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El Salvador Travel Guide

The Essential Guide to Exploring This Magnificent Country


Green hills and roads in El Salvador in Central AmericaSituated in Central America, El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in the region. Somewhat of a bypass on the tourist trail, many people miss out on immense expanses of natural beauty, forests, beaches, and even the opportunity to view some archaeological sites. El Salvador is the perfect place to experience the great outdoors without the crowds as you make your way around Central America.

Typical Costs

Accommodation You can get a room in a shared hostel dorm room for as little as $5 USD and a private room for about $10 USD. Nice hotels start around $30 USD. That will get you air conditioning, a very comfortable bed, and breakfast.

Food Simple meals cost just a few dollars, especially at the street stalls. For European food or fast food, up your budget to about $5 USD. Overall food is very cheap here.

Transportation City buses in San Salvador cost $0.35 USD, and this is much the same as the other cities. A taxi ride is usually around $5 USD. Country wide buses cost less than $10 USD per single journey. There is no train service in El Salvador.

Activities Diving is likely to be your most expensive outing if you choose to do it, which will be around $75 USD for two dives. Other than that most of the parks cost only a few dollars.

Money Saving Tips

Snack on fruit – Fruit in Central America costs just pennies. You can pick up a bag of mangos for around $0.50 USD. Eat healthy and save money.

Go camping While hostels are pretty cheap, you can camp at many of them for half the cost. Bring your gear, sleep under the stars, and save money.

Hitchhike Hitchhiking is a very popular method of getting