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7 Ways to Rest When You Have a Busy Life

By Lynn Daue



We’re all busy.

Between professional and personal commitments, domestic duties, and childrearing (if you have children), the hours fill up fast. Additionally, it’s easy to fill whatever spare time we do happen upon with the minutiae of everyday life.

The busier you are, the more you need to build in time for rest and rejuvenation. Without committing to time for yourself, you will find a way to fill your time with busy work and stray tasks. Do this for too long, and you will burnout. It’s inevitable.

Prevent burnout by engaging in one of these (in)activities.

1. Go for a walk

The beautiful thing about walking is that you can do it casually, on a whim, wearing heels, or all-out with a Camelback and hiking boots. Which means that you can fit it into your schedule whenever you have 10-20 minutes, wherever you are.

If you have a brief moment, head out for a stroll. If you’re wearing heels, meander. If you’ve got a pair of tennies, hit it hard. Walk in silence and/or through nature if you can, but if you