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Gratitude Conversation Starters

How often do you talk about gratitude with your kids?

I try to make gratitude an ongoing conversation at our house. I don’t ever want my girls to take our wonderful life for granted. Even though we have had some trials and some not-so-good days, we are still very fortunate.

It’s not always easy to have that conversation and sometimes I’m at a loss. I don’t want to ask the same questions every day. That’s an easy way to get everyone to lose interest! I want to get my girls thinking and looking at all areas of their life. I want them to look at the little things, not just the big picture.

So, I started brainstorming and jotting down questions. When I was done, I had a set of Gratitude Conversation Starters to use to get us talking.

Get your kids started talking about gratitude with these printable Gratitude Conversation Starters that are perfect for family time.