled some deep gratitude in the world and suddenly realized: the only reason I do what I love, take courage to do what I want, even if I am afraid is because I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE. 


My body, producing all the chemicals of anxiety and depression, will simply kill me if I will try to do what isn't right for me. I just CAN'T stand dishonesty, doubleness, arrogance, attempts to hide real feeling and thoughts or soul, love, abundance substitutions. It's not like "oh god I can't stand it, so pure me, the world is so hard...". (*Bullsh*t, the world is beautiful). But I simply better kill myself than do that. As easy as that. Simple. As 2*2. I just don't have any other choice. So I take full and complete responsibility to create a different world for myself. 


Do you have a choice? 


If you try to live your life, do, create, communicate, take shower through the power of your deepest values, through the prism of your Soul and heart I have some ideas for you here.


We live our lives on different levels: spiritual, material, emotional, intellectual. Soul, Body, Heart, Mind.We learn different lessons on all the level, develop ourselves through all the areas. I believe all the levels are very important as this the beauty and art of life to align our values with feelings with everyday life and health with beliefs and our deepest desires with honesty to your heart and respect and appreciation to the way you live your life. This alignment is what I call connection with your own self. 


If You have a perfect life in one area, but a hole in the other, this is where emptiness comes along, reminding that something needs your attention. What is it? Where is the gap you need to fill? And how do all these areas LOOK, TASTE, FEELS in real life? What can you DO to balance your life right now? 


Here is some ideas to help: 


 I call it S.P.I.R.I.T formula. These practical steps help to balance your Soul, Mind, Heart and Body. And it stands for: 


1. S - Self-Love 


Why Important:  Self- love is a big term. It includes all areas of life. Respect to your emotions and feelings, love to your body. It clears our mind and clean negativity as many of our negative thoughts, worries and beliefs come from distractive self-image. What are we worried about most of the time?