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60 Small Business Ideas for Teenagers & Kids


Kids starting a business may sound crazy and far-fetched, but it is happening all over the place.

From kids with lemonade stands in your neighborhood and teens taking over the Silicon Valley with their ideas to the youth entrepreneurs with million dollar start-ups in Africa, entrepreneurship is growing rapidly among the younger generation.

Today’s kids are no longer satisfied with internships and summer jobs.

They want to become financially independent as soon as possible.

They see other young entrepreneurs, like Mark Zuckerberg, who have changed the world while making billions of dollars, and they want to do the same. 

Enter Youth Entrepreneurship

With teens unemployment rate hovering around 25%, today’s youth are realizing to become financially independent they need to be their own boss.

Fortunately, the startup culture of today, combined with the many tools and resources like crowdfunding start-ups, have made it much easier than ever for anyone, including kids, to launch their own business.

Now, no one’s pretending that it’s easy, although some things are easier to do than others.

There are tons of online jobs for teens that any kid can pick up. But to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a self-starter, able to triumph over setbacks and have the courage to do things that others may not.


In return, the young entrepreneur will learn many skills that will serve for life, such as being creative, responsible, dealing with finances, and even being a leader if the business grows.

But I don’t have a new business idea!

You don’t need a new idea!

You don’t have to have a new business idea to make it. Sure, having a new and revolutionary idea is great, but it’s also risky.

On the other hand, tried-and-true methods are less risky. You can build upon the experience of people who came before you.

And if you can manage to put your own twist to an already existing idea, it will be even better.

Remember, MySpace existed long before Facebook. But Zuckerberg came along, put a new twist to the idea and created something entirely new that now 1 in 4 people on earth use every day.

Ready to start your own business?

Here is a selection of awesome small (and big) business ideas for kids and teens that can be used as they are, or brainstormed into even better ideas.

1. Selling used books

Student textbooks are particularly sought after, so a teen looking to make some money probably has a good start.

Unless you can find a source of books, this is more of a one-off project to make money, but if you can become the middleman, perhaps selling off friends’ books too, it will be worthwhile.

To make a real business out of this, you have to start buying and selling used books.

2. Creating websites and blogging

If you have a particular passion or are an expert in something that people may want to read about, blogging about it can be a great way to monetize that knowledge.

Doesn’t matter what topic(s) you are an expert on, if you are well-informed about it and can help people understand it, you can blog about it.

There are successful blogs on just about anything you can think of – food, cooking, health, sports, money, education….

But if there are already blogs about everything, I won’t have a chance of making it!

Not with that again!