Hello everyone,

In the last post -- posted two weeks ago -- we discussed that empowr is working towards launching its own cryptocurrency coins - which we suggest that we call "empowrs".

Thank you for your comments and overwhelming support. You have clearly given us the green light to move forward and -- as a result -- we’re now focused 100% on this effort.

In addition, in that last post, we spoke about how it would be really good if we could find a way to reward our incredible community members…

… many of which have been working so hard and for so long…

… with empowr coins -- at no cost to them -- based on their past contributions to the empowr mission, community and economy.

If you haven’t read that post, if I were you I would invest the time to read it carefully as it was carefully written to make conversations like today’s easier.




OK, so I promised we would keep you posted with each step we take, to ensure everyone in the community is learning at the same pace…

… and everyone has a chance to provide feedback and guidance so that we’re making the best decisions together.


We have continued to speak with many of the important people in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

A summary of our latest findings and thoughts:

A.  The majority of Initial Coin offerings (ICOs) appear to be scams

As discussed, there are hundreds of ICOs happening, many raising millions of dollars.

(An ICO is when a company begins to sell its coin to the public).

Here’s their dirty little secret:

First, they invite “whales” to buy their coin. 

Whales are what the crypto enthusiasts are calling big investors (that often invest millions).

The whales are given first access to buy the coin, at a heavily discounted price – quite often up to 90% off the price that everyone else will pay.

The whales often invest millions into the company doing the ICO -- and that fact is publicized, creating a sense of demand – and excitement -- in the consumer Sally.

Sally then rushes to buy the coin, as she doesn’t want to miss out!

Then, right when consumers rush to buy the coin, the whales start selling their coins. 

This is called “pump and dump”.

The result will be that:

1. The company raises millions

2.  The whales got out fast with millions in profits

3.  Sally is holding the coin which has already depreciated in value


This is common practice

Virtually everyone in the industry we are talking to, is well-aware of this approach and actively participating in it -- showing little shame for this approach and its impact on the average (non-whale) consumer.

It is the hush hush dirty little secret.

Along with the whales, there is a whole set of others that are playing their part in this scamish approach.

To see an example, check out this agreement (sent to empowr) from one of the famous “advisors” in ICOs – who (as you can see below) gets compensated very nicely for simply introducing the “whales” to companies:

Compensation Schedule. 
In exchange for introduction to ICO Whales, Advisor will earn compensation
 as follows:  

I) 3% of all coins sold on referral from Advisor is earned in cash by Advisor in as soon as funds are received. 

II) In addition, 3% of all coins sold on referral from Advisor during is earned in coins by Advisor in ICO coins as soon as funds are received 

III) Advisory Board Member shall earn $12,000 per month with two months paid at signature.

IV)  Advisor also earns the higher of A) 0.8% of all coins planned to be sold; or b) $100,000 in Company coins. This compensation is earned and vested at signature of this Agreement and coins are released unlocked and unrestricted when any buyer receives coins.  

V) Advisor shall have the option to purchase up to $6 million of coins with a bonus or discount that is 20% larger than the highest discount offered previously.  


If we sign this agreement, empowr will bring in millions - that is very clear.

But please pay close attention:

The above “advisor” is getting paid 5 different ways – just to introduce the company to the “whales” that – on top of this advisor’s crazy compensation -- will want as much as a 90% discount off the price the consumer will be paying. (And this "advisor" will get an additional 20% discount on top of the massive discount the whales receive).


So, who will ultimately pay for all those costs and discounts?

The consumer buying the coin. 


This is just an example of how an entire industry is popping up to quietly rip off the consumer -- who is unsuspecting of what is really happening behind the scenes.

This is a scam.


Why is that a scam?

The bottom line is that consumer Sally bought the coin because of a falsely created sense of demand that left her economically harmed.  Therefore, it is a scam.


Should empowr go down this road?

Now that we all understand what is happening, do you still think empowr should do an ICO?

Should we quietly sign agreements like the above – and easily bring in millions from the whale investors to create a big splash and excitement – and then sell coins to unsuspecting consumers?

Of course not.


But wait:  Think of what we can accomplish together with millions of dollars.

If empowr can raise millions in this way, it can use those funds to improve the product and compensate citizens, and pay for marketing (user acquisition) as discussed.


OK, but if we do, then what happens to the trust we’ve built for each other in the community?

Our trust in each other is priceless. It’s the basis for everything we do -- and something that we should be absolutely unwilling to compromise at any cost.

Without all of us trusting each other, empowr has virtually nothing -- and together we have little chance of accomplishing the mission – regardless of how much money we raise.

Which means all our years of hard work and efforts building this platform together will have been for virtually nothing.

If this isn’t as clear to you, as it is to us, then please say so and we can discuss it further.


The bottom line

This approach is a non-starter for us.

If we wanted to compromise our values in exchange for millions, we would have done it a long time ago…

… by accepting any of the big offers that come our way. 


We’re the same people that said No to investors many times; and nothing has changed.

Actually, that’s not quite true:

A lot has changed.


Our community (you!) have invested A LOT into this effort and into each other.

Slowly but surely, we’ve invented one important piece after another that’s needed to build an economy.

We grew our success coach team from 4 people… to 750 today…

… while driving up the quality and speed of our work.


We’ve launched hundreds of new features…

… many of which were innovative breakthroughs not seen anywhere else.


We now know how to build demand for virtual currency better than anyone else.

We’re a lot closer to succeeding in the biggest of ways.

Yes, we’re the same people that said NO to investors.

But our community and platform is many, many times stronger -- and more advanced -- than before.

Therefore, we should be stronger than ever in our resolve – to stick to our values and not sell out.

All we need to EXPLODE right now… is access to capital.


There must be another way to do this

There has got to be a way to participate in the benefits of blockchain and ICOs without creating false narratives or bringing in whales.



As many of you know, one of the empowr community’s core values is called “WTAWTAW”  which is pronounced W – Taw – Taw.  That stands for Where’s There’s a Will, There’s a Way.

It means that we don’t just give up when an obstacle shows up.

We work hard to find a way.


The question

The main question we need to answer is:

How can we accomplish our goals with cryptocurrency, but not run a typical ICO in a way that hurts new or old community members?


Our proposed solution

We’ve been thinking hard about this.

Here’s our suggested path forward:


Total coin supply

empowr will create a total of 10 billion coins. 

(Trever McGhee, thanks for your thoughts and guidance on this. As you can see here, we went with your approach). 


The empowr community gets coins for free

10% of those coins (1 billion coins) will go to empowr community members for free:

A.   Coin amount would be based on Mission Points: The amount that goes to each citizen will be based on their all-time mission points:

          Specifically: Each member will receive 1.1 coin for each all-time mission
          point they have earned.

          These coins shall be called founder coins, because you are the founders
          of empowr, as it is an alpha mode project. 

B.   Reaching out to old community members: empowr will do its best to reach out to community members (citizens, SCs and employees) that are no longer involved, to give them their founder coins, based on any mission points they may have earned

By the way, we were strongly leaning to providing 100 million coins to the community for free – selling the rest to investors and “whales” – to bring in cash into empowr.

But now, after fully grasping the impact that approach might have on our community…

… meaning that if we went that route, the investors would be walking away with profits that rightfully belong to you…

… we have decided that the community should get those coins – not the investors.

That means that each of you will get exactly ten times the coins you were going to get – at no cost – and that will happen with a time-based release schedule as I’ll detail below.

Release schedule

Anyone that receives founder coins (citizens and the company) will have 1% of their coins released each month.

This release schedule is an important point that everyone needs to understand:

Given how many founder coins (1 billion) we are giving to the community, We need a release schedule. 

We need to decide to either:

Give less founder coins to empowr citizens


Give more founder coins to citizens but enforce a release schedule

We prefer to give 10 (ten) times more founder coins to our citizens.


Reaching out to old community members

As mentioned above, empowr and this community will do its best to reach out to old community members, to give them their founder coins.

However, it is conceivable that not all of them will be reached. Sadly, we know that some of them are no longer alive.

Therefore, it is highly likely that empowr will be left with some unallocated (unclaimed) coins.

After exhausting our efforts to reach out to these old members, we will auction off the remaining unclaimed supply of founder coins.


Active community members get first access

Active community members (you) will get first access to the remaining (unclaimed) supply of founder coins, of course.

Each active community member will be able to place a bid.

Here’s how the auction might work:

In their bid, the bidder will simply state:

A) what’s the highest price they are willing to pay (per coin) and

B) if they end up winning coins at that price or less, what’s the total amount they wish to spend

Then, when the auction ends, the list of bidders will be sorted by highest to lowest (per coin) max bid price.

Starting at the top of that sorted list, each bidder’s order will be filled until the inventory of unclaimed coins is totally sold.

The last person to have their order fulfilled (the one with the lowest price) sets the price for everyone above them.

In that manner:

      -- Everyone in the community gets the same price. No whales.

      -- The price for everyone is set by the lowest (per coin) price by the last person that won coins

      -- 99% of people will get a lower price than their max bid. (Only the last person will pay exactly their max bid per coin).


With this approach, everyone’s strategy should be to bid the highest price (per coin) that they’re willing to pay – but not more -- to push themselves further to the front of the line and ensure they’re not left out.

By doing that, if they win coins, their final price will almost certainly be below the price they were willing to pay.

And of course, they’ll pay nothing (and get no coins) if the final price ends up being higher than they were willing to pay.


Hold, sell or utilize purchased coins immediately

Unlike free coins received (which have a release schedule) 100% of coins purchased in the auction will be holdable, spendable and possibly sellable when the auction ends and the exchange opens.


What about non-community members buying coin?

One thing we have learned while doing our research, is that many investors outside of empowr will want to buy empowr’s coin. Why?

empowr stands out among ICOs, in that we actually have a working product and technology, patents, know-how, community and success coaches, experienced employees, revenues.

 Almost all ICOs don’t even have a real team yet.  Most haven’t even started building their product yet. And they have virtually no community.


Our community (you) are the whale.

Our promise:

We will not let outsiders into the auction until you’ve first had a chance to place your bid.



Here’s how that might work:

When the auction begins, at first only our empowr community members will be allowed to bid.

Those bids will get a substantial discount for a limited period of time.

(Think of it as our “whale” discount).

In this manner, of course you get your founder coins…

… which you truly deserve because of all your hard work and sacrifices….

… but you also receive a large discount on any unclaimed coins before any outside investors are introduced to the coin.

That means YOU are the whale.


How does it feel to be the whale? 

Good. We’re glad. You earned and deserve it.


Let's not forget the sacrifices that you made.

Let's not forget all the people that called us names:

     They told us we were silly to not accept investor capital.

     They told us we were senseless dreamers.

     They said we were all stupid to believe.


Despite all of that, you stood by your guns

You didn't stop believing.

You stayed focused and kept working.


Brick by brick, your courage and hard work created this opportunity:

As a result, you deserve everything good this world has to offer.



The process will need to stay open until – together -- we are confident that we have done everything we can to give old community members their founder coins.

Why? Because once their (unclaimed) coins are given to someone else, those coins are gone forever, of course.

We suggest that, at the moment that it has been 72 hours since no founder coins have been claimed by the community, we will close the auction.

Approximate dates:

Next week:  

Launch: Coin wallet, founder coin distribution and auction

Sometime next month (72 hours since no old community members have claimed coins):           

Coin distribution and auction ends

Rest assured that our engineering team will be working fast and furiously to beat that March date.

Cash is as tight as ever

And, as we mentioned in the previous posts, as expected this process is creating a ton of expenses for empowr -- legal, technical and more -- which of course is why cash outs are way behind.

In the meantime, we have asked employees to give up their paychecks, and most vendors to expect no payments from empowr. 

What this means to everyone in the community (not just employees but citizens and success coaches) is to have very low expectations for cash outs, unfortunately, while we're pushing this process of launching our coin as fast as possible and with as little risk as possible.

Even with a freeze on payroll, cash outs and payments to vendors, I can tell you that there is still not enough cash to pay for this process of launching our coin, so we're having difficulty in moving the ball forward. However, like we have always done together, we will find a way. We always do and this is no different.

Thank for your patience. The promise we are hereby making to everyone (employees not included) is that empowr will compensate everyone who has waited for their cash outs with cash or empowr coins, as soon as it is able to do either one.


Next steps

The next step is for you to communicate your thoughts.

Does the above approach seem both fair for citizens and optimal for our mission and goals?

What, if anything, should be changed?

To be clear, it is never too late to stop and/or change course. Stopping this process or changing course is better than making big mistakes.

(And at any minute we decide to stop this process, cash outs and payroll will bounce back to life, as we'll instantly stop payments to all coin-related activities and vendors).

Let’s ensure we’re in agreement before moving forward.

After we fine-tune the details based on your feedback, and we’re in agreement on a final approach, we’ll start distributing your founder coins to you. The team is working in shifts around the clock with a goal of making that happen as early as next week.


In the meantime…

…. let’s double or triple our efforts in building the empowr economy...

… for the mission and all the people we want to help…

… as well as for your family and loved ones.


And in empowr's case, along with ourselves and our loved ones -- the people of the world will be rewarded because we’ve done all of this primarily for the mission and the betterment of humankind...

      ... as opposed to doing it to simply create a few more millionaires and billionaires.

            What the bitcoin surge shows is that 

             the world is ready

                            for everything we have been building



Just imagine….

... based only on what we have already accomplished starting with ZERO…

... what we will do together now.


The world's top currency

Let’s commit to doing everything we can to make the empowr currency the world’s top currency (meaning used by more people than any other) by 2025

… used not just within the empowr platform…

…  but in virtually every point-of-sale cash register, in every store and every place in the world where business is conducted.

Hint: We have already secretly tested a program that enables success coaches to sign up local businesses in their area, bringing:

  -- those businesses new customers and revenues
  -- empowr citizens the products and services from local businesses
  -- success coaches a very nice on-going (long-term) stream of compensation

The secret program was a success: The twelve (12) success coaches that secretly participated easily signed up many local businesses...

... and we quietly parked the program so that we wouldn't bring more attention to it until we had the ability to properly go after it.


We'll soon be ready to unleash our nearly 1,000 success coaches on a global basis... 

... allowing them to easily sign up thousands -- and eventually millions -- of local shops, restaurants and businesses so they can provide their goods and services to empowr citizens via the empowr platform and marketplace.

There is simply no better time than now to become a success coach...

... because SCs will soon have the opportunity to start coaching local businesses too...

... and get very nicely rewarded for doing so.

To learn how to become an SC, simply speak with your success coach.


More important than personal wealth:

As a result of those same efforts...

... you will help accomplish the overarching goal of helping half the world's population (4 billion people) to pull themselves out of extreme poverty.


Which means ultimately you will live with the peace of mind that many of today's millionaires and billionaires lack...

... which is the peace of mind that comes with knowing -- with all your heart and soul -- that you absolutely earned and deserve everything good that may come your way from these efforts, because of all the people's lives you uplifted in the most positive and impactful of ways.


Together, we have done the hard work, painstakingly building everything, brick by brick, preparing for this moment.

The time for us to explode onto the global scene is NOW


We are looking forward to your feedback...

... making any adjustments to any or all of the above...

... and then charging forward into empowr's next chapter together, beginning next week.


Yours truly,


A giant leap forward

by Johnny Cash on December 13, 2017

A giant leap forward

Dear empowrians, 

Many of you that have been with empowr for many years can probably remember where you were when certain big things were announced.

Today may be one of those unique days that many will remember years from now.

We have big news today.

The empowr community seems to have had another breakthrough.

The solution you’ve suggested appears to enable nothing short of a total game-changer...

… for the success of empowr and its mission…


… and for the future empowr citizens that we’ve all been working to serve.




Recently, our President (Brian Woosley) mentioned that we were following the community’s direction that we should carefully examine the idea of launching an empowr cryptocurrency.

To methodically analyze the prospects of launching our own ‘coin’, we have conducted a significant amount of research over the last couple of months.

Along with conducting our own research, we met with many of the world’s “Top 100 most influential people” in blockchain and cryptocurrency to understand their views, especially as pertains to the empowr mission and approach.

Additionally, we met or spoke with over 100 technology executives, everyone from small blockchain start-ups all the way up to top executives from the tech giants such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Apple, PayPal, Yahoo, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google's parent company).


The conclusion of our research phase

We’ve concluded that – once again – empowr’s community members are correct in their assertion:

It appears like the empowr mission would greatly benefit from moving to blockchain and cryptocurrency.


“Huh? What the heck is blockchain and cryptocurrency? And why does it matter?”

Some empowr citizens are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency; others are not.

Therefore, before discussing how launching an empowr cryptocurrency might help empowr’s citizens and the empowr mission...

… let’s start by discussing what blockchain and cryptocurrency are all about and the benefits they bring.

Then, let’s discuss how we could distribute the empowr cryptocurrency to empowr citizens.  (Spoiler alert: All current empowr citizens will get coins for FREE).


Today, we’ll cover:

1.   What is blockchain and what are the benefits?
2.   What is cryptocurrency and what are the benefits?
3.   How would the empowr community benefit from cryptocurrency?

3A.  The conflict

3B.  Citizens will be rewarded for their efforts in building the empowr economy NOW

3C.  Current empowr citizens will be provided free empowr cryptocurrency

3D.  How should we distribute currency to citizens?

4.   Timing
5.   Questions
6.   Summary
7.   And finally…


Let’s get started.

1.  What is blockchain and what are the benefits?

Blockchain is a relatively simple technology.

A good way to think of blockchain is as a block of information – a database – that instead of being recorded in one place (such as in one company’s database or server) is recorded and copied many times on many, many different computers around the world.

In that manner, the data being recorded is decentralized – with no single computer acting as ‘the’ authority. If one or more of those computers where the data is stored is somehow taken down, the data remains accessible from all the other computers.

This result is called high availability since the data will always be accessible from one or more of the computers that are still active. As more computers participate, it becomes near-impossible for anyone – even the government of any country -- to take down all the computers where the data is stored, producing an incredibly reliable way to store data.

Each block of data contains a link – kind of like a link in a metal chain – that connects the current block of data to the block that was created right before it. Hence the name ‘blockchain’.

Once recorded, the data in any block cannot be altered without altering all the other blocks that are chained together, because it would require participation of all the computers in the network.  

This means that, as more computers join the network, it becomes near-impossible for anyone to alter the data, as original copies of that data (the blocks) are stored on all the other computers.

This approach makes the data very resistant to modification – a concept called immutability -- which makes blockchain a safe and secure solution for important records that should not be altered, such as financial transactions or anything else you want to ensure won’t be changed by anyone.

In addition, the data in the block can be encrypted – meaning scrambled mathematically so that only someone with the password (called a key) can unscramble (or decrypt) the data. Of course encryption makes the contents of the block (the data) even more secure.

Up to now, the world has been accustomed to centralized data – such as the data saved in a bank’s database -- which is very easy to manipulate or change by whoever controls the data, or vulnerable to hackers that might find a way to access it.

In a centralized approach, as a customer you are required to trust the person, company or entity that controls the data; you must believe that they will successfully secure it from hackers, and also trust that they, themselves, will not do anything with it that you may not be happy about.

But with blockchain, since all the data is decentralized -- copied in many places –the use of the data is transparent to everyone involved. No centralized “official” copy exists and no user or computer is trusted more than any other – which actually builds a greater sense of trust around the data because no one entity or computer can decide, on its own, to change or manipulate that data.

The result? With blockchain, humanity appears to have a way to store data that will be always accessible and unable to be manipulated or changed by anyone, not even the best of hackers or most powerful of governments…

… and how the data is being treated or manipulated is transparent to everyone, creating a strong degree of trust. It can even be encrypted so that it is difficult to view the specific contents of the block, making it even more safe and secure.


Many smart people are arguing that due to the positive implications that result from blockchain, this new technology will have a greater impact on the world than the internet itself.


Of course that is a really big claim that they are making, that time will prove true or false.


What I can tell you is that I haven’t seen the tech community more excited about the potential of a new technology than they are today about blockchain. It reminds me of the early days of the Internet and World Wide Web.


2.   What is cryptocurrency and what are the benefits? 

Cryptocurrency is electronic money -- also known as virtual currency -- that is encrypted so that only someone with the key (password) can access it.

Cryptocurrency can be deployed on top of blockchain, so it gains the benefits of blockchain discussed above -- such as becoming decentralized, always accessible, more securetransparent and trusted.

There are many different cryptocurrencies, the most famous of which is bitcoin.

Bitcoin, created in 2009, was the first decentralized cryptocurrency, although it was not the first virtual currency.

You – the empowr community -- invented the first virtual currency a few years before that, as evidenced by the patents awarded to empowr by the United States government for the invention. 

You can view the official patent here in Google’s patent search tool…


… or learn WHY the empowr community needed to invent virtual currency by watching this documentary.


3.  How would the empowr community benefit from cryptocurrency?

As discussed, cryptocurrency is simply virtual currency.

empowr citizens are no stranger to virtual currency:

From the very moment when new citizens join empowr, they start receiving virtual currency.

empowr citizens uniquely earn virtual currency from posting and sharing photos, blogs, status updates and videos…

… as well as from several other roles such as providing or sharing products and services, success coaching, transporting and more.

In empowr, the virtual currency is called “empowr dollars”. 


An idea from the community

Many members of the empowr community have been suggesting that empowr should convert empowr dollars into a new empowr cryptocurrency.

With their idea: Instead of storing the virtual currency in empowr’s centralized databases like empowr currently does, it would simply save the currency onto blockchain.


Why are some empowr citizens suggesting this idea?

In other worlds, what are the benefits (to empowr’s mission and citizens) of moving empowr dollars to cryptocurrency?


The same benefits described above (about blockchain) would apply:

      More secure   

It would be harder for anyone to hack, gain control or modify the currency


     Higher accessibility

If something went wrong with empowr’s servers, your currency would still be accessible to you


     More transparency

Everyone would be able to see everything, such as the total amount of currency in circulation and the total number of transactions happening daily, weekly or monthly


     Higher trust and belief

Since everyone can see everything, plus no one can hack, modify or take down the currency, people will have more trust in the currency


Those are clearly great benefits, all by themselves.

However, as we started to look deeper into this, other benefits begin to surface.


First, some background info:

As you may know, empowr is different in several ways, one of which is that it has never accepted a penny from investors.



So that it would never have to prioritize shareholder profits over the prosperity of its users (called citizens in empowr).


We all really believe in the empowr mission. It’s not just some words in a framed plague on the wall.


Everyone in the community (of citizens, success coaches and employees) has contributed a little or a lot to the success of the mission, with their time, money, belief and/or patience.


And another way that empowr is different from most companies is that it has always tried to give as much cash as possible to its citizens.


To help them earn, as its mission calls for.

Those two (2) differences create a big cash flow conflict for empowr and its participants.


3A.  The conflict

The conflict between the following three (3) objectives has always made life more difficult for everyone:

Objective A)  the need for cash to fund the operations

Objective B)  the need for cash to reward citizens

Objective C)  the need to not bring in cash from investors

Virtually all companies don’t have this conflict, because they don’t bother having objectives B and C.


This conflict has represented the largest pain point for many empowr citizens. 

The issue is that of course empowr can only spend 100% of the revenue it brings in – never more than 100% -- so it always feels to everyone like there’s just not enough cash to go to both (A) operations and (B) cash outs.

In the past, for some empowr citizens, employees and success coaches, this conflict made life so difficult that they needed to leave empowr.


How great would it be if this conflict didn’t exist?

Wouldn’t it be game-changer for empowr citizens…

… if empowr could compensate empowr citizens in an additional way?  


This lack of enough funds has always been the most difficult part of the empowr project.


Fixed supply

The empowr currency will have a fixed supply – meaning its supply will never increase after its launched.

By the way, this concept of ‘fixed supply’ can and will be guaranteed on the blockchain.

After we launch the currency, fixed supply is a fact that we can all feel sure of, because that’s one of the capabilities that blockchain brings with it.


3B.  Citizens can be rewarded for their efforts in building the empowr economy NOW

Citizens will no longer need to wait for the company to become a public company, so they can legally be given shares in the company that they can hold onto, or sell.

Instead, empowr citizens will soon be able to earn ‘coin’ by doing all the things they’re currently doing to earn empowr dollars: Posting and sharing, selling, coaching and more.


Think back for a moment:

Do you remember how most of the hundreds of ideas and products features we came up with together and launched over the years…

… almost always started with a discussion of the objectives behind the new features?


And do you remember how, almost always, those objectives related to “building the empowr economy”? 

“Building an economy” is simply another way of saying “getting more products and services bought and sold”.

The more people earn and spend – and buy and sell -- the more transactions are happening…

… meaning the more the currency is utilized.

What I am saying is that all of that time and focus you put into “building the empowr economy”…

… from building and improving product features…

… to coaching, moderating, auditing and answering millions of citizen questions monthly…

… to listing and selling your products and services…

… to building your seller reputation, to hitting your daily goals, to closing loops and building trust with hundreds or thousands of citizens in your area…

… to convincingly your empowr friends to be patient, ignore the short-term issues and focus on the big picture...

... and so much more…

… those activities have created the knowledge, tools and capabilities -- and the momentum needed -- to create an economy. 

The great news here is that, after inventing virtual currency, together we then spent 18 years quietly working to create everything needed to create an economy. 

As a result of all our work together, we have the most momentum of any company in building the tools, technology, know-how and even the human organization needed to build an economy in a social network.

And that means that we are in an amazing place to ensure our economy succeeds.

As a result of all your ideas, hard work and sacrifices, empowr may be the best positioned company in the world to create a social network economy.


3C.  empowr citizens will be provided FREE empowr cryptocurrency

As many of you know, we have always dreamed of the moment when the company could become a publicly traded company…

… so that its shares could be legally distributed to the many empowr citizens, success coaches and employees that have given so much to this effort and mission.

This is that moment!

By providing empowr citizens cryptocurrency for free, we believe we have found a way to reward empowr citizens for their contributions NOW.


3D.  How should we distribute currency to citizens?

Who should get how much?

Should every member get the same amount of free coin?

Or should different people get different amounts?

This is a question we asked the community recently. Thanks for all your comments and answers to those questions.


Most of you believe the amount of free coin each person receives should be based on how much time, effort and/or money they have contributed to the empowr mission.


Don’t we already have a way to measure that?

Yes. It’s called mission points.

As a reminder, everyone earns mission points when they… 

·       Sell: The greater your product and service sales, and the more customers you serve, the more points you earn. You earn when they click "Item (or service) received" on the products and services you list

·       ShowInvite a friend and show them how empowr works. You earn matching points: 1 point for each point they earn

·       Coach: Become a success coach and earn 2 points for every $1 in coaching bonus you receive

·       Shop: Pay for anything in empowr using your PayPal - earn 1 point for each $1 you spend

·       Step up: Take on any non-volunteer mission role

To help you track your mission points, we have launched a new mission points page, that shows how many points you have, and how you’ve earned it.

This new page even shows all the mission points that you earned from the people you invited to empowr.

Remember, whenever someone you invite to empowr earns mission points, you earn matching mission points.


(And you even earn matching points for when your friends earn points from inviting their friends)!

Check out the new page here

So, empowr citizens will be rewarded with their share of empowr’s new cryptocurrency – for free.

By the way, you now still have a short period of time to increase your all-time mission points, so you receive more free coin.

If I were you, I would visit the new mission points page to examine what you can still do to increase your mission points, as soon as you’ve finished reading this.


We are thinking that empowr will commit to releasing only and exactly 20% of the total remaining currency it holds each year… forever.

If we spend 20% of the remaining amount each year, the supply remaining will never actually get to zero.

I know math is NOT some people’s strongest skill, so if that last paragraph doesn’t make sense to you, ask a friend how that works.

The bottom line is that empowr’s supply of currency will never reach zero, if every year it releases exactly 20% of the amount remaining at that time.


Like many of you, I am feeling quite fortunate right now that – together – we’ve had the opportunity to get an 18-year head start and lead over other companies in building the knowledge, tools and products needed to build an economy.



 Building our economy means empowering more people


… enabling more opportunities for them…


… helping to generate more hope for them…


… and ensuring they have more influence over their lives.


As a reminder, empowr’s mission is

to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence


4.  Timing

empowr’s engineers have already begun working on all the technical elements needed to move the empowr currency to cryptocurrency.

We’re working with industry experts from around the globe to build out the necessary elements, as well as establish the best practices possible to ensure the integration of the new empowr coin will be a smooth one.

Important decisions still need to be made

We still set exactly how many coins there will be. (Remember, the supply of coins will be fixed).

And we need to commit to exactly how many free coins will go to current empowr members.

However, I can tell you with certainty that:

A.   Many millions of free coins will be distributed exclusively to empowr citizens


B.  The distribution of free coins will be based on all-time mission points: If Sally has exactly twice as many all-time mission points as Joe, she will receive exactly twice as many free coins as he will.

In the coming days and weeks, we will keep you posted with each step as we proceed.

We hope to be fully functional by the end of next quarter (Q1 2018). Of course stay tuned for updates as nothing is fixed in stone.


5.  Questions: 

What if someone previously left empowr? Can they participate in the free coin offering?

We think YES.


We believe that everyone gave to this mission what they could. Some survived a few days, others well over a decade.

Everyone has mission points, even if they deleted their account. We will work on creating a way for them to get their free coin.

But “Is that fair?” some will ask, to share free coin with someone that deleted their account, or for them to receive the same amount of free coins as someone that kept working for the mission?

They won’t get the same amount. They’ll get an amount that’s equal to their relative contribution to the mission while their account was open. Isn’t that fair?

Look, if they worked hard while on empowr, or provided funds, or invited friends, or provided coaching to others -- they helped us all get to this point, so they too deserve to be rewarded – up to the amount of their contributions. I think this is something we can all believe in.

For now:

A.   Earn as many mission points as you can. The more all-time mission points you have, the more free coins you receive. Visit the new mission points page to get started.

B.  Read more about cryptocurrency and blockchain. A good book: The blockchain revolution

Are there downsides to moving forward with cryptocurrency?

Like any new complicated project, feature or product, there are any number of issues with this effort that can and will come up, many of which are difficult to predict ahead of time.

In order to do our best to dodge most issues, we are reaching out to many "experts" that have already gone down this road. We are hoping to use their experiences to avoid some of the mistakes they and others made in the past. Some of these folks are consultants and need to be hired temporarily.

Let’s go into this optimistically but, as always, with our expectations under control.  

Many of you have tremendous experience at building complicated products and organizations (at empowr and elsewhere) that you can use to help others understand that “things nearly always go wrong in the beginning; and nearly always go great in the end if we are persistent and resilient”.

With our expectations set accordingly, we cannot fail. 

In addition, having smart expectations also means that, as we work towards our success, we won’t drive ourselves and others crazy -- as some of newest citizens tend to do before they gain that experience.

Also, this is an expensive process to get going. We have more upfront legal, marketing and many other fees and costs that are placing even more pressure on our already super-tight cash flow that’s been delaying cash outs and payroll these last couple of months, while we’ve been going through this process.

Let’s hope that all of this will be worth it, as it’s an incredibly difficult, expensive and time-consuming process that is taking much of our focus and resources away from the product, citizens, success coaches and employees.

So far, we have every indication that it will be worth it but we must keep our expectations low so we won't be disappointed.


Got more questions?

Please use the comments section below and we'll do our best to answer them.


6.  Summary

A.  empowr will soon be converting the empowr virtual currency (called empowr dollars) to blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

B.  Objectives of this initiative include improving transparency, trust, immutability, availability and security of the virtual currency.

C. To thank the mighty, mighty empowr community (that’s YOU) for all their efforts in bringing empowr to this point…

  despite all the many hardships they have faced…


… empowr will ensure the very first cryptocurrency coins will be distributed to current empowr citizens free of charge.

Distribution will be proportionate to the amount of all-time mission points that each citizen has earned at the time the new currency launches.


7.  And finally…

What you have accomplished up to this point is nothing short of a miracle

To invent so many of the things needed to create an entire economy…

… starting with no money whatsoever…

… and to stay alive and continue to move forward, for so long…

… despite the incredible pressure on everyone involved…


This is simply unheard of in the history of companies or technology startups.

We accomplished all of that with nothing but vision, belief, hard work, sweat and tears.

And now, seemingly out of nowhere, the world is exploding with excitement about one of our inventions:

Virtual currency 

… which opens up this incredible opportunity for our mission.


Have you ever heard the saying:

Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity

:  After inventing virtual currency, we have spent 18 years working on everything around it.

Opportunity: Thanks to bitcoin, people are now understanding more about virtual currencies. 

Luck: And so it appears that our mission is getting lucky.


Just imagine how many people we will help pull out of poverty in the coming years.

I know so many of you are feeling lucky -- like I am right now…

… for having this opportunity to live a life of purpose.


Once again, this is all proof that…

… if we just keep marching forward, with passion and belief…


… people, events, situations and circumstances will -- often mysteriously …


… show up along the way to help us achieve our mission.


The road behind us

has sometimes been difficult.


But – if you are reading this – it means you persevered.


You got up every morning, took a deep breath, focused your mind on the positive, and got back to work.

Despite everything thrown at you, you kept marching forward.


With the launch of our new currency…

 let’s hope this helps increase the chances for the ultimate success of the empowr mission…


… and empowr’s overarching goal: 


Help half the planet (4B people)

to earn $25 or more

by the year 2025



As with almost all breakthroughs, inventions and progress that have taken place in empowr over the years…

… having the knowledge, path and confidence to adopt our own cryptocurrency...


… would not have happened without the passion and support that each of you has given to the empowr economy.

Together, we are changing the world for the better.

It is a great privilege to be working on such a grand mission with such incredible, selfless and giving people.

And to those empowr citizens…

… that have helped us see your vision for cryptocurrency: On behalf of the community, we salute you.

A very special shout out...

… to empowr citizen Neal Walters who wrote us a very thoughtful, detailed and helpful letter, summarizing his thoughts and vision.

Neal’s letter was the most actionable input that we received the from community…

… helping persuade us to make the very time-consuming research and analysis of cryptocurrency a higher priority than other items being requested by the community.


From everyone at empowr, a big THANK YOU to you, Neal. I think we all owe him some gratitude -- and coins. ;)

Yours truly,


Update (Dec 10, 2017):  In this next post, we dive into the details, such as exactly how many coins we'll have, exactly how many coins each community member (you) will receive, timing, and other specifics. 


Hello everyone!

We have two exciting features to announce that have just launched!

These features that will help improve the marketplace as they will not only help sellers earn more, but also enable them to recoup their costs at a faster rate so that they can list even more items than ever before (making the marketplace more enticing for buyers as well).

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

1.  Cash for selling
2.  Targeted advertising


1.  Cash for selling 

In our last post, we announced how ALL sellers now have the option to require that buyers pay cash for their shipping costs – which has allowed them to immediately recoup their shipping expenses after the buyer marks “item received”.

Today, I'm happy to announce that sellers now also have the option to require buyers pay cash for the full price of the product (including shipping) they are purchasing as well.

Here’s how it works:

1)      To be eligible to require buyers to pay cash for your products, you must first be a Mission Supporter or above.

When listing a product for sale you can choose to require buyers to pay cash, and then enter in your fixed price/starting bid/reserve:


Hello everyone!

2)      By requiring that the product be paid in cash, buyers will be able to see this before they bid or buy:

Hello everyone!

3)      When a buyer chooses to bid on or purchase a product that requires cash, they will be prompted to pay the total amount (including shipping) prior to completing the bid or purchase.

By default, the price will be paid for with the buyer’s empowr reserves first, and then charged to their PayPal if no reserves are available:

Hello everyone!

4)      Once the product has been paid for, the buyer can complete their purchase and wait to see if they have won the auction and/or received their product after it is shipped.

In the event that the buyer is outbid, marks their purchase as an unpaid item, or disputes the item (and wins), the total cost will be returned to their empowr reserves.

After the sale has been completed successfully and marked “Item Received”, the seller will have their cut of the sale (90%) deposited into their reserve account, which will then be immediately available to purchase things on empowr or cashed out when it matures.


Maturation time has been reduced for Mission Founders, Pioneers and Visionairies

Maturation in empowr has always been 90 days. Now, with the launch of Cash for Shipping, maturation is being lowered as follows:

·              0 day maturity = Mission Founder

·              30 day maturity = Mission Pioneer

·              60 day maturity = Mission Visionary

·              90 day maturity = Mission Ambassador and Supporter

To view how matured your reserves from cash sales are, simply visit your cash out page, and then click on “Details” for your currently maturing reserves from sales:


Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!


Why maturity? As you might remember from our last post, the idea was to allow only Mission Founders to have the ability to accept cash for their products.

Based on your feedback, many of you asked to allow ALL sellers to accept cash for their products, however, doing so would risk the security of the marketplace as it would make it too easy for potential fraudsters to game the system.

By adding varying levels of maturity based on your mission role, the empowr algorithms will have more time to completely verify all sales before they can be cashed out, which means legitimate buyers and sellers will be protected and the security risk discussed above is diminished.

For that reason, Mission Supporters and above now also have the option to charge cash for their products.

2 items to note:

a) Cash from shipping does not need to mature before cash out. Only cash from selling has maturity requirements. 

b) If your seller rating drops to 4.0 or lower, your listings will no longer be shown in the empowr marketplace and you will not be eligible to charge cash for your products until you are able to get your rating back above 4.0 again. Be sure to keep your seller rating as high as possible to make sure you don’t lose these privileges.


2.  Targeted Advertising

As discussed over the last few months, empowr has now launched a new targeted ad system that will provide all citizens FREE ads based on their mission roles.

Fully automated: Each time you create a new marketplace listing, an ad will be auto-generated so you don’t have to lift a finger to have your ads designed and created, launched, maintained, served or removed when your product or service is sold or no longer provided.

Hello everyone!

Geographic and trust targeted: The ads will be automatically targeted all over empowr to the very same people that you close loops with, which means the likelihood that your listing will be sold is much higher as the people closest to you are the most interested in what you’re selling.

An added benefit is that since the people closest to you are the most likely to buy the things you’re selling, the shipping/gas cost you incur on each sale is negligible.

Here’s how it works:

Each time you create a new marketplace listing, an ad will be auto-generated for you, and will begin being served soon after.


Based on your mission role, you’ll receive up to 100,000 free ads each month which will be equally distributed to all your active marketplace listings.

·         Mission Supporters will receive 5,000 free ads

·         Mission Ambassadors will receive 10,000 free ads

·         Mission Visionary will receive 20,000 free ads

·         Mission Pioneers will receive 40,000 free ads

·         Mission Founders will receive 100,000 free ads

Want even more ads?

In addition to ads for your marketplace listings, you can still manually create ads for your blog posts. Ads for your blog posts help generate more traffic and “likes” for your posts, which means more earnings for you each day.

If you wish to target more traffic to a specific ad/listing (in addition to the free views you’ll receive based on your mission role), you can do that by visiting your ads page, click on the daily budget for that ad, and then updating the budget from there.

You can set a daily budget of as low as $0.25/day and up to $100/day:

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

And that’s it!

Now, people see your marketplace listings when visiting your profile or searching in the marketplace…

… AND now they’ll also see your listings EVERYWHERE – in ads that appear on other people’s profiles, blogs and more!


We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, as always.



Your president,



PS:  Some big, BIG, BIG news to be announced soon… stay tuned…..

New Features and more

by Brian C Woosley on October 08, 2017


Hello empowrians!

It’s been a few weeks since we last spoke, so I wanted to provide a quick update on some new features that are now live, while also receiving additional guidance and details from you on an idea you have brought up previously.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

New citizen and country leaderboard
Cash for shipping
Getting paid when your posts are “Liked”
empowr blockchain coin offering

First, an update on what’s new:


New step forward for empowr countries 

As you're all aware, for the past several months we’ve been putting the steps in place to enable the creation of empowr countries so that more power and control can be put into the hands of the empowr citizens.

As a next step towards making that a reality, a new mission points leaderboard has been launched allowing everyone to now see how empowr pre-countries (and citizens) are doing based on their 30-day mission points:

 New Features and more

The leaderboard allows both individual empowr citizens and empowr pre-countries to compare how well they are doing in a variety of ways:

Empowr citizens can see how well they are doing:

·         In their geographic country

·         In the empowr pre-countries they are a citizen of

·         Worldwide

Citizens can also see how their own geographic country and empowr pre-countries are doing based on:

·         Total 30-day mission points of all citizens in those countries

·         Average 30-day mission points of all citizens in those countries


What’s next?

As a reminder, empowr pre-countries that have the most 30-day mission points (based on the total 30-day mission points of their citizens) will be the first eligible to become official empowr countries and receive a growing number of features and controls to self-govern.

With literally hundreds of empowr pre-countries to join, many citizens will decide which country they want to join, based on how productive they are, exactly like what happens with real countries (the countries with the highest Gross Domestic Product figures have the most people wanting to go there). 

So, if your pre-country is among the most productive (as measured by its the Mission Points its citizens are generating) it will benefit from both an abundance of resources as well as an abundance of citizens wanting to join it.

With the new leaderboard in place, we now have the visibility we need to determine which pre-countries will be the first to become fully-formed empowr countries.


Need a reminder on how to earn mission points? Go here


Cash for shipping

One of the biggest marketplace pain points you’ve raised is that the cost of shipping can be quite difficult to manage when selling products to empowr citizens around the world.

I’m happy to announce that ALL sellers now have the option to require that buyers pay cash for their shipping costs – which will allow them to immediately recoup their shipping expenses after the buyer marks “item received”.


Here’s how it works:

1)      When listing any product for sale, sellers can choose to require buyers to pay cash for their shipping costs:

New Features and more

2)      By requiring their shipping costs to be paid in cash, buyers will be able to see this before they bid or buy on everything:

New Features and more

3)      When a buyer chooses to bid on or purchase a product that charges cash for shipping, they will be prompted to pay the shipping amount prior to completing the bid or purchase.

By default, the shipping price will be paid for with the buyer’s empowr reserves first, and then charged to their PayPal if no reserves are available:

New Features and more

4)      Once the shipping has been paid for, the buyer can complete their purchase and wait to see if they have won the auction and/or received their product after it is shipped.

In the event that the buyer is outbid, marks their purchase as an unpaid item, or disputes the item (and wins), the shipping fee will be returned to their empowr reserves.

5)      After the sale has been completed successfully and marked “Item Received”, the seller will have the shipping fee deposited into their reserve account, which they can then immediately cash out so that they can recoup their shipping expenses.

In addition to enabling sellers to require buyers pay cash for shipping, soon Mission Founders will have the opportunity to accept cash for the products and services they are selling (in addition to any shipping costs).

In doing so, Founders can replenish their inventory of products they sell even faster – enabling them to provide more goods and services to the community --- while also earning more themselves.


More value for your posts

As you know, you earn from your posts (photos, videos, blogs and status updates) each day based on the number of views the posts you've made in the past 24 hours receive.

While this approach has worked for quite some time now, after hearing your recent feedback, we thought it was about time that we found a way to enable the most popular posts to earn much more than ever before.

New Features and more

Paying for shares instead of views – starting today

By paying for your posts based on the number of shares (likes, comments, and reposts) they receive (instead of the number of views they receive) we can ensure that the best posts earn much more than the average post.

Additionally, to give the best posts more time to be shared, each day you’ll now earn from any shares made on a post that was made in the past 7 days (instead of the past 24 hours).

Mission points give you more value

All shares are not created equal. The more value an empowr citizen brings to the empowr economy, the greater the value of their shares.

You earn many times more for every share you receive based on the 30-day mission points of the person who shared your post. The more 30-day mission points someone has, the more you earn.

That means that you should place much higher value on the time and attention (and shares) of the empowr citizens with the most 30-day mission points.


In summary, you’ll now earn from posting in the following manner:

1)      Each day, the empowr algorithms will count the number of shares (comments, likes and reposts) that your posts (that you posted in the last 7 days) received in the last 24 hours.

2)      Each share you receive is worth the amount of 30-day mission points of the sharer (the person that liked, commented on or reposted)

Earn more from comments?

Initially, the value of shares given will be purely weighted on the 30-day mission points of the sharer. In the future, additional value may be given to comments (more than likes and reposts).

Why? When a well-thought out comment is added to a post, it starts a conversation – opening the door to more comments and shares on that post and creating more value for the empowr economy.

More information will be coming soon, but in the meantime, please make sure that the comments you leave are well thought-out.

Tip:  When you leave generic comments (such as “Nice post” or “Great photo”), you are not adding value, you are taking away value. Please do not leave comments unless they are thoughtful and demonstrate that you care about what the post is about.


And finally…


New empowr coin possibility

Recently, many of you have suggested that empowr move towards creating it’s own blockchain cryptocurrency, which would not only be used within empowr, but also have the ability to be exchanged with non-empowr citizens on a wide variety of other sites online.

As you may know, all ideas you bring up are put up on a list, and despite the very long size of the list, we eventually get to all ideas.

We are now seriously considering this idea as the next evolution of the empowr platform. Many details that need to be worked out including how the cryptocurrency would integrate into the empowr platform.



We need your ideas

1.  How do you see cryptocurrency integrating into the current empowr offering? The more details, the better please.

2.  Who should get priority (discounted pricing) if empowr were to do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)? Should it based on all-time mission points, 30-day mission points, roles, length of membership… ?  What is the most fair approach?


empowr’s best ideas have always come from you -- the community – so we’re excited about learning more about what you’re thinking so we can give your best ideas to the engineers to launch for you.


Your thoughts and ideas please


We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, as always.


Thanks again for the amazing level of support you’ve provided; many more exciting things are on the way!


Your president,



Hey empowrians,

It’s been only about three (3) weeks since we spoke about the next step(s) along our path from alpha test product to beta launch.

In that post, we discussed the need for the community to remove all products that could leave any new citizen ever surprised by a charge…

… before the masses join empowr after the beta launch and mass marketing begin.


The solution we suggested included:

1.   Immediately terminating the ability for new citizens to utilize ads based on credit (using ad credits)

2.   Launch replacement revenue products with completely predictable costs (unlike the cost of ad credits that grow with usage).


What we set out to do – restart a huge part of a company’s revenue model overnight – is what few companies/communities would dare try, given the risks involved.

But together you (citizens, success coaches and employees) bought in and, for the most part (85% + or so) voted to make the change as quickly as possible regardless of the short-term pain involved.


The results

I’m happy to announce that the results so far have been nothing short of amazing:

In just 3 weeks, the new mission roles have now become the fastest growing revenue stream in empowr’s history!

And that’s without all the features (such as targeted ads and local deliveries) being fully functional yet.

I cannot begin to tell you how proud of everyone I am – citizens, success coaches and employees alike.


A big thank you

It’s still very early in the process and, like I said, many new features that together we have not yet dreamed up yet, will be added to the roles in the coming months.

But it’s now clear that the new mission roles, as a product line, have been very successful and are here to stay.  

We will be doubling down on adding all sorts of new features to the roles in the coming weeks and months.

Therefore, the timing is great to send out a big, early THANK YOU to everyone involved, for your ideas, sacrifices, patience and flexibility.


Let’s not forget why we set out to accomplish this

Of course, the revenues from the mission roles are great for the community, as they help increase both the frequency of the mission wheel popping up, as well as the cash out amounts shown on the wheel.

But let’s not forget the other huge accomplishment: 

The success of the mission roles means that we can now all invite friends and family to empowr without worrying about:

A.  the complexity / learning curve that came with ad credits, or

B.  the way the ad credit charges grow with usage

Congratulations, everyone.


To thank you, for the next few days, we’re leveling the playing field

Many newer citizens have expressed their desire to be Mission Pioneers or Founders, but are being blocked by the requirement of having 5,000 or 10,000 mission points, respectively.

Indeed, on this end we can see that thousands of empowr citizens have attempted to become Pioneers or Founders but were blocked due to the mission point requirement.

We’ve heard you, and for a limited amount of time, the community is allowing anyone to become a Mission Pioneer or Founder.

Simply go here to become a Founder or Pioneer


As a reminder, Pioneers and Founders immediately get 5 or 10 times larger:

·         cash and marketplace shopping

·         bonus actions (shares, posts etc.)

·         mission points

·         ads and transports as soon as they’re launched


Credit for your current role

If you’ve already paid for a different mission role, when upgrading you’ll receive an instant credit for the unused portion of your current role, to ensure you’re not wasting money.


What about current Founder and Pioneers?

Temporarily leveling the playing field and allowing everyone to become Founders or Pioneers means greater opportunity for all new citizens to advance economically, and contribute to the empowr economy in every possible way.

That, in turn, means more (greater) shopping and cash for YOU. 

IE: Their win = Your win




To see the mission wheel, you need to hit your daily goal.

Each time you do, there’s a chance the wheel pops up.

Update on mission roles, and a big thank you

The prizes on the wheel (both cash and shopping) are based on the number of mission points you’ve earned in the most recent 30 days.

(That number is called your 30-day mission points – as opposed to your all-time mission points).

After considering your 30-day mission points, the final numbers on the wheel are then multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 depending on your mission role.

Therefore, cash and shopping are based on:


  • hitting your daily goals
  • your 30-day mission points
  • your mission role



How do you earn mission points?

1.  You primarily earn mission points from providing products and services to other empowr citizens.

The more products and services you sell to them, the more mission points you earn. 

Just remember to ask your customers to press “Item received” to collect your earnings as well as your mission points.


Then, after you’ve learned how easy it is to sell and earn on empowr, you’re ready to share your knowledge and help others succeed too – and be rewarded for doing that! 

You earn mission points for sharing your knowledge in two different ways:

2.  When you invite friends and help them succeed, you earn matching mission points: 1 point for every 1 point they earn.

3.  You also earn mission points by coaching other citizens. For each $1 in success coaching bonuses you earn, you get 2 mission points.

4.  In addition, you can earn mission points by using your PayPal or credit card for purchasing anything in empowr: You earn 1 point for every $1 you spend using your PayPal. (This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn mission points).

5.  And finally, you earn 1,000 points per month for being a Mission Founder, 500/mo. for being a Pioneer, 300/mo. for being a Visionary, 200/mo. for being an Ambassador and 100/mo. for being a Mission Supporter.


Limited time only

If you’re not a Mission Founder or Pioneer, now’s your chance.

We do not believe we can leave the door open to become Pioneers and Founders for long, as the new “Sell for Cash” and some other upcoming features must be limited to the highest-level roles because they will surely attract fraudsters.

Therefore, by limiting enrollment to the top roles by mission points, we will be able to block most of that fraudulent activity.

As a reminder, the “Sell for cash” feature is where the top mission role(s) will be able to require cash payments from their buyers.



Again, if you’ve already paid for a different mission role, you’ll receive an automatic instant credit to ensure no money is wasted.

And once again, a huge THANK YOU and congratulations to all of us for – once again – rising to the occasion to push the community to the next level.

The door is open to you starting right now:

To become a Mission Founder or Pioneer, simply go here now


Your President,


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