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Set the tone for the day, the evening before!

Have you ever gone to bed worrying? Or angry? Or upset? And the next morning, your thought immediately turn to that problem and your day is quickly off to an unhappy start? First thing in the morning, your thoughts turn negative: “I have to deal with my boss today, I wonder if my money will make it through the week, I hate my job, my kids are driving me nuts, I wish my husband would stop watching so much TV, I need coffee, ugh I’m so tired I just want to spend the day in bed…”

The thoughts you think at night set the tone for the next day. Your mind works on these thoughts all night, like a dog worrying a bone…

But you don’t have to wake up stressed out. As you go to bed every night, you can set the tone for the next day. Here’s how:

1. STOP listening to yourself

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