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Child Psychology, 8 games to Grow Emotionally Strong Children

It is known that a child's character is laid in early childhood. Therefore, in order to grow strong and prepared for the life of a person, it is very important to give him as much attention as possible.

Here are 8 educational games, which can develop a certain quality baby and just have fun with him.

I do not agree with you

The game consists in the problem of questions about personal preferences of the child. The best way to play it is not alone with the child, and in the company of the children, dividing them into pairs. For example, one of them asks, "What kind of book you recently read" He can say, "The Ugly Duckling." And he needs to answer: "It's a bad book, it does not need to read." The task of the child - to prove that the tale is really good and it should be read.