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7 Lies You Believe About Nutrition


nutrition1The world of nutrition is plagued with lies.


It’s full of misconceptions, misnomers, bad science and greedy companies trying to get their hand even further into your wallet.

So, it’s time to cut through the noise. I want to bring to light the 7 biggest lies you’ve been told about nutrition, with research backed evidence to show you the light.

If you’re ready to have your current beliefs rocked, come with me as I expose these 7 common lies:

1. ‘Saturated Fats Are Bad For Your Heart’

Your whole life you’ve been told that eating high fat foods was bad for your heart and your cholesterol.

That butters, creams, cheeses, steaks and all your favourite meats were slowly taking you towards an inevitable heart attack.

In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The above study pieced together 21 studies of over 350,000 people of which 11,000 had heart disease, which covers a span of almost 14 years.

Their conclusion? There is no correlation between eating saturated fat and heart disease.

So, I suggest you go out and eat a butter-fried steak to celebrate.

2. ‘You Must Eat 5 Meals A Day To Lose Weight’

The old body-builders adage of ‘eat before you’re hungry, stop before you’re full’ has been the method behind the madness of personal trainers and dieticians for decades.

Probably, well, since Pumping Iron took the world by storm. Everyone wants abs like Arnold after all, right?

Well, studies show that eating meals more frequently isn’t shown to favourably change the body composition of sedentary people.

Put simply: unless you’re an athlete, or exercising intensely more than 6-8 hours week, you’re not going to lose moreweight doing following this method.

It’s more about what you put in your mouth, instead of