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Double Decker Neapolitan Cheesecake – Our 1000th Recipe!    



Double Decker Neapolitan Cheesecake - Our 1000th Recipe! A vanilla and a chocolate cheesecake in one, topped by fresh strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate ganache.
Double Decker Neapolitan Cheesecake

Well it certainly is a momentous occasion on Rock Recipes today as we post our 1000th recipe to date. This website started on September 25, 2007 as a means of providing recipes to family and friends who were always asking for them. Before that time I almost never wrote down any of the recipes for my kitchen experiments but that was soon to change.

Around that same time I was preparing for yet another surgery on a badly busted ankle, after which I would spend several months in a wheelchair before spending several more months on crutches while having countless hours of physiotherapy. Knowing that I was going to have plenty of time on my hands to write recipes (it was actually a full year later that I was finally able to discard my walking cane) I decided a recipe blog was a good thing to use up that free time and at least put it to some productive purpose.

With the able assistance of Spouse and an ocean of patience from her as well, many of the first 150 recipes or so  were prepared and posted from that wheelchair. The chair barely fit through my narrow kitchen doorway and one of the strongest visual memories I have of that time is the paint being scraped from the kitchen door frame from the countless times that wheelchair was forced through it. I later graduated to an office chair on wheels pushed by a cane to move around the kitchen and finally to a high bar stool to reach counter top level before finally being able to stand for short periods to cook after about 6 months.

That all may sound a bit of an ordeal to some reading this but for me, who had routinely worked two jobs and about 60 hours a week for countless years before my accident, it was a bit of a lifesaver; the prospect of going from flatout busy to dead stop was not one I would have handled well. Rock Recipes was something to focus on that would make the most of all that time and it certainly filled that purpose very well during those days.

A year after starting the website, I returned to college to study business for 3 years before returning to the workforce in my current position at Memorial University. Through it all, I continued to blog basically what our family was eating and our readership continued to steadily grow. On that first day, Rock Recipes had 169 page hits, all family and friends no doubt, whom I had emailed to go visit the site. Over 5 years later we now get tens of thousands of page hits