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Do you need to create a new routine because you are working from home or a stay at home mom? Here is everything you need!

After being a contractor for 3 years at Microsoft and 2 years at Google, I am now unemployed due to the time limit on contract jobs. I have to be honest and tell you that it feels weird.

This past year, I worked so hard to create the perfect routine:

  1. working on my blog in the morning
  2. going to work at 9:30-10
  3. exercise 3 days a week at work
  4. have dinner at work or head home to have dinner with my husband at 7:30
  5. watch a couple of episodes from a show
  6. read in bed

Now I feel lost.

Creating a new routine takes time, and I think I am feeling overwhelmed so I don’t do anything.

I have been unemployed for one and a half weeks and I am already tired of TV….

So I decided to get my sh*t together and create a new routine.

This is what I have done so far, but I would love to get your ideas in the comments!


The first thing I did was to tell my friends that I will have more time to see them!! So I told them that we needed to set a time to hang out every week.

As a result, my friend dyed my hair blue last Monday 😀 and we decided to hang out together every Monday afternoon while her little one is napping and then play with him when he wakes up.

It feels good to see people on a regular basis.

I know that if we don’t set a weekly time, I will be lazy to drive to Seattle 😀 (I can be lazy when I’m all cozy and warm at home)


A few of my friends are entrepreneurs and we love to talk business. That’s actually almost all we talk about.

So we decided to meet up every week to catch up on our lives and inspire each other to grow our businesses.

I have two masterminds:

  1. Coffee with my friend Marika from Dirtie Dog Photography to talk about our photography businesses. (I will let you know when I have everything ready to open)