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Are You Ready for Mr Nice Guy? 8 Signs You’ve Found Him

Are You Ready for Mr Nice Guy? 8 Signs You’ve Found Him

Why is it that women seem to gravitate more towards the bad guys? We state we want a guy that will rub our backs, pick up groceries, help with the kids, and even be handy around the house, but when that guy comes along…we run the other way.

Instead of opening up your arms to a quality man, you find yourself more willing to invest your time with someone who’s the complete opposite of this. Somehow you’d rather put up with the headache, stress, and strain of being in an unhealthy relationship… but why?

Are good guys intimidating?

Are good guys boring?

Do good guys lack backbone?

Do you NOT have a good idea of how you deserve to be treated?

Do nice guys turn you off?

Or, do you simply not have a CLUE what a good guy really is?

Of all the mistakes women make when trying to find a long lasting relationship, I believe that letting a good man pass them by is at the top of the list. You can get so wrapped up in the superficial and the aesthetics of a guy, that you completely overlook the things that will matter most.

Some women will say that “all the nice guys are taken”, others will say “they don’t exist”, but the truth is, there are very attractive nice guys out there waiting to sweep you of your feet.

How Do You Know He’s a Nice Guy?

I’ve certainly had my fair share of “posers”. In other words, guys who pretended to be nice in the hope of getting into my pants. Therefore, I understand