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Cultivating Gratitude – A Guided Journal for a Positive Mindset

Take a Fun and Colorful Journey with Author Beth Bunchman!


Cultivating Gratitude: A Guided Journal for a Positive Mindset by Beth Bunchman


Cultivating Gratitude: A Guided Journal for a Positive Mindset  by Beth Bunchman

Call me honey because I am on a big roll. I am in the midst of a great string of books that I’ve been sent to review on Self Help Daily. One after the next, they’ve just been exceptional. It makes it kind of tough to review them, actually, because I want to devote enough time to each one. I also worry about them getting lost in the rush of reviews – which is why I take care to “group” reviews of different books within the same time frame.

Today’s book is (I reasoned) a perfectly beautiful one to close out the week with. I resonate with this book – from the colorful cover to the entire attitude and vibe, this book and I are simpatico and, I have a feeling, it’s beautiful author and I would get along famously.

From the Back Cover:

Write, doodle, & brainstorm your way to a positive mindset.

In this journal you will focus on nurturing and nourishing your mindset for greater overall health and happiness.

Within these pages you will find thought-provoking journal prompts, ample space for writing or drawing, and numerous garden-themed doodles for coloring.

You can plant seeds of gratitude, grow your gratitude garden, and watch your life landscape begin to shift in just minutes a day.

Benefits of this gratitude practice may include: improved sleep, stronger immune system, greater optimism, decreased anxiety and depression, higher quality relationships, and a sense of community.

While the title of this colorful, upbeat book is, “Cultivating Gratitude,” I think it could have just as easily been “Cultivating Happiness” – truth be told, there are so many wonderful names it could call itself. However, in the end, the one it goes by is probably the best because