As some of you may be aware, by using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge your empowr experience is hyper-optimized (approximately 5 to 7 times faster than on other browsers).


For those of you that use Chrome, to have your empowr pages load with hyper speed, you now need to update your settings.

Simply follow these steps:

1)      Input this URL into Chrome: chrome://flags/#enable-nostate-prefetch

New hyper-speed settings for Chrome users 


2)      In the "No-State Prefetch" section that appears, expand the drop-down and pick "Enabled Prerender"

New hyper-speed settings for Chrome users



3)      A restart notification will appear at the bottom of the page.  Click the "Relaunch Now" button to restart Chrome and have the changes take effect immediately

 New hyper-speed settings for Chrome users



And that’s it - enjoy! Smile


Hello everyone -

The site will be going into maintenance mode from approximately 2:30PM PST to 2:50PM PST on Friday, July 7th.

During that time, the site and mobile apps will not be available to be accessed. We will do our best to ensure the upgrade is completed as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your patience.


Hello empowrians!

I know everyone is very busy closing loops, hitting goals and providing products and services, but I wanted to borrow a few moments from your time to:

1.  give you a quick update on what we’re working on, and 

2.  get your thoughts and guidance, so we’re prioritizing our work based on your feedback

First, an update on what we’re working on:

Expanding empowr countries

As you're all aware, last month we introduced the concept of empowr countries so that more power and control can be put into the hands of the empowr citizens.

Based on your feedback, these powers will include, but are not limited to:

Voting and electing your country’s leader(s), representatives and judges

Creating community and commerce rules and procedures

Deciding how cash outs will be distributed

Choose what opportunities should be opened to new citizens at various stages of their citizen process

Control Success Coach hiring, training, managing and auditing

Launch and control billing platforms

Enforce citizen penalties, suspensions, and removals

Since we last spoke, hundreds of empowr pre-countries have been created, and there are many that have begun to gain traction among large groups of empowr citizens.

Soon, every empowr pre-country will have important statistics and data added to its profile page, showing things such as number of citizens, how productive its citizens are (that is, average 30-day Mission Points for its citizens), how much production overall its citizens have (that is, cumulative 30-day Mission Points for all citizens), etc.. 

A country leaderboard based on Mission Points will also be launched – so all citizens can compare countries (and pre-countries) based on their Mission Points and other important metrics, as they decide which one they want to be a part of.

From there, the countries with the most productive citizens (measured by 30-day Mission Points) will achieve official empowr country status and will then gain access to the features mentioned above and much more.

As a reminder, citizens earn mission points by hitting their Daily Goals and successfully selling products and services (that are marked as “Item Received” or “Service Received” by customers) to a wide variety of citizens. (Citizens earn much less points when selling to the same people over and over again).

You’ll want to focus on earning more Mission Points to ultimately strengthen the country you decide to create or join.  

Mission Points will be the most important factor in determining when a pre-country qualifies to become a country. 

Also, many citizens will decide which country they want to join, based on how productive they are, exactly like what happens with real countries (the countries with the highest Gross Dometic Product figures have the most people wanting to go there). 

So, if your country or pre-country is among the most productive (as measured by its the Mission Points its citizens are generating) it will benefit from both an abundance of resources as well as an abundance of citizens wanting to join it.

To see your current Mission Points, just roll over your all-time Daily Goals badge on your profile:

What are we working on?

If you haven't already created your pre-country, there's no better time than the present; simply visit the Communities page, select “empowr country”, and then click “Create your empowr country” to get started.

Improving citizen experience

While we're working on providing more control to all empowr citizens, we're also working on several areas that will help provide a better overall citizen experience for everyone.

For example, ensuring that every empowr citizen has the knowledge and support to be successful within empowr is crucial for us in achieving our mission. 

This is made possible thanks to our amazing Success Coach team, who make themselves available around the clock to support their students as best as they can.

We’re currently working on 35 new features for Success Coaches, who have been waiting patiently for a long time, for improvements to the tools they use to serve the community.

For example, in an effort to ensure that all empowr citizens receive the help they need in 24 hours or less, soon student messages will be escalated up to a lead Success Coach when your own Success Coach is unable to respond quickly enough or cannot address a certain question to your satisfaction. 

Another example is a redesign of the entire Success Coaching “client center” platform in order to improve their visibility and quality of service to their students. That redesign includes the removal of outdated items and addition of new items that they have been asking for. 

And yet another example is a feature designed to make Success Coaches (and while we’re at it, everyone) more productive via the launch of empowr Inbox Folders:

Improving your empowr inbox using folders

As the most active empowr citizens will tell you, navigating through the empowr inbox can be quite inefficient, given all the different types of communications you send and receive.

Soon, all empowr citizens will have access to a folder system within their inbox where they can automatically route, sort and store the various type of messages (earnings reports, marketplace alerts, Success Coach messages and more) they receive: 

What are we working on?

Success Coaches have been requesting and waiting a long time for this feature, and we cannot wait to launch it, at the very moment it’s ready and tested.

empowr transport layer (ETL)

We've recently discussed our vision of offering "everything fast and free" in the very near future by adding just a few additional functionalities to the product suite.

Recently, we released the first phase of this initiative with the introduction of sharing, where sellers on empowr can share the products they own (instead of selling them) so that citizens near the seller can access the products they want for a specific period of time and then return those products at very little expense.

We're now very close to releasing the next phase of ETL (empowr transport layer), which includes 23 new features to enable empowr citizens to transport products (shared and sold on empowr) to empowr citizens that live locally.

Through transporting, empowr citizens will be able to view all of the products that have recently sold, and can then earn by picking up and delivering the product for the sharer or user:

What are we working on?

The empowr app platform

We’re also working fast and furiously on the empowr app platform, designed to enable hundreds and eventually thousands of software developers to dream up and launch countless new ways for everyone to earn, work, play, communicate and be informed or entertained.

We've already received many inquiries from app developers anxious to get started, and are currently working with several that will be releasing the first few apps on the platform.

For those of you that have yet to reach out with your ideas, it's not too late to be among one of the first developers.  Go here to get started or learn more 

Solutions in the works

We’re constantly pausing our work on all the above items to fix and improve any issues that you report to us, as well as improving our infrastucture so that your empowr experience is fast and seamless. 

As many of you have advised, we need to always prioritize the fixing of current issues above launching new features, and we continue to do that, which slows down production on the newer items but ensures many of the obstacles you face daily are fixed as soon as possible to help reduce frustrations.

The 2nd half of 2017 

In addition to the above, the team is very focused on coming up with ideas for the top 10 things that you tell us you want (using the monthly customer feedback voting system) and solutions to the top 10 things you don’t like or frustrate you about empowr.

Based on the various stages of these items, and how close many of these solutions are to being ready for engineering development and testing…

…  I can tell you with confidence that by the end of this year, 1) virtually all of what frustrates and/or confuses both new and old citizens will be history forever, and 2) most of you will be very, very pleased with how far we will have come together in the 2nd half of 2017 (which starts today, July 1st). 

Stay tuned for announcements on those items.

But what are we missing? 

Got any strong opinions about what we should focus on next? If so, please let us know in the comments below so we’re always prioritizing our work based on your guidance.

Thank you again for all of your support!

Your president,
Brian Woosley


Hello everyone -

The site will be going into maintenance mode again from approximately 2:30PM PST to 3:00PM PST on Friday, June 30th.

During that time, the site and mobile apps will not be available to be accessed. We will do our best to ensure the upgrade is completed as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your patience.


Hello everyone -

The site will be going into maintenance mode from approximately 10:00AM PST to 10:15AM PST on Friday, June 23rd.

During that time, the site and mobile apps will not be available to be accessed. We will do our best to ensure the upgrade is completed as quickly as possible.


Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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