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Build an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain

Three Methods:Planning Your Water FountainPreparing Your Fountain PartsBuilding Your Fountain

A water fountain can add a beautiful touch to any garden. It can introduce movement in your garden, and can heighten its sense of tranquility. Having a water fountain also means you can introduce aquatic plants into your garden, or bright splashes of color if you choose to put fish in your fountain. To build a fountain, you will first have to plan it out and familiarize yourself with some tools.

Method 1 of 3: Planning Your Water Fountain

  1. Build an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Step 1.jpg
    Consider the area where you are going to put your fountain. Take into consideration the area’s size. The size of the area you plan to put it in will determine how large a fountain you can build.
    • Think about whether the area is conducive to handling leaks that your fountain may have. Will you be able to access the fountain easily in the area that you are planning on putting it?
  2. Build an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Step 2.jpg
    Remember that fountains can be very heavy. Once you install your fountain, it will be very hard to move, or even shift it slightly.
    • If you are planning on putting your fountain on a balcony, deck, or in a rooftop garden, keep in mind the weight of the fountain. Make sure that the surface you are planning to put the fountain on can bear its weight.
  3. Build an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Step 3.jpg
    Figure out how you are going to power the fountain. You will have to determine where you will run the line that will bring power to your fountain’s pump.
    • Another option is to install a solar-powered fountain. Solar powered fountains are easier to install and are environmentally friendly, but you have to work in a sunny area for the solar powers to efficiently power the fountain.
  4. Build an Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Step 4.jpg