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Hello empowr citizens,

empowr is launching a new coin, and it’s called the ‘empowr orange coin’  – or EMPRO.

Everyone will be able to swap their current (EMPR coins) for the new EMPRO coin.

Today, I will explain HOW the process will work – meaning how you will be able to easily swap your old EMPR coins for new EMPRO coins.

But first, as always, I will explain WHY it’s important to do this.

(Oh, our newest citizens and/or coin owners: To understand the empowr coin strategy and approach, I strongly suggest you read this blog post).



Why launch the new EMPRO coin?

As you may know, everyone has been working to ensure 2019 is an explosive year for the empowr community. 

 At the center of our expansion will be growing our economy and marketplace at an exponential rate month over month during 2019 and 2020.


One of the many, many steps towards making this happen was the coin stabilization process, which now allows marketplace sellers (and everyone else) to retain the full monetary value from their earnings regardless of the empowr coin’s price on the exchange.

The next step, that’s currently underway, is the massive engineering project to cut the cost of our computer servers and infrastructure.

That project is expected to complete around the end of this month – only 2 weeks from now.

When complete, this will enable us to grow significantly without growing the cost of our computer infrastructure as much, which means our citizens will not be burdened by extra costs resulting from the growth. I’ll keep you posted on that effort in the days to come.


Another cost our citizens are currently facing, is the $1 (USD) cost for cashing outs. While $1 by itself isn’t a very large cost, it adds up to a much bigger number if you’re cashing out many times every day.

Wait. Why would anyone cash out many times every day? 

 A major reason is that there is a limit to how many coins a citizen can cash out at once. (That limit is 1 billion coins per cash out).

For example, if you wish to cash out 15 billion coins today, you’ll need to cash out 15 times, so it will cost you $15 USD (in addition to a lot of your time).


And yet another cost that is emerging for citizens, relates to the ‘spread’ on the currency exchange. The spread is the % difference between the lowest price they can buy coins, and the highest price they can sell at.

Coin swap:  The new empowr orange (EMPRO) coin

As you can see in the above image, the lowest price that someone is selling the coin, ends with 291.  And the highest price someone is willing to pay to buy coins, ends with a 290.  The difference between those two numbers is 1 which is called the ‘spread’. 

Since the difference between those two numbers (1) is nearly half of one percent of the coin price ( = 1/250), it means that if you were to buy X coins and then sell X coins, you would lose approximately half of one percent (0.5%) of the value of X coins.


The solution? A coin swap

As a solution to those last 2 issues (cash out costs and the spread %) we are launching a new coin and swapping everyone’s old coins for new coins.

When everyone can cash out as much as they want (and not need to pay many $1 fees), and when they are not facing a 0.5% loss from the spread, this will help make cashing out and trading cost less for everyone.


In addition to earning up to 7% bonuses on all of the coins they trade, the launch of the new empowr coin will help make trading more cost-effective and/or profitable for everyone.


Introducing empowr orange

The new coin will be called empowr orange (EMPRO).

Current EMPR coins will be swapped for new EMPRO coins.

At the time of the swap, each 1 trillion EMPR coins will be worth 1 EMPRO coin.

That means that, since there are now approximately 12 trillion EMPR coins...

... after the swap there will be 12 EMPRO coins:  https://etherscan.io/token/0x029606e5ec44cad1346d6a1273a53b971fa93ad6

Since the 12 trillion EMPR coins are currently worth about $35,000 USD, the final 12 EMPRO coins will also be worth around $35,000 USD.

That means that, immediately after the swap, one (1) EMPRO coin will be worth around $3,500 USD.

Below, we will discuss how you can easily swap your EMPR coins in your empowr balance and Ether wallet to the empowr orange (EMPRO) coin.

For now, just remember that for every 1 trillion EMPR coins in circulation, 1 empowr orange EMPRO coin will be distributed.


To be clear, this is merely a coin swap:

Everyone will end up with the same exact share (% of the overall supply) of EMPRO coins...

... equal to the same share (%) they owned of all the EMPR coins.


How will empowr change as a result of this new coin?

Almost nothing will change in empowr.

Here are the only items you need to be aware of:

1) Transitioning the orange EMPRO coin into the empowr platform:

Also at approximately 2PM PST (10PM UTC) on Friday, January 18th, the new EMPRO coin will integrated into the empowr platform.

The transition time will take a few (4 to 6) hours.

During the transition time, your Coin Savings Vault will be locked down.

That means that, during that 4 to 6 hour transition period:

·         The EMPR coins in your Coin Savings Vault will be automatically converted to the new orange EMPRO coin.

o   The conversion rate is 1 trillion EMPR to 1 EMPRO.

o   Example: If you have 1.23 billion EMPR coins, you’ll have 0.00123 EMPRO coins after the conversion

·         During the 4-6 hour transition, you’ll be unable to shop with any coins in your Coin Savings Vault

·         During the 4-6 hour transition, you’ll be unable to transfer coins in or out of your Coin Savings Vault (meaning cash out, cash advance or transfer out)

Once the integration is complete, we will add an update to the bottom of this post, so you know that the process is complete.


2) Everything else in empowr:

After the transition process, any time you choose to view the value of something in empowr coins, it will be the value based on the empowr orange coin (EMPRO) and not the old (EMPR) coins.


3) Lower fees for transferring out:

Given the 1 billion coin transfer out limit and the increased price of the new EMPRO coin, the amount of coins that citizens can cash out will now be virtually limitless, which means the $1 USD gas fees will be a much smaller percentage of the amount transferred out, and you won’t need to do many transfer outs to complete a large cash out.


This will make transferring out much easier and more affordable for all empowr citizens moving forward.


4) empowr orange (EMPRO) coin trading on DDEX:

Within the next 24 hours you can expect the new orange (EMPRO) coin to begin trading on our currency exchange DDEX.io

 For the first several days after the new EMPRO coin launches, you’ll be able to continue trading the original EMPR coin on the exchange.

However, effective approximately 2PM PST (10PM UTC) on Friday, January 18th, you’ll only receive trading bonuses for trades of the new orange EMPRO coin.

Then, sometime next week, the trading of EMPR will be halted on DDEX entirely, in order to reduce confusion for everyone.



5) The spread on the exchange: As a result, the minimum difference between the lowest seller and highest buyer, will now go from 0.5% to something much, much smaller – almost zero -- something like 0.0000000001%. 

That means that you will no longer lose 0.5% every time you buy and sell coins.


How to get the new empowr coin?

With the automatic conversion of your EMPR coins in your Coin Savings Vault to the new orange EMPRO coin, within the next 24 hours many of you should have the new orange EMPRO coin available to transfer to your Ether wallet and even begin trading with it on the exchange.



But what about the EMPR coins you have outside of empowr (in your external wallets)?

Within the next 24 hours, you’ll also have the ability to transfer your EMPR coins from your external wallets to your Coin Savings Vault.

When you do that, your inbound EMPR coins will be automatically converted into EMPRO coins and saved in your Coin Savings Vault.


Wait! That’s what we’ve been asking / waiting for!

Along with this automatic conversion of EMPR to EMPRO, the ability to transfer coins back to your Coin Savings Vault from your Ether wallet has been a feature that has been requested by many citizens for a long time, so we’re excited to finally get that feature to you.

To be clear, that means that you’ll now be able to transfer EMPR, EMPRO and ETH from your external wallet into your Coin Savings Vault!

Keep in mind that your Coin Savings Vault will only hold EMPRO, so any EMPR or ETH you send will be automatically converted to EMPRO and saved in your Coin Savings Vault:

·         When you transfer EMPR in, the conversion will be 1 trillion EMPR to 1 EMPRO.

·         When you transfer ETH in, the conversion will be based on the current exchange rate (of ETH to EMPRO) on the currency exchange.

·         And of course when your transfer EMPRO coins in, the ‘conversion’ will be 1:1.


Once they are in your Coin Savings Vault, your coins can be utilized to shop in the marketplace,

or transferred back out to your Ether wallet whenever you want,

including when you want to trade them for local currency.


How to transfer coins back into empowr

So, exactly how do you transfer EMPR, EMPRO and ETH coins from your external wallet to your Coin Savings Vault?

Simply visit your transfer out page...

... and in the ‘Transfer from’ pull-down, scroll down to select your desired wallet...

Coin swap:  The new empowr orange (EMPRO) coin

 ... choose the type of coin you wish to transfer in (EMPR, EMPRO or ETH)...


 ... enter the amount of coins you wish to transfer...

... then click “Continue” to import your coins to your Coin Savings Vault.


As always, you’ll also be able to purchase EMPRO coins directly on empowr and receive the buy 1, get 1 free founder coin deal.

Bonus: When you transfer ETH into your Coin Savings Vault (and you automatically get EMPRO saved in your Coin Savings Vault) you’ll also automatically get the 1:1 free founder coins deal!

Example: If you receive 0.5 EMPRO coins from transferring in ETH, you’ll also get 0.5 EMPRO founder coins added to your founder coin wallet.



What’s next?

With the coin stabilization process now in place, after the launch of the new EMPRO coin tomorrow:


·         marketplace sellers will now feel even more financially secure with every sale they make

·         everyone won’t need to do (or pay for) a lot of transfer outs in order to complete one large cash out

·         citizens won’t face a large spread % on the exchange.

As a result, we’re one more step closer to the launch of the new ‘Buy’ listings which will be rolled out within days after the completion of the server infrastructure project.

If you haven’t studied the upcoming ‘Buy’ listings, take a moment to do that now...

... as you’ll very likely agree that it just might change EVERYTHING you know about empowr, social media and online commerce.


And, after you give it more thought, you’ll see how it will help the empowr community (you!) complete the mission and reduce inequality on the planet.

Combined with -- and powered by -- everything else we have built together, one brick after another, it really is that big a deal.


In the meantime, as we get closer to the launch of the ‘Buy’ listings, this is a great time to think about what you want from the empowr marketplace.


Simply visit your favorite e-commerce sites and browse the things for sale there, and create a wish list and/or bookmark some items that you’ll want to create ‘Buy’ listings for.


Those looking to make profits with their money, start thinking about how much profit (and/or profit %) you wish to make with your money, so that when the new ‘Buy’ listings are live, you’ll already know exactly how much profit you want, and therefore can be first to grab the best (most profitable) listings.



Until next time – if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.


UPDATE:  The new coin launch has been delayed. Our best current estimate is to have the process started by 12:00PM PST on Tuesday, January 22nd (8:00PM UTC on Tuesday, January 22nd). Our apologies for the delay. 

We will continue to update this space as progress is made.




STARTING AT: 8:00am PDT (3:00pm UTC) 



Tune in this Friday, January 18th, 2018 | 8:00am PDT (3:00pm UTC) 





Visit us on all of our social channels:
Discord App: 


STARTING AT: 8:00am PDT (3:00pm UTC) 



Tune in this Friday, Jauary 11th, 2018 | 8:00am PDT (3:00pm UTC) 





Visit us on all of our social channels:
Discord App: 

Hello empowr citizens,

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Carlos for all the sacrifices, hard work and results from his time here at empowr. In the short period that he was here, he set in motion some incredible items that I am confident will be improving everyone’s experience for many years to come.

As a result of those items, I’m confident this year (2019) might just be the most progressive one yet for empowr.

With that said, I understand that there are several challenges that each of you are facing at the moment and we are also eager to get the marketplace moving at a much faster pace. I’m working with the empowr engineering team to get those live to you as quickly as possible.

Specifically, we have been working on the following:


1) Removing the limits on bidding in the marketplace

This has blocked many of you from hitting your Daily Goals over the past few days and should now be resolved. Please check and let me know, in the comments below, if it has been resolved.


2) Updating your balances to reflect the correct calculations

Your balance at the top of every page now correctly matches your balance on the balance details page.

For those of you with pending marketplace sales both before and after the January 3rd coin stabilization process, those amounts are still in your balance, but are currently not being shown.

As those transactions are marked “item received” they will be added to your Legacy coin balance if the sale occurred before Jan 3rd, and to your maturing balance if the sale was made after January 3rd.


3) Updating tracking for your trading bonus

After the launch of the new DDEX.io exchange a few weeks ago, our system needed to be updated to correctly notice and provide bonuses for trading.

This has now been corrected; and all ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ trades and being awarded the trading bonus.

Additionally, all ‘buy’ trade bonuses are now being accelerated to your Coin Savings Vault.


4) New technical infrastructure

After the resolution of any remaining issues from the coin stabilization process are behind us, and especially after the launch of the new ‘Buy’ listings, we expect the volume of marketplace sales to grow exponentially. Therefore, we are excited to get this new ‘Buy’ listing feature to you as quickly as possible.

However, first, we need to take a few steps backwards before going forward, as far as our technical infrastructure is concerned.

Thanks to the new coin stabilization feature that just launched, the number of computer servers required to operate empowr has skyrocketed into the thousands. Add to that the expected traffic increases in 2019, and a lot will be added to empowr’s operating costs, all of which of course would need to be passed on to empowr citizens since empowr does not allow investors to participate.

Therefore, instead of passing on these increased costs to our community, our engineers are convinced they can rearchitect much of our core systems and actually end up with lower costs than before the coin stabilization process was launched.

As a result, we now do not expect to have higher costs after this new process is complete, however the process will take our engineers a few weeks to complete. That means that, over that time period, you can expect less or no new features, big fixes, etc.

The bottom line is that we need to slow down for a few weeks before moving forward again.

Other than ending up with lower costs, here is the other good news:

In parallel to this big infrastructure process, we’re currently adding many more engineers to our team. All the new team members will start by the end of January or mid-February at the latest.

By the end of February, we will have 3 times the number of engineers on staff!

The result will be that, finally, we’ll be able to move at 3 times the pace as before.

Not only will bugs be fixed at a much faster pace but now, but we’ll be able to get you new functionality (such as the local merchant and app platforms) as well as bring many of your other ideas to life much, much faster.

And this is why I want to reiterate again our special thanks to Carlos. Thanks to all the above initiatives, he has set us up for an incredible 2019...  specifically:


·         With the arrival of the new ‘Buy’ listings, we expect that all citizens will be able to get exactly what they want from the marketplace in record time.


·         And sellers will be able to get the profits they deserve – and thanks to the coin stabilization process that has now launched, they can do that without uncertainty from coin price fluctuations.


·         And finally, ‘fake sellers’ will almost completely be a thing of ancient history in empowr.

The end result will be that empowr will be a great place for anyone to sign up, do the same things they do on other social media platforms ( = post and share) and be rewarded with nearly everything (products - and soon services) that a person could want.

And as citizens become more experienced, they’ll also be able to cash out to their local currency, by becoming sellers or success coaches.

All of that means an amazing 2019 for everyone – which is so great given how hard everyone has worked – citizens, success coaches and employees -- and how everyone has sacrificed to create this opportunity for the people of the world.

And so apologies in advance for any issues that comes up in the next few weeks, as we dig in and work to lower the cost of our technical infrastructure. To be clear, this is a big undertaking, so there will be issues but, one after another, we will fix them until you all say that everything is working to your satisfaction.


Presidential election

Losing Carlos is a big loss for this community, I am sure of that.

But as Carlos has made clear, we must look to the future, not to the past. We each blow, we must pick ourselves up again, and move forward again. The alternative to that is not acceptable. 

Therefore, I think we should focus on the next presidential election happening this summer. We suggest waiting until then so that empowr can have the resources to pay for the legal process of getting a special visa, in case a non-US citizen wins the election.

More details will be coming in the near future.

In the meantime, if there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do my best to make it happen.


To the Community….

by Carlos Andrade on January 08, 2019

Dear empowr citizens,

A few months ago, I engaged in the biggest adventure of my professional life so far.

That was the corollary of my work on empowr as a citizen and a Success Coach and I am glad I took that step and thankful for all the support I received.

I can say that I am a successful person… unlike others to whom success comes naturally, my achievements in life always came with a lot of extra effort.

And from all the teachings I have gathered through my 48 years of life the one I always make sure to point to my son is that:

“You can achieve anything, if you put enough effort and will into it”



One part of the teachings I’ve collected help me understand when to back off. And this is one of those times!



The Facts

On December 29th, 2018, upon my return to the United States to resume my role as your president at empowr’s offices, I was stopped by the United States Customs.

After a long time waiting, I was informed that my entry was refused due to problems related with my Visa.

I will spare you with all the details. In summary, I was granted a mandatory parole to leave the United States by January 2nd, to which I complied.

As a result, I am writing you these words from my home in Portugal.


The decision

During my short stay in San Diego (after Christmas), I discussed with the team there the options and consequences of my situation and how we should proceed.

Although I received all the support I could have imagined from them, including to continue my work from Portugal, after much soul-searching I have concluded is that it’s simply not possible to effectively manage all the work, updates, meetings specifications being out the office.


The speed at which everything moves at empowr, and being able to keep up to date and manage all the twists and turns that developing a single feature requires is not compatible with the president being away from the office and reachable only through e-mail or skype.

And a new visa would require thousands of dollars in legal fees from empowr, which is money I am opposed to having the empowr community spend at this moment.

For that reason and after in-depth discussion, it is with a heavy heart that I am presenting my official resignation from the role of empowr’s president.

As I’ve stated clearly during the campaign, being empowr’s president was never about power, but always about the work.

And the fact is, that I don’t have a way to 100% ensure that I can produce the work that empowr and all of you – citizens – require, deserve and expect from me.

I have asked Brian Woosley to assume the role of President, and he has agreed to do that, between now and when the next election can take place.


Thank You

Approaching the end of this message, I must leave some well-deserved thank you notes…

To Annet and Bob for accepting the challenge of working with me side-by-side in San Diego, along with all the team there, to build a stronger platform that will be closer to accomplish empowr’s mission. I wish you the continuance of your productive work there!

To Alex, Lina and Edwin, for your help and support in leading the Success Coach program. I am sorry if sometimes my words were harsh! Leading by example requires an extra amount of effort. I chose you and I am proud of my choice! I cherish your friendship and you can always find a friend in me!

To all the Success Coaches: You have a very important responsibility in helping empowr accomplish its mission. Make sure you understand the purpose of being a Success Coach. empowr needs you and expect results from your work. I thank you for having stepped forward and I wish you can continue to deliver knowledge and help to all other citizens.

To all the citizens that approached me in so many ways. Thank you for your suggestions, comments and work.

To Brian Woosley, I know the president role is a stressful one, and you and your family were finally given a little relief from these pressures. I cannot thank you enough for always stepping up, each time you have been asked to, even without monetary compensation.

Finally, the empowr staff at the California office including Brian and JC: I came to know you and understand all the struggles and incredible effort you put daily to deliver every single feature. I am confident that 2019 will be a great year for the empowr community, which you have all selflessly given most of your adult years to! Thank you for all the wise words and for welcoming me to be part of the mission!



It’s time to finish.

I apologize in advance but I won’t be answering any comments and I will keep a deep silence in all my communication channels, including on empowr inbox. I mean no disrespect, but for the first time in years I must take some space and time for myself.

I believe in you, the empowr community of citizens, success coaches and employees, and have zero doubts about the success of the mission, even more so now with the incredible coin stabilization engineering work behind us and the new ‘Buy’ listings about to change the game.

Thank you for being empowr citizens and Goodbye!



Proud to have served as your president,


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