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There is a lot of buzz in the collective right now which means I think we’re due for a detailed energy report on the latest wave coming through because it’s a BIG one. Normally I reserve my energy reports for the newsletters but this one coming through needs to be shared and expressed.

Right now there is a lot of emotional intensity, division, and in general it’s a psychological shadow mess out there as we have neptune, pluto, saturn and uranus retrograde all being major power players out there. The political friction is also building allowing people to enter more entropy and chaos in the collective stream. There is many individuals getting emotionally triggered as the collective is spending a lot of energy on politics.

We also have something totally different coming up, The incoming Lion’s gate energies.

The Lion’s gate is something that happens every year starting on July 26th – August 12th. The window usually last roughly for about a week or so with it’s peak being on August 8th.  The Lion’s gate occurs as the sun moves into leo but what this stargate is renown for is it’s a 8/8 day. Last year it was extremely powerful as a full 8/8/8.

This year it’s an 8/8/9. Regardless Stargates are based on astrological alignments, numerology and the placement in the sky allows for a particular mathematical design to be created. We can call this a portal but really it’s a geometry. Naturally we are an intricate calendar system ruled by numbers.

The energy coming through is highly intense. It seems there is a lot of processing going on.

When I do energy reports, I take in multiple perspectives because this helps get a more accurate assessment. I ask around, look into various groups, and observe my feeds on different media. It blew my mind how many are feeling the way I’ve been feeling and experiencing similar symptoms. This one is effecting TONS of people especially the sensitive/awakened folk! I’ve particularly noticed specific symptoms coming up for the collective.
Disabling the Past 88 Lion's gate Energies. This incoming Energy Wave is an intense mix of change and opportunity. The question is are your ready to let go?


  • Body Load – This energy is heavy, it is pushing us present and wanting us to slow down. This can manifest as fatigue, wanting to stay in bed all day, feeling drained, exhausted after a full night of rest, desiring to sleep more like 12 hours instead of the regular 8. It is creating a body-load to process what is coming through
  • Pineal Headaches – Feeling the top of the head hurting, splitting or building with pressure in the crown/third eye area. There seems to be lots of sinus activity as if this is a mental expansion and our “perception” is being worked on.
  • Cold and Flu-like Symptoms{The Vibrational Flu} – feeling kundalini body aches, direct changes within the nervous system, feeling the immune system being lowered as we work on intense clearing.
  • Sinus issues – Again the pineal/pitutary glands seems to be getting strong work done. Usually mental clarity will follow after the healing takes place
  • Dizziness & feeling ungrounded – Feeling it’s much harder to ground your energy, it’s a literal “shifting” feeling, like the world can feel at a tilt. this can also create nausea or upset stomach because the shifting can get so intense. if this is you, work on grounding foods such as proteins and root veggies.
  • Bizarre cravings of comfort food – There is a whole thread about this one, plus I saw a video stating the same thing! Strangely as our body releases we  can unconsciously react and reach for our comfort food such as sweets, junk food and pleasure food. When in doubt just listen to your body and Roll with it
  • Having Visions/ Hallucinations – There was a moment I was in contemplation and the walls suddenly morphed into a fluid geometry, pulsating back at me, just for a moment. Then quick as it came back to normal. Shaping, rebuilding, this visions or hallucinations are not to be ignored, they are a symbol coming to light from your subconscious. Try to see what symbols are coming up and how they connect.
  • Timeline Jumping – We’re seeing into various choices and how they intertwine with our given reality. This creates a multi-demensional perception of who we are and what we are trying to achieve. It’s a bizarre feeling. It’s like looking into different parallel realities but then popping back into this one. Manifestation is extremely stronger for this reason. Timeline Jumping will start becoming more fluid once we start noticing it.