My fellow empowrians,

As you may remember, when the empowr community decided to move forward with launching the empowr coin, the empowr engineering team provided an estimate of March 2018, as to when it would have everything ready to go.

Well, It’s March -- and time to get everyone up-to-date on:

1.  The state of the empowr cryptocurrency

2.  The empowr platform’s readiness for infusion of the empowr coin

3.  The cryptocurrency market, industry and landscape

4.  The empowr Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

5.  The empowr founder coin giveaway and auction

6.  How can you help and earn more coins?


Let’s get started.



1.  The state of the empowr cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency is coded and can now be launched upon request from empowr’s management.



2.  The empowr platform’s readiness for infusion of the empowr coin

As you’ve been noticing (on the empowr website as well as through a variety of community announcements) the entire empowr product, including the marketplace, balance, maturation, mission wheel, success coach program – everything – the entire product suite -- has been re-designed and re-engineered to work with the new empowr cryptocurrency coin.

I’m sure there are, and there will be issues, bugs, opportunities and missing functionality. 

And of course, as we always have, together we’ll knock down the issues and bugs – and chase the opportunities and missing features – one after another – until we’re where we want to be.

Today, empowr citizens are already:

A.  Earning pre-coins from their posting and sharing

B.  Having their pre-coins converted into coins by spinning the mission wheel

C.  Earning coins directly from their product and service sales

D.  Having their coins mature, with maturation different for each individual based on their power level, overall 30-day mission points, and how many months in-a-row they hit their personal performance goal

E.  Able to spend their coins that are not mature in the marketplace.


In addition:


F.  Success Coaches are being compensated with pre-coins, with 30% being converted to coins

G.  empowr citizens are earning coins when their invitees (people they invited to empowr) become productive (meaning they’ve earned 100 mission points) and even when their invitees earn coins

H.  And as of March 1 , as recently reported, empowr countries will be earning coins based on their ability to educate their citizens and help them become successful and productive



Summary of engineering efforts

The empowr engineering team has done their part to ensure the empowr coin is ready for launch on the blockchain, and the empowr platform is working with the empowr cryptocurrency coin.

I commend them for completing this massive effort on-time.

Exchanging your coins

The next major step is to enable you to take your mature empowr coins to a currency exchange, so you can convert them to other currencies.

In order to discuss the details around currency exchanges, we’ll need to discuss the rapidly evolving state of the crypto industry.


3.  The cryptocurrency market, industry and landscape

As many of you have been witnessing, the cryptocurrency environment is changing by the week – even sometimes by the day.

Almost every day a new announcement comes out from the governments of many countries – with the price of all coins shooting up or down based on the news being perceived as “good” or “bad.”

Some of the highlights:

·         Lots of new coins have been launched in the last couple of months

Almost all of them are for projects that have no product built yet.

The landscape has become littered with hundreds of new coins.

·         The regulatory landscape is rapidly changing

The governments of China, USA, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, India and many other countries have been making various statements about cryptocurrencies, and whether or not they should be legal.

The lack of certainty they are creating, is generating a lot of confusion and fear for companies looking to launch an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

·         The price of coins have remained very volatile

The price of all coins, starting with bitcoin, have been moving up and down very rapidly – based on the news coming out daily.

During the last 90 days, the price of bitcoin has risen to as high as $20,000 and dropped to as low as $6,000. Today, it’s just over $8,000.

·         The currency exchanges are feeling pressure and opportunity


The bad news for currency exchanges:

Some countries have outlawed cryptocurrencies.

But those counties have had a hard time stopping the cryptocurrencies, as many of them are offshore and run by companies that are relatively decentralized and difficult to stop.

Given the difficulty those governments have had stopping the cryptocurrencies, they have decided instead to go after the currency exchanges.

In the last few months, cryptocurrency exchanges have been outlawed and shut down in China, South Korea and a few other countries that, just a few months ago, were among the leading cryptocurrency markets.


The good news for currency exchanges:

Many exchanges have found a way to stay alive – by innovating or by moving to crypto-friendly countries.

Today, there are a smaller number of exchanges, with an exploding number of different coins asking to get listed.

This large influx of new coins means that the exchanges have had to become picky, as they cannot list every new coin that asks to be on their exchange.


So, how are the exchanges deciding which new coins to support?

Two ways:

A.  The companies that will give them lots of money up front

Now, top exchanges are asking for money up front – some up to millions of dollars – simply for the opportunity to be listed on their exchange.

Some of the companies can afford to give them this money. Which companies? The ones that did a successful ICO – and have raised millions.

Why would any company pay the exchanges millions up front?

Because if they do not – if they don’t get on the top exchanges (where lots of people have wallets and lots of trades are taking place) their coins might have less value.

Does this make sense? If no one can buy or sell a coin, there will be much less demand for it, which lowers its value.

As you can see, suddenly (because many of the exchanges have been shut down – and many new coins are coming out) the remaining exchanges have quickly become important players in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


OK, so, as a reminder, we’re talking about how the exchanges decide which coins to support.

We mentioned that they are deciding that in two (2) ways – the first being to charge a lot of money up front.

So, what’s the second way?


B.  They attempt to predict which coins will have lots of trades

Exchanges make money every time someone buys or sells a coin, by charging a transaction fee.

So, if a coin appears (to the people that are running the exchanges) like it will have a lot of buyers and sellers, the top exchanges might make an exception and charge them less – or even nothing – up front for “the opportunity to be listed on their exchange.”

But, given that most coins don’t even have a product yet... they are simply raising money using an ICO so that they can then get started building the product....

... how can the exchanges attempt to figure out which coins will eventually be very successful (and have lots of trades)?

The answer is:  Based on the strength – or weakness – of their ICO.

In other words, the exchanges look at the strength of the coin’s ICO (how much money was raised) to decide which coins will have lots of trades in the future.


So, what does all of this mean for the empowr coin?

Here’s our opinion, given the best information available to us at this moment:

This new landscape (where exchanges are becoming important) suggests that empowr should probably conduct an ICO – as opposed to simply opening our coin on the blockchain, which we are ready to do.

Why? Because for our coin to be very successful, it needs to be available for buying and selling, on the top exchanges.

To be on the top exchanges, we need to either:

A) Pay lots of money to top exchanges

The best way for empowr to get lots of money, is through an ICO.




B) Show exchanges that we’ve had a very successful ICO –lots of coins were sold in an ICO -- hence lots of coins will be making their way to the exchanges for trade. 

Based on recent events, where the currency exchanges are becoming super important players in the industry –both options (A and B) are pushing empowr to conduct an ICO.

So, what does it take to do a successful ICO? 

That question takes us right into the next section of this post.


4.  The empowr Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

OK, so what does it take to do a successful ICO? 

Conducting a successful ICO requires the following:

A.   The right story

The more of the following story elements a company has, the stronger its story:

1.   A business model that is interesting to coin purchasers

Investors are looking for business models that have a platform and network effect – where (as the company’s customer base grows, it becomes more difficult for competitors to compete with them)

2.   A well-written “whitepaper” – or document – that successfully explains the opportunity

3.   Lots of media (such as videos) that help explain that story

4.   Experienced management that can lead the project to succeed

            Many (most) ICOs don’t have impressive management team members

5.   Product and technology that’s already built.

Almost all ICOs don’t have their product built yet, and therefore, no matter how much money they raise, they will likely fail before ever having their product built

6.   Patented technologies

Patents prove that the team can innovate, and have defensible technology that helps protect them from competition

7.   Revenues

            Most companies conducting ICOs don’t have revenues yet

8.   A community

            Most ICOs don’t have any or much of a community


We’ve talked to dozens of cryptocurrency experts, and I can humbly tell you that after they learn about us, they generally say that “empowr has the strongest story of every cryptocurrency in the market.”

We can say with confidence that, relative to the other opportunities available to cryptocurrency coin purchasers, empowr is strong in all eight of the above categories. 

That is really good news, but perhaps should be expected given that...

... after actually inventing virtual currency, together as a community we’ve spent 17 years working very, very hard on the above things...

... and have found a way to maintain progress despite not accepting a single penny in investor capital.

Wait a minute! If we have never allowed investors into empowr, by bringing in coin purchasers now, aren’t we going against our objectives?

The answer is NO. 


Unlike traditional investors that would buy a piece (shares) of the company and therefore have certain control over the company...

... coin purchasers will have no control over empowr.

But don’t people get to vote on who runs the company -- based on the number of empowr coins they own?

The answer is NO.

Votes (for example, in our upcoming empowr presidential election) will depend on your mission points, not your coin ownership...

... in accordance with our desire to balance the power that money will have in our democracy, with the power that labor will have...

... which we believe is a critically important ingredient to building a better democracy.


OK, so we were talking about what it takes to have a successful ICO.

We said it takes a couple things – the first of which is the right story elements.

What’s the 2nd thing?


B.  Exposure to the large crypto coin purchasers

Most of the dollars pouring into ICOs are coming from a small and hidden group of crypto coin purchasers.

These are often people who believed in cryptocurrency when no one else did.

Many of them simply purchased a few hundred dollars or, in some cases, one or two thousand dollars, in bitcoin just a few years ago, when the price of bitcoin was 5 to 8 cents each.

Of course, anyone who bought $1,000 in bitcoin when it was 5 cents each, now has 200 million dollars.

That’s not a typo:  Yes, $1,000 became $200,000,000.

These people were visionaries. At the point when they bought their coins, friends and family probably told them that they might as well flush down their $1,000 down the toilet, than buy some “virtual currency” called bitcoin. 

They risked their money based on a vision they had in their head for the future.

Today, the top coins are worth nearly 500 billion dollars combined.

That’s a half trillion dollars of wealth that’s been created nearly “overnight,” seemingly out of thin air.

Most of that wealth belongs to the kinds of people I was just talking about:

A relatively small number of people who have become incredibly wealthy as a result of their vision...

... and continue to believe in the power and future of cryptocurrency.

These people are looking for new opportunities to invest their capital.



To raise large amounts in an ICO, a company needs to somehow get these people to become aware of their story.

So, what does it take to do that?

The crypto world is still a relatively small world.

To ensure that the crypto coin purchasers have heard of empowr – we need to do two (2) things:

1.  We must find many of the top people in social media (the ones who have a lot of followers that are interested in crypto) and tell them our story.

These “crypto influencers” love using their social media accounts to tell their audience about the exciting new coins they learn about.

The good news is that empowr’s management has been quite busy, reaching out to crypto influencers, and is having success in this area. 

As we meet these influencers and tell them our story, and they then go out and conduct their own research, one after another they are becoming convinced that there is likely not another story out there that’s better than empowr’s – as far as how successful its coin could be in the coming years.

The good news is that the empowr story appears to be quite strong:

Even the naysayers out there (that might leave negative comments about empowr) do not hold much weight against the power of the empowr business model, network effect, community of citizens and success coaches...

... along with the product and technologies, patents (including virtual currency itself), plus the experience level of our management...

... plus our media (videos and posts) and other critical elements such as all the mechanisms we have been building together over the years with an objective of creating and retaining demand for our currency.

The bottom line is that empowr’s management is very busy these days speaking to crypto influencers and, one after another, helping them to fully understand the empowr story.


OK, we said that to raise large amounts in an ICO, empowr needs to get the large crypto coin purchasers to become aware of our story.

We were discussing that, we first need to attract the crypto influencers – the ones with large social media followings.

What’s the 2nd thing we need to do?


2.  We must rise up as a community and show our strength

If our community is strong, the experts say, then they will appear every time an article is written, or a social media post happens somewhere, and they will voice their opinions.

For our ICO to be very successful, we need a plan to use all our strengths – not just the empowr story and management team – but our community of citizens – YOU – to get the word out that we are strong, we are united, we care and are mobilized for the success of our mission and coin.

In the coming days, we’ll discuss the plans for this focus and – to make it fun – we’ll even tie-in some great coin compensation opportunities for our community members related to these activities.

In a moment, I’ll mention (below) the first step you can take, so you’re ready to go.

But first, to summarize what we’ve discussed thus far:

·         To ensure the empowr coin is successful, we want it to be listed on the top currency exchanges.

·         And for that to happen, we want to have a successful ICO.

·         For that to happen, we want our (very strong) story to get lots of exposure in the crypto world.

·         And for that to happen, as a company and community, we need to get very busy telling our story.



OK, so when will the ICO start?

Any moment now. Hopefully during or even before this weekend. We are busy getting the final elements in place, which include our mechanisms to reward empowr community members for their efforts in the ICO. More on that in a moment.

We also want to be very confident that we’re doing everything right, as far as all the latest laws and requirements in every territory, which are changing almost by the day.  We want to be very confident that we’re doing everything perfectly by the book, we’ll get going.

We will post full ICO details in the coming days.



When will the ICO end – and when will the coin be available on exchanges?

Based on your feedback, and the feedback we’ve received from our advisors, in our ICO, we will sell 400M empowr coins at a price of $1 per coin.

The ICO will end when those 400M coins have sold out.

With your help, which I will discuss below, we are hoping to sell the supply of coins quickly, so that we can be up on exchanges in as little as 30 days.


But what if the coins do not sell within 30 days? 

empowr will end the sale by a certain date (around 60 days or so).

We are awaiting details from advisors for when they think that end date should be, given the ever-changing state of the landscape.

If the market is bad, it will take longer. If it is good, the supply will sell faster, of course. 


Either way, we will not let the ICO stay open too long

As a reminder, it does us no good to end the sale too early, if we cannot get the coin live on top exchanges.

But I think everyone can agree that we all want this process to be done as soon as possible.

Let’s hope that the market is good so we can be done with the ICO in just a few weeks.

If the market gets very bad, empowr will stand out even more -- from among the other coins -- given that our story, platform and community are much more evolved than the others out there.


5.  The empowr founder coin giveaway and auction

As you may know, empowr is giving away 10% of the entire future supply of empowr coins to its community...

... because of your contributions to the mission and movement.

empowr simply wouldn’t exist without your willingness to put so many years of hard work, patience, faith and incredible belief into this effort.

Not all people that contributed to empowr have claimed their founder coins, because many of them are no longer involved and some of their email addresses are no longer valid.

We have sent them emails, plus some of you are successfully reaching out to them, and every day many of them are returning to claim their founder coins.

Thus far, 80% of their 1B coins have been claimed. Now, empowr is doing one final large email blast that appears to be closing that gap.


So, what happens to the founder coins that, in the end, do not get claimed?

There is an auction taking place right now, for any coins that have not been claimed.

Here are the statistics for the auction:

The average max bid price for the entire duration of the auction is just over $4 per coin and is creeping up slowly. In March, the average max bid price is already over $6.50.

As always, thank you – everybody -- for your belief in the empowr currency and economy.

However, as a reminder, everyone’s final price will NOT be based on the average price, but the lowest max bid price that anyone placed (if they won coins in the auction).

Since the supply of founder coins is shrinking each day, and max bid amounts are consistently creeping up, it’s clear that the final auction price will mostly likely end up being a little over $2 per coin, and possibly as high as $2.50.

But a $2 price would mean that you will end up paying more in the auction than the price that coin purchasers will pay in the ICO – which will be $1. 

Of course that won’t work for us. Of course our community should pay less than the general public.

Therefore we think that everyone’s price should be lowered to $1 per coin.


But what if we could do better than that?

To thank you for being so patient and amazing – in every possible way -- we are suggesting the following:

Your final price from the auction will be lowered -- by 90% -- to 10 cents.


Yes, that means that you’ll get ten times more coins. J

Also, as reminder, to thank everyone that received coins instead of cash outs in the last few months -- as empowr spent its resources on the cryptocurrency process – our community will get 50% more free founder coins...

... meaning your final price will be end up at exactly 6.66 cents per coin. JJJ

The bottom line is that all community members – whether they bought in the auction -- or are waiting on cash outs – will receive their coins at 6.66 cents per coin.

(Yes, if you bought coins in the auction and expected to get a bonus of 10%, 20%, 30% or even 40% more free coins -- you too will get 50% more free coins).

Anyone that wants to cancel their bid, can do that, of course, from the auction page.

And anyone that placed a bid (at any price) can simply leave it alone and will automatically get coins at 10 cents each – with a 50% bonus = 6.67 cents per coin.

Sound good? J


A challenge

There is a problem with doing the above (giving you 10x more coins):  That total amount of coins being distributed will likely be too much to pour into the exchanges all at once. It might damage the coin’s price.

Remember, the price of the coin is based on supply and demand. So, if we push out too much supply, it will hurt the price.

Therefore, we suggest that 16.67% of these coins unlock each month, for 6 months. 

That’s one-sixth of the coins unlocking each month -- for 6 months – so at the end of the 6 months, they are all unlocked.

Does that sound like a good deal?

Remember, just your first month’s unlocked coins is a larger number than the full number of coins you would have received (before we multiplied it by 10)...

... so I imagine no one will have any challenge with this offer.

But please let me know if you have any issues with this.

Again, these policies are to ensure your coin’s price has a great chance to do really well, right from the beginning.

Note: As a reminder, any founder coins awarded to you outside of the coins you purchased in the auction will still be released at 1% per month once the coin is on the exchanges.


When will the founder coin sale end?

The founder coin distribution and sale must close before the start of the ICO – which means it must end in about 2 – 3 days from now.

That means that if you want coins at 10 cents – with 50% bonus coins – meaning 6.67 cents as your final price -- simply go to the sale page right now and place your bid (at any price) and 6.67 cents will now be your final price per coin. Period.

We hope that most everyone finds these suggestions (especially the price of coins) to be fair and representative of the spirit of this community’s relationship with each other – that of great respect, gratitude and trust.

By the way, if you do not feel like that spirit is represented in any of these suggestions, we most definitely want to hear your thoughts and logic, and of course are very open to hearing any and all suggestions.

Again, expect the founder sale and opportunity to end in the next couple of days.


6.  How can you help and earn even more coins?

Along with the growing team of crypto influencers who are joining our team, we are building a public relations team that will be putting news out about once a week.

That process has already begun. Here’s our first announcement:  Inventor of virtual currency embraces blockchain

In the coming days, we’ll post details on how you can increase empowr’s ICO exposure in the crypto industry.

We need your help ensuring the success of the empowr coins -- and you’ll be able to earn even more of coins from this effort.

We won’t hold back at all in rewarding our citizens with a lot of coins for working together to ensure the success of the ICO and coin.


The first step

To get started, please create an account on the following social platforms (if you don’t have one already) and Fan/Friend/Like/Follow/Join these empowr accounts so you’re ready to go when we share the next steps in the coming days:

·         Twitter: 

·         Telegram:

·         Facebook: 

·         LinkedIn: 

·         YouTube: 

·         Medium:

·         Discord:

100 founder coins to start

Anyone that has connected with all the above empowr social channels before this Sunday at noon (PST) -- 8pm (UTC) -- will earn 100 founder coins.

To ensure we’re crediting the correct empowr account, simply fill out this form once you’ve connected with each of the channels. 

Please do it now - or soon - so you don’t forget -- but definitely before Sunday when we pull the data from the form.

Your account will be credited within 7 business days from this Sunday (when we pull the data from that form). We will also add you to our email list so that you’re aware of all the additional things you can do to help and for you to earn coins.


Your thoughts, feedback and ideas

Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions!

And as always, let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to get them answered.

We will keep you posted and ensure any changes to the landscape or strategy are discussed, and major decisions are decided together as a community.


Your president,


Education, education, education

My fellow empowrians,

Today, I’m honored and delighted to announce a great new way to earn empowr coins...

... a really great opportunity for all citizens that have chosen to join or create empowr countries.


The topic today is: EDUCATION

In case you hadn’t noticed, in recent weeks everyone is becoming more and more focused on education.

In a moment, I’ll provide the details about this incredible new bonus idea that I am fairly confident most citizens will become big fans of – especially after everyone has had a chance to review and improve the ideas discussed in this post.

But first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page regarding the (education-based) objectives behind these ideas.

 I could discuss our educational objectives from the perspective of the success of the empowr mission or achieving empowr’s overarching goal.

But instead, I’m going to discuss our educational objectives from the perspective of the empowr coin, since I know many empowr citizens are very excited about the opportunity the empowr coin represents. 

(By the way, an update for you on the empowr coin is in the works; stay tuned for that).

Growing the price of our coin

To accomplish our mission, and help billions out of poverty, we want and need the price of our coin to continuously grow with the passing of time.

The price of anything -- including a cryptocurrency like the empowr coin – depends on its supply (in this case, how many coins exist) and the demand for it (how many people want the coin and how much they want the coin).

Since cryptocurrencies like the empowr coin will have a limited supply – meaning the total number of coins will grow at a smaller and smaller rate until the number hardly grows at all...

... the price of the empowr coin will very much be a factor of the level of demand that will exist for it.

That means that for our coins to succeed, we must continuously grow the demand for the empowr coin.

Growing demand for the empowr coin

The more people use (utilize) something, the more of it they want ( = demand). Of course there is little demand for things that people have very little use for.

Getting more empowr coins to be utilized means growing the number of products and services that are being bought and sold using empowr coins.

Therefore, to grow the price of the empowr coin, we want to grow your sales of products and services -- to and from each other.

The two (2) steps to growing everyone’s sales in empowr:

  • To grow sales, we must first educate non-citizens on the reasons to join empowr. By joining empowr, they then become potential buyers and sellers (meaning potential users of our coins).
  • After they join empowr, we want to further educate new citizens on how to use the various features of the empowr platform to provide products and services to other empowr citizens. That is, we want to move them from being potential buyers and sellers – to becoming actual buyers and sellers – which should increase the usage (and demand -- and price) of our coins.


 Note: For the purposes of this post, every time I say someone is “productive”, I specifically mean that they “have earned at least 100 mission points in the last 30 days”. To learn how to earn mission points, and see how many points you have earned, visit your mission points page.


As I hope you can see, EDUCATION is the key to the success of your empowr coins

And that’s why we’re all becoming more and more focused on education.

Some examples of how this is happening:


We’ve added a link to our new Quick Start Guide, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to the top of every page...Education, education, education

... and to the homepage of the site – so citizens can educate themselves:  

   Education, education, education


To reward our citizens that are becoming educated and productive, we’ve redesigned the Mission Wheel to provide significant amounts of coins based on each citizen’s level of success.

Your wheel prizes can now grow to be exactly 200 times larger: Up to 20 times larger based on the citizen’s mission points; and 10 times larger based on their mission role:

20  X  10 = 200 times larger


Education by inviters

Virtually all new empowr citizens first learned about empowr from a friend.

Indeed, many of you have become quite focused on inviting others to empowr, and educating them on how to become successful and productive.

Many of you are even selflessly shared your success tips with each other, including the details of what’s working best for you when inviting others – using this centralized communication hub.

Everyone is now being rewarded with a minimum of 100 empowr coins for each of their invites that becomes productive.  Full details here

(Again, by saying someone is “productive” I mean they have earned at least 100 mission points in the last 30 days).


Education by Success Coaches

Last week, the Success Coaches learned of a significant update to the way the compensation engines will now operate for compensating educators (Success Coaches). 

Now, Success Coaches will become more focused than ever, on educating their students on how to become productive and successful in empowr.

Indeed, they’ll now be earning upwards of 10 times or even more, for each of their students that is productive – starting from $120/year all the way up to $480/year for each productive student they have.

(No better time than now to become a Success Coach. For details on how to do this, ask your own Success Coach)

To assist coaches with this effort, last week empowr launched the ability for empowr citizens to view their Success Coach’s live calendar, and schedule a time slot with their SC to use live video to learn how to become more successful and productive.

To see if your Success Coach has enabled this feature yet, simply click “Ask me” at the top of any page and, if they have enabled it, you’ll notice this link:

               Education, education, education

Remember, you’re always free to compare Success Coach performance and even switch your Success Coach by visiting the Success Coach Leaderboard.


It takes a village

As the old African phrase says, “It takes a village to raise a child”

Along with the direct compensation that’s earned by an empowr citizen when they succeed in empowr, we’re further encouraging and rewarding citizens for their success using the Mission Wheel.

In addition, we’re rewarding the citizen’s “parent” – meaning their inviter – the one who “brought them into this world”.

And of course we’re rewarding their teacher (their Success Coach).


So, why stop there?

Today, we’re suggesting that we add an additional focus and bonus:

Education by countries

As you may know, empowr countries are forming to help empowr become a better economy and social network – by allowing the empowr experience to be tailored to the unique needs and wants of our different citizens.

Which countries will be the most successful?

We think that, as empowr’s capabilities grow and it’s able to provide more and more features to empowr countries....

... allowing them to tailor their offerings to their citizens...

... it will be like having thousands of “little empowrs” -- all experimenting to find what works best for the needs of their citizens.

Our belief is that many of those experiments will result in something better than what empowr can come up with, or provide, on its own.


To help get the process started, we propose the following approach and rewards for empowr countries and their citizens:

Starting this week, empowr will keep track of all the coins (from the Mission Wheel) earned by each country’s citizens on a daily basis.

When the month ends, empowr will reward the top countries – the ones that were most successful at educating their citizens – as follows:

We will count how many citizens each country had that were NOT productive the month before (February) AND became productive by the end of this month (March).

The countries with the most “newly productive” citizens win.

Note: In the coming days, empowr will launch a new leaderboard that will reveal the current rank of empowr countries based on this approach: Which country is 1st  which is 2nd etc. in this effort.


So, what does 1st place win?

The country that comes in first, will get a HUGE bonus of coins!

The bonus will equal one and a half (1.5) times (that’s 150%) of ALL the coins that ALL its citizens earned during the entire month of March.

For example, if Country A wins 1st place, and its citizens won $100,000 in coins in March from the Mission Wheel, then an additional $150,000 in coins will be provided to Country A to utilize and/or distribute as it wishes.


What about 2nd place? Does it win anything?

Yes, 2nd place wins a bonus of 125% coins!


What about 3rd place?

Our suggestion is for the top 12 countries to win coins, as follows:

1st place wins 150% bonus coins

2nd place wins 125% bonus coins

3rd place wins 100% bonus coins

4th place wins 90% bonus coins

5th place wins 80% bonus coins

6th place wins 70% bonus coins

7th place wins 60% bonus coins

8th place wins 50% bonus coins

9th place wins 40% bonus coins

10th place wins 30% bonus coins

11th place wins 20% bonus coins

12th place wins 10% bonus coins


The idea is that, as countries get better and better at this – moving up the ranks -- their prizes grow substantially.


Five (5) country tiers

Some countries will become larger than others, and therefore will have a bit of (what some might say is) an “unfair advantage”. 

Therefore, we suggest that countries be divided into 5 tiers by size (their number of citizens) and be labeled as follows: 

·      Tiny Countries

·      Small Countries

·      Medium Countries

·      Large Countries

·      Super Countries


Each tier will have its own ranking and winnings.

In other words, five (5) countries will receive 1st prizes (150% more coins)...

(that's one country in each tier)

... and five (5) countries will receive 2nd prizes (125% more coins)...

... and so on, and so forth – so that a total of 60 (=12 x 5) countries are being rewarded each month.

Countries will be automatically assigned to their tiers on the first day of each month based on the number of citizens they have at that moment.


How will the winning countries distribute their coins?

That’s not for empowr to decide; it’s for the countries to discuss and decide with their citizens.

I can imagine that the countries will want to take into consideration that their rank, and the size of the pool (the number) of coins they won were based on at least 2 factors (and quite possibly more):

1.  Who most helped them to win – meaning how did they go about educating non-productive citizens to become productive?

Perhaps countries will want to “hire” some of their citizens to assist with educating their non-productive citizens. If so, they’ll naturally want and need to use some of their coin winnings to reward those “hired” people.

They can then distribute the remainder of their bonus coins to the rest of the country’s citizens.

2.   How effective was each of their citizens in growing the SIZE of the bonus pool?

In March, if Sally won exactly twice as many coins on the Mission Wheel as Joe did, it means that she was responsible for exactly twice as many coins coming into the country’s bonus pool as Joe was.

Clearly, she accomplished that by doing a better job than Joe with her mission role and mission points (along with hitting her daily goals) because that’s how the wheel’s prizes (and whether it appears or not) are determined.

Therefore, it probably makes sense that – all else being equal -- Sally should receive (from the bonus pool) exactly twice as many coins as Joe.  I hope this makes sense to everyone.

Countries are free to make their own choices

Having pointed out the above obvious points, we want to reiterate that each country should be completely free to reward their citizens as they like.

By enabling countries to be free to innovate (by the empowr community not forcing any rules on the countries) we can be very confident that many countries will invent smarter solutions and achieve better results than a group of engineers at empowr could ever do on their own.

I highly recommend to countries to be transparent – meaning telling your citizens exactly how you will go about compensating them if your country wins – so there is less chance that they are disappointed later because they may have had different expectations.

And in being transparent, remind your citizens that you also want to be free to learn from your moves, so they should expect that your approach will change over time.

On that note, everyone please note the same message from empowr:  This program, like everything we’re doing, is experimental and, as we learn together, we should expect a few things – or a lot of things – about this effort to change or even cease to exist if it’s not working out and hitting our the intended objectives, as detailed above.


In a moment, I’ll ask for your comments to ensure your best ideas are being incorporated into the process.

Before we do, a couple more thoughts / ideas:

1.  People can be a citizen of only one (or zero) countries at a time

2.  When joining a country, citizens might be asked to agree to having their email address provided to the country’s administrators.

If they do not agree, citizens can choose to not join the country:

                            Education, education, education

Why is this functionality and data being provided to countries?

This is so that the countries can reach out to their citizens, using the empowr platform and/or using their own email application, to work with their citizens and help them to become productive.

I imagine many countries will want to create email newsletters, webinars, training modules, and/or create or utilize other assets that require communicating with their citizens outside of empowr.

A quick note to the admins of countries

Dear country admins,

We cannot wait to give you more and more functionality and power, including additional abilities (email addresses) to communicate directly with your citizens.

Please keep in mind that any abuse of email addresses, including not opting citizens out of your communications when they ask you to do so, or continuing to reach out to them if they have departed your country, or promoting any product other than empowr, will be considered a severe violation of the empowr terms of service and will result in immediate termination of the country AND all the empowr accounts of all the offending country’s admins.

So, choose your admins wisely, as they can single-handedly cause your country and account to be removed from empowr.

I hope you can understand how risky it is to provide this data to empowr countries. Therefore, we must be very serious about enforcing the rules around it.


Limited access to email addresses

We think that access to the email addresses of country citizens (that have opted in to allow this) will be limited to country admins that have personally achieved at least a red basic power level, 10,000 all-time mission points and 500 30-day mission points.

Of course each citizen must agree to have their email address shared with the country’s admins, before empowr will share their email address. 

If a citizen previously joined a country, before this opt-in process existed, their email address will NOT be viewable by the country’s admins. To make it viewable, they can simply leave the country and immediately get back in, after agreeing to the country’s terms.

Countries can choose to turn this functionality off if they like – so people joining will not see the opt-in text and they will not have access to their citizens’ email addresses.


One for all and all for one

As you can see, together as a community – now more than ever.

... we’re all in this together:

   We are all part of the same mission and going after the same overarching goal

·      We all have the same exact type of currency: The empowr coin

·      The price of everyone’s coins will always be the same, of course.

·      The opportunity to earn empowr coins is simple, fair, transparent and open to everyone.

·      We are partnering as a community – a “village” -- together accepting the responsibility for educating our “youth” very seriously -- and enabling / rewarding:

Citizens to educate themselves
:  We will continue to improve our tools that allow our youth to self-educate.

Inviters to educate their invitees: Each of us is taking it upon ourselves to educate the people that we have invited to empowr.

Success Coaches to educate their students: Coaches are significantly increasing their focus and availability to their students to ensure each of them becomes productive and successful.

Countries to educate their citizens: And now, countries and their citizens should become more and more focused on educating the country’s “youth” and helping them to become successful and productive.


Every time a student becomes productive, WE ALL WIN 

Everyone in the “village” should “feel the win” every time the win occurs.

Remember, the “win” happens when a new (non-productive) citizen becomes productive (earning 100 mission points or more in the last 30 days).

Each time that happens, not only does the empowr community move closer to the realization of its mission and overarching goal...

... but with each newly productive citizen:

...  the citizen is directly compensated...

... their “parent” (inviter) is rewarded...

... their Success Coach is compensated...

... their fellow countrymen and women are rewarded.

            Working together, we cannot fail


Your input please

What do you think about this new approach?  Do you like or dislike it?

What are your ideas on how to improve it?

Let’s take a couple days to hear your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Assuming most everyone ends up in agreement (after we adjust the above details based on your thoughts) we’ll consider the process and competition started (as of today, March 1 , 2018). 

(You’ll be able to see your statistics in just a few days, but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming organized and getting busy working on educating your non-productive citizens to become productive).

Everyone, if you haven’t already, please ensure that you are in only one (or zero) countries. In about 48 hours from now, empowr’s engineers will be looking at anyone that’s in more than one country, and removing them from all but one of their countries (chosen randomly from the countries they are in).  That means that by this weekend, everyone will be in at most one country.

We are looking forward to your thoughts.

Your truly,




Hello everyone!

As promised, the Mission Wheel is now back – and will be showing up EVERY day that you hit your Daily Goal.

And now, with the wheel you’ll be winning empowr cryptocurrency coins and pre-coins.

Based on your feedback from our last post, we’ve updated the way the Mission Wheel will work:


1)   Prizes on the wheel will grow based on your mission role and mission points


2)   Each wheel slot will have the same exact size and width now. That means that each slot will have the same exact chance of winning


Millions of empowr cryptocurrency coins will now be delivered to the empowr community each month using the wheel.


So, how to earn the most coins? It’s simple:


·        As your mission points go up, your prizes get larger  Learn how to earn mission points


·        As you mission role advances, your prizes get larger  Go here to advance your mission role 


Thanks again to everyone that voiced their opinions on the best way to have the Mission Wheel work – we’re very excited to see all the prizes that you will be winning.


What’s next?


Later this week, you’ll see the new wheel “Dream Calculator” as well as the new design for the wheel:


The Mission Wheel is back!



For now, hit your Daily Goal and enjoy spinning and winning on the Mission Wheel!

Any questions? We’re here to help.

Hello everyone!

We’ve just passed our first milestone towards our goal inviting 100,000 new empowr citizens.

(Here’s more information on the goal and how you can earn a lot of coins in the process)

While we’re picking up momentum, having surpassed the number of invites that came in January already this month, we still have quite a lot of work to do to hit our goal in the next 30 days, as we’re currently just shy of 25,000 newly invited citizens (25% of where we need to be).


So where do we go from here?

Starting today and over the coming days we’re set to launch a series of upgrades and new features focused entirely on helping you invite new citizens and help them succeed (by earning 100+ mission points).

Specifically, you can expect the following:


  • Improved Mission Point Visibility
  • Hitting your mission goals
  • How many months in a row have you hit your mission goal?
  • The Mission Wheel is back! And now it’s DAILY!
  • Mission Wheel Dream Calculator
  • Empowering Success Coaches to help their students become productive
  • Next steps for empowr countries
  • Cleaning up the community
  • So, what’s next?



Let’s get right into the details of each:

Improved Mission Point Visibility

As we recently announced, it’s now twice as easy for your invitees (and yourself) to earn mission points quickly, as their (and your) sales and purchases are worth 2 mission points for every $1 bought or sold.

In addition to making it easier to earn mission points, we’ve also tweaked the mission point calculations to update more frequently – so that you have constant visibility into how your invitees are doing.

Each day everyone be credited mission points based on their efforts from the previous day, including the purchase of mission roles.

You’ll also soon have visibility into how many coins you’ve earned from each of your invitees when they become productive from the invitee section of your mission points page:

New tools to help you succeed


Hitting their mission goals

By having mission points credited quickly, your invitees can always know how close they are to hitting their monthly goals.

How do they know how they’re doing?

Based on the color of the ring around their profile photo, your invitees can tell how close they are at hitting their mission goal at any point in time. For example, since this current month is now over 50% complete (February 17th), if their ring isn’t orange, light blue or green – they’re less than 50% of the way to their mission goal and now need to work to catch up before the end of the month.

How many months in a row have they hit their mission goal?

Beginning March 1st, if they’ve hit their goal for the previous month, they’ll see the number of months in a row they’ve hit their goals directly above the arrow on their profile photo.

For example, look at the “3” above the arrow in the image, below. That means that Ashok hit his mission goal 3 months in a row:

New tools to help you succeed


By hitting their mission goals multiple months in a row, your invitees (and yourself) begin to receive a wide range of benefits – such as lowering maturation all the way down to 0 days (meaning they’ll be able to transfer their empowr coins to external wallets where they can hold or even sell them, if they like) so they should be sure to finish up the month strong so that they hit your goal! Good luck!

Note: If you’ve noticed your mission performance ring increase or decrease in the past 24 hours, that is because you either purchased your last mission role in January (and have retroactively received full credit for that month), or in February (and have now received full credit for this month). Let me know if any of this is unclear, using the comments below, and I’ll provide more details.



The Mission Wheel is back! And now it’s DAILY!

As promised, the Mission Wheel will be making its return in the next day or couple days (just waiting on engineering) – fully revamped for empowr coins and ready to give out TONS (millions) of empowr coins to everyone that hits their Daily Goal.

New tools to help you succeed


And guess what?

Now, your invitees (and you) will ALWAYS see the mission wheel EACH AND EVERY time they hit their Daily Goal!

The Mission Wheel will now become THE MAIN WAY with which empowr spends its coins and distributes them to the community.

Mission Wheel Dream Calculator

In addition to the revamped Mission Wheel, they’ll also notice a fun, new way to see what they can do to increase their prizes on the wheel. To do that, simply click the link “See how your prizes grow”…

New tools to help you succeed

… to be taken to the new Mission Wheel “dream calculator”:

New tools to help you succeed

By adjusting the sliders on the “dream calculator” above, you and your invitees will see exactly how large prizes can get by taking very specific actions. Prizes grow by:

  1. Growing the number of mission points they’ve earned in the past 30 days

  2. Advancing their mission role


With the return of the mission wheel any moment now, we’re looking forward to seeing all the new winners each day. 


Empowering Success Coaches to help their students become productive

As you know, Success Coaches are the best resource for any new empowr citizen to succeed.

Soon they’ll be even more empowered, by having the ability to schedule 1-to-1 video chats with their students – with a focus on helping them earn their first 100 mission points.

As each new citizen joins empowr, they’ll be prompted with a calendar of their Success Coach’s availability:

New tools to help you succeed


From there, students simply need to enter their contact information and they’ll be notified via email how to contact their success coach via Skype or Google Hangouts at their scheduled time.

Want to schedule a call with your Success Coach? You can do so from the “Ask me” page at any time beginning next week. 

Note: This scheduler is intended for new citizens to get started - everyone else can still contact their Success Coach via their inbox.

New tools to help you succeed


Success Coaches are all about helping your invitees succeed

As a reminder, Success Coaches are now heavily compensated based on how successful their students are (meaning how many of them are earning 100+ mission points each month), and they are just as focused as all of you on helping your invitees succeed.

You can view which coaches are doing the best job to help their students get productive by visiting the Success Coach Leaderboard and clicking on the “Student Success” column:

New tools to help you succeed


Next steps for empowr countries

In addition to the help that Success Coaches bring to help your invitees succeed, the founders of empowr countries are also highly motivated to ensure every citizen in their country succeeds.

Why? Because the countries with the highest average 30-day mission points per citizen will receive the most coins to distribute to their citizens – meaning that the countries with the most productive citizens will be the ones earning the most coins every month.

Here is the roadmap for finally launching empowr countries:

February 17th: Starting today, country founders can now update the information that describes what their country is all about:

(1) What's your country's purpose or mission?
(2) What are the shared beliefs and core values?
(3) Why should people join your country?

To do that, simply visit your “Communities I Admin” tab on the Communities page and click “Edit Information” under your country name.

New tools to help you succeed


If you haven’t already put your best effort into explaining why other empowr citizens should join your country, now is your chance to do so.

February 20th: After giving country founders a couple days to update the information about their country, every empowr citizen should take the time to decide which country they wish to be a citizen of.

You can only be a citizen of 1 country at a time, so once you’ve selected the country that best fits your needs, you’ll need to remove yourself from any additional countries you are in – by clicking the “You’re a citizen” button next to the country you no longer wish to be in.

You can see a full list of the countries you are in by visiting the Communities page, choosing “Communities I’m a Fan of” and then filtering by “empowr country”.

New tools to help you succeed


February 26th: Any citizen that is still in more than 1 country will automatically be assigned to the country they are in that has the highest average 30-day mission points per citizen and removed from the rest of their countries.

With all empowr citizens assigned to 1 country (or no country if they wish), each country will then be provided a page that details a wide range of metrics for each of their citizens. This page will be used by the country founders to determine how many coins to distribute to each of their citizens.

Feb 28th:  The highest performing countries (defined by those with the highest average 30-day mission points per citizen) will have the ability to choose whether they want to compensate their citizens with the mission wheel, or if – going forward (starting on March 1st) they want to distribute coins based on their own approach and values.

April 1st and beyond: On the 1st of every month, countries that have chosen to not compensate their citizens with the mission wheel will be granted coins based on how productive their citizens were in the previous month.

More details on how countries will be able to compensate their citizens will be coming, but for now, just know that you should focus on the following things:

·         Country founders: Now is the time to update the information about your country to explain why yours is the one they should choose above all of the rest

·         Country citizens: Now is the time to decide which country you want to be a citizen of and remove yourselves from all other countries. Failure to do so will result in you automatically being assigned to a country on February 26th


Cleaning up the community

Lastly, as more new empowr citizens join the community and start to succeed, it’s time we made sure they are succeeding in an environment that isn’t filled with spam.

Just as frustrating as it must be for many of you, you can only imagine how new citizens must be turned off when they encounter profiles filled with affiliate or multi-level marketing, scam or get-rich-quick scheme offers.

With your help, we can clean up this mess in a very simple way. Here’s how:

a)    Once you’ve reached a certain number of mission points (proving your experience to the community), you’ll notice a “report” link at the top of every profile

b)    When you come across a profile that violates our terms of service and/or looks overly promotional with online money-making posts (like the one shown below), simply click “report” and empowr will be alerted of the profile to take any necessary action to remove it


New tools to help you succeed


So what’s next?

While the above items are sure to help us move faster towards accomplishing our goal, we’re certain that there’s a lot more all of us can do to improve empowr.

What other ideas do you have? Should we adjust the timing of the March 15th invitations goal to give us a better shot at success? If so, what do you suggest?


We look forward to hearing your thoughts – and as always we are here to help in any way we can.

Your president,



P.S. If you haven’t visited the Central Collaboration Hub (CCH) in a while, be sure to do so as there are some great approaches, tools and knowledge being shared by those that are successfully inviting others and helping them succeed.

empowr and the biggest scam of all

Hello everyone,

There’s a quote I’ve heard multiple times regarding people who dive into something new:

 You can recognize a pioneer by the arrows in his back.– Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., scientist, educator, author

This quote is about the people who tear down all of the obstacles for others to follow. They’re like the Amazon guides in the Brazilian rainforest hacking through the brush so others have a path to follow. Their job is sometimes hard. They are forced to go into situations where few have been before and just having to figure it out on the fly. They have few reference points to go from and have to think on their feet.

                                                  empowr and the biggest scam of all


The empowr project has been like a long journey into a rainforest

Attempting to create something this ambitious -- with a commitment to never accept capital from investors so that the platform could belong to and be controlled by the platform’s users -- has meant that we’ve needed to be resourceful.

We needed to invent solutions every time an obstacle appeared that didn’t seem to have an immediate solution.


The pioneers get the arrows

Often, the arrows come from people that don’t understand a new invention because, of course, they haven’t seen it before. If they had seen it, well, it wouldn’t be a new invention, would it?

The arrows often come in the form criticism.

Sometimes an insult, a damnation, calling the invention a hoax, a trick, a scam.

Indeed, “scam” appears to be one of the top favorite 4-letter words that comes to some people’s minds when they don’t understand something and need a quick way to post something on the web that helps them communicate:

·      -- This makes me mad because I don’t understand it

·      -- I don’t even think it’s a real thing because I’ve never seen or heard of this before

·      -- I don’t trust their intentions. This must be a scam

                                                     empowr and the biggest scam of all

The scam of apps

Instead of employing many application developers, the empowr community invented the idea of enabling and asking others to build apps for the empowr platform.

Almost immediately, a number of application developers called the idea a scam. “Why would I want to write code for someone else’s social network? What a scam.”

Today, no one questions the benefit of apps – to a platform – to developers -- or to consumers.

What was once called a scam by (quite literally) hundreds of people -- sending such comments to empowr or posting them all over the web -- is now used by virtually every social media platform in existence. 

The idea happily lives on as U.S. patent number 20090063178 A1. View patent

Question: Can you even imagine your mobile phone without apps?

The scam of address book import

With not having a marketing budget, an empowr community member had the idea that the company should develop the ability for users to sign into their web-based address books (such as on Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc.) and invite their friends with just a few clicks.

The idea was for users to simply provide their email login and password and the empowr platform would show them their address book. With just one click, users could send an invitation to some or all of their contacts.

At first, about 1 percent of people that successfully provided their login and password to import their contacts hit the “send” button without paying attention or quite understanding what they were doing.

Afterwards, some of that small percentage suggested that empowr must have hacked into Hotmail or Yahoo’s email systems to access their address book contacts. 

A scam indeed -- if it were actually true.

Today, every web portal of any significance in the world uses this technology to allow their users to import and invite friends.

Indeed, this approach was THE way that Facebook grew to what it is today. Just try registering for a new Facebook account and -- on the very next page -- Facebook will ask you for your email login and password to invite your friends from your web-based address book.

But back then, when empowr was first to do this, you might think that empowr was the devil, based on what a very vocal group of people – who had never thought of or seen such functionality – were posting all over the web.

On a related note: Aside from some people calling the invention a scam, a much larger number of people actually loved the invention. As a result, empowr broke the world record for fastest product customer ramp in history – shattering the earlier records set by Hotmail and Napster as reported by USA Today, CNBC and Fast Company.  See for yourself


The scam of mobile billing

Once upon a time, most web users didn’t have credit cards or any other way to pay for things electronically.

Without offering users the ability to pay for things electronically, empowr wouldn’t be able to build an economy. And of course, at its core, an economy is what empowr is.

Among many other ideas, the community had the idea of allowing users to use their mobile phone numbers as if they were credit cards.

Doing that would require permission and integration with mobile phone companies around the world, an incredibly difficult challenge for any company.

empowr tried for many years to convince mobile phone companies around the world to allow it to plug into their billing systems and – finally, after many years – it started to have success.

Watch video clip about this topic

Just like the “address book import” invention, here too some users (about 1 percent of those who tried it) couldn’t believe their eyes when charges (for services they signed up for) actually ended on their mobile phone bills.

Question: So, what did about 1 percent of those first users do?

You guessed it: They called it (and empowr) a scam.

Today, mobile billing is commonplace and everyone’s seen it. 

It generates billions of dollars for hundreds of tech companies such as Apple and Google, all social networking companies and all mobile phone companies around the world. It’s a convenient way for consumers to pay for apps on their phones, as well as conduct transactions within apps.

empowr’s mobile billing “scam” is honored by the industry as U.S. patent number 20080233918 A1. View patent

Did you know?

Back then, the governments of almost every country on the planet reached out to empowr for guidance on how to regulate the new mobile data space, prompting empowr to author the “Mobile user bill of rights,” which was eventually adopted by virtually all regulatory agencies in the world?  Check it out


The scam of virtual currency

empowr needed a new form of money – an electronic form of money – so that people could more easily exchange things of value.

The invention? Virtual currency.

Today, the world is abuzz with excitement about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

But just a few months ago, Bitcoin was being called a scam by lots of people – even by the CEO of Chase Bank: “Bitcoin is a fraud” – Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase

Only a few weeks later he took his words back – even committing to spending millions to embrace Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is simply virtual currency – another invention of empowr.  Says who? Says the United States Patent and Trademark Office: U.S. patent number 008036685 A3. View patent 


The scam of “Use Advertising NOW, pay LATER”

How do most large web portals (such as Google and Facebook) generate most of their revenues? By opening up their website’s economic opportunities to large corporations. That is, by selling advertising.

That means that, fundamentally, those companies are in the business of unlocking economic opportunity to corporations.

With almost the exact opposite approach, empowr was created to unlock economic opportunity for ordinary people, not corporations.

To stay true to that mission, empowr has never allowed corporations to purchase advertising in empowr – ensuring that the entire ad inventory is exclusively available for consumers to utilize.

But unlike corporations, most consumers don’t have large budgets to spend on advertising.  So, what can empowr do to help them?

empowr has been testing a way for consumers to use advertising now but pay for those ads later – after they’ve had a chance to earn revenues using those ads.

How has the testing of this product proceeded, thus far?

At first, everyone loves the product! As they see their earnings grow, before paying for ads, well, it’s breathtaking.

Later, when the charges actually need to be paid, well, there seems to always be that 1 percent that become upset.

And so, once again, that 1% that cannot understand how they can get charged for something that they were allowed to use for free -- even after they agreed to "Use ads now and pay later" -- are concluding that empowr must be a scam.

The result? 

After trying everything -- for nearly 3 years -- the empowr community has decided that it simply cannot help that 1% to either understand the "pay later" part, or choose to simply not use the product.  

Therefore -  as of late 2017 - this innovation has been shut down for ALL new citizens that are signing up.  It's really very sad: 99% of new users suffer because of the 1%, but unfortunately this is the reality we must live with.


And now, the biggest scam of all? 

Today, the empowr community of citizens, success coaches and employees are busy attempting to do what MANY people have said cannot be done: Completing the building and fusing together of a social network, a marketplace, cryptocurrency, an educational system, transportation system and political system.

Imagine if Facebook merged with eBay, and then the combined company merged with Uber, and then a bank, and then a university -- and perhaps even a country (so that it could use their political system).

Now, imagine if the entirety of that combined company and product was owned and controlled by the platform’s users, not rich investors – both the company and its currency: 100 percent owned by the people it serves.

That is precisely what the empowr community is attempting to pull off today.

Wait a minute: 

This community thinks it can build ALL of that without a penny in investor capital...

      ... saying No to generous offers from the world's most sought-after investors -- watch related video clip....

... when the companies empowr’s looking to displace have EACH accepted billions of dollars from investors to build their products?

"That's impossible. What a scam!"


The road ahead

How will it go? We’re not quite sure. 

But here’s what we are confident about: 

·      We’ll give it all we’ve got

·      We will make mistakes. We’ll likely fail a few times on the road to each “success”

·      We will likely be called some bad names by a small number of people. Those will hurt

·      We’ll get up each time we’re knocked down

·      We won’t stop trying until we succeed


Do you consider yourself a big thinker? An "early adopter"?

Are you able to sometimes believe in what you can’t see right in front of you?

If you answered “no” to one or more of those questions, may we suggest that empowr may not be for you – at least not right now, at this moment? If you come back in just a year or two -- after we’ve had a chance to iron out some issues – empowr might be perfect for you. (We suggest that you go here for now).

And if you answered “yes” well, you just might find yourself right at home with the people that are currently engaged with this platform.

Can you imagine….

…personally playing a growing and important role in the creation of a world that has less injustice, more equality and a better future for humanity?

Together, if we can succeed in our mission to help billions of individuals – people that live on $2 or less per day – to live a better life, would it all have been worth it?

If you can picture that future, we think you’ll agree that any level of effort, any number of arrows and short-term pain will have ultimately amounted to an acceptable price to pay.

With your help, we’re now closer than ever to accomplishing that mission.


Welcome to the jungle

The journey won’t always be smooth.

In fact, it will most certainly be bumpy since we’re not done roaming the roads less traveled – or the roads never traveled before.

You’ll likely get a few arrows in your back. Those will hurt. Think you can handle it?

Perhaps it won’t hurt as bad as it might seem like it will, because we now have a support system of literally thousands of people who, over time, little by little, have become accustomed to receiving those arrows.

So you won't be alone. The empowr community will be there for you, to help pull out the arrows from your back.

                    empowr and the biggest scam of all

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