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Friendships are among the most complex but meaningful relationships in our lives. These unique bonds often run deeper than family ties, and sometimes last longer than our relationships with spouses or lovers. Yet there are few agreed-upon ground rules or roadmaps…


Because of the cultural and social taboos associated with failed friendships, it’s not unusual to feel embarrassed and/or uncomfortable when a friendship ends or goes awry. For a variety of reasons, it may be difficult to talk about what happened, both to other people around you or with the person who once was your friend. Yet, most of us yearn to better understand what happened so we can repair a fractured friendship or avoid the same landmines in the future.

Dramatic changes in the ways women live, work and communicate have made navigating the terrain of female friendships even more daunting. This website aims to help readers navigate the awkward misunderstandings and disappointments—as well as the long silences and distance—that often crops up among friends.

It organizes the expert advice that The Friendship Doctor has dispensed over the years along with the crowd-sourced wisdom of thousands of readers from every walk of life. As new questions and dilemmas arise, they are added to the site.

The archived posts are organized according to the below categories:

  • Making Friends
  • Keeping Friends
  • Resolving Problems