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Jon Platt helps fight Parkinson's Disease.

Easy Seafood Paella Recipe

by Jon Platt on November 04, 2017


An easy seafood paella recipe cooked right in my cast iron skillet!  A delicious seafood paella for today’s busy cook! 

Easy Seafood Paella Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish. Recipe comes with step-by-step photo tutorial to guide your cooking! Love this shrimp and lobster nestled in a bed of saffron rice! A must try from @themeddish

According to this History of Paella article, paella combines the Roman and Arabic cultures. Arab conquerors introduced rice in Valencia. The word “paella,” may have stemmed from the Arabic word “baquia,” which means leftovers. So, historically, paella was introduced as the delicious solution to leftovers. And depending on where you live, you would utilize ingredients available in that region. It makes sense then that there are many variations of paella today!

But even as we get creative with paella, there are two constants in a good paella recipe: Spanish saffron–thankfully, we need a little bit of this expensive stuff– and short-grain rice or Calasparra rice.

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