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City Price Guides For Budget Travel

“How much does it cost to go backpacking through Europe?” That’s the question everyone wants to know.

This is why we created our City Price Guide Series. Each guide outlines how much you can expect to spend during an average day while traveling on a backpacker’s budget. The daily cost consists of a night in a hostel, three meals, a snack/adult beverage, an attraction, and daily public transportation.

Note: These daily costs guides are designed for strict budgets — so you may want to add a little extra wiggle-room to your daily budget for those times you can’t find the best deals or want to splurge a little.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Average Daily Cost: 
€40-€70 (Approx. $50-$83)

Amsterdam is a world class city that’s become a popular destination for multiple reasons — but cheap prices isn’t one of them.

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Antwerp, Belgium

Average Daily Cost: 
€39-€57 (Approx. $43-$67)

While Antwerp is best known as the center of the diamond trade, it’s actually a hidden gem thanks to its medieval architecture, vibrant nightlife, fashion scene, and art.

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Athens, Greece

Average Daily Cost: 
€27-€55 (Approx. $30-$61)

Athens is one of the most popular cities to visit — mainly for the many grandiose ancient ruins.

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Barcelona, Spain

Average Daily Cost:
€30-€60 ($36-$70 USD) 

If you hunt for a cheap place to stay Barcelona ends up being a fairly good value — by Western Europe standards.

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Berlin, Germany

Average Daily Cost:
€33-€42 (Approx. $40-$50)

Berlin has been the cheapest capital city in Western Europe for years so it has been attracting budget travelers for years. Prices are rising but there are plenty of great deals to be found on lodging and food.

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Bruges, Belgium

Average Daily Costs:
 €36-€63 (Approx. $40-$70)

Bruges isn’t the cheapest place to visit but most travelers spend just a day or two in this fairytale village — so it shouldn’t hurt your budget.

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Brussels, Belgium

Average Daily Costs:
 €48-€71 (Approx. $52-$78)

Brussels is home to the EU parliament and many jet-set business professionals — which means prices are high.

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Budapest, Hungary

Average Daily Cost:
Approx. $20-$45

Budapest has a lot of great stuff going for it — a great nightlife scene, beautiful architecture, loads of history, and super cheap food, alcohol, and accommodations.

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Cologne, Germany

Average Daily Cost: 

€38-€54 (Approx. $40-$58)

Germany’s fourth largest city has an amazing cathedral, great beer and the prices are affordable.