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Fun Guide To Sleeping Positions

What does your sleeping habit say about your relationship?

Recent psychological research carried out at the Edinburgh International Science Festival discovered an interesting fact: any change in the relationship of a loving couple immediately affects the positions that partners take in their sleep. The most important thing here is not the position in which they cuddle before going to sleep or the one that they take right after they fell asleep. The position they sleep in all night long and wake up in the morning is the only one that really matters.

Inspired by the research of Professor Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) and the work of psychologist Corinne Sweet, we at Bright Side have decided to create this fun guide to sleeping positions for couples that hopefully will give you a better understanding of your relationship.

The ’Honeymoon Hug’ position

Fun Guide To Sleeping Positions

This position tends to occur if the couple has just started dating or had to spend some time apart from each other.

The position is also popular among married couples if their family life is still passionate and full of tenderness and love.

The ’Dialogue’ position

Fun Guide To Sleeping Positions

This position is very common among those partners who maintain a strong connection between each other but still need to spend more time together and to communicate more often.

The ’Stargazing’ position

Fun Guide To Sleeping Positions

Both partners sleep on their backs. Usually, one person is laying on their back while the other rests their head on their partner’s shoulder, making him or her the more dependent one. This couple has great chemistry, but sometimes one of them finds it a little uncomfortable being forced to take the other one’s point of view (and in this case, position) into consideration.