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Eurovision 2016 winner: Ukraine beat rivals Russia and Australia in tension-filled climax - and four other things we learned

Highlights from Eurovision 2016 Highlights from Eurovision 2016 Play! 01:20

1. Ukraine win the day

Ukraine have won Eurovision with a political, heartfelt and serious song about something with intense personal meaning to the singer, Jamala. It's a song about Stalin's forced deportation of Crimean Tatars, including members of Jamala's own family, in 1944.

In the run-up to the contest, Russia complained that Ukraine shouldn't be allowed to sing this particular song, as Eurovision generally bans overtly political songs, not least when they have contemporary resonances like this.

But Jamala was eventually cleared to compete, and in the end she ended up going head-to-head with pre-contest favourite Russia's Sergey Lazarev for the title.  Her win proves that emotional and high-quality music can triumph at Eurovision, and the contest will always have a political element, no matter how much the organisers try to pretend it's about music above all else.