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Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

Tesla Generator for free energy. You can do it at home.

Producing cheap and abundant power has been a problem man has sought to overcome for decades. The present system of producing energy relies heavily on using natural resources that are rapidly being exhausted and cause harm to the environment such as oil, coal or natural gas.

A lens into the hidden lives

of Hong Kong domestic workers

Xyza Cruz Bacani has lived in Hong Kong for nine years and still doesn't feel like she belongs.

Philippines tops the charts for monthly shipbuilding receipts for first time

May 7, 2015

Manila: Available slots and a growing diverse range of products on offer have propelled the Philippines to the top of the global shipbuilding leaderboard for the first time. The Southeast Asian archipelago beat South Korea into top spot for order intakes for April, according to Clarkson Research.

Philippines hot with Pac-mania fever

Manny Pacquiao will enter the ring for boxing's "fight of the century" with an entire country in his corner as the Philippines grinds to a halt to dementedly cheer on its favorite son against Floyd Mayweather.

The Amazing Story of The REO Brothers

Dear Friends,

I was amazed at the humble beginning of these very talented young men that I am posting more of their great performances here.

If you want to read their story and how they began this amazing journey,

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