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Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

The TRUTH is...

by Henry Pimentel on February 02, 2013

These truths will set you FREE!

  Please take a dollar bill from your wallet and hold it up. Done? Great, now please could you tell me what it is?
Well, what's the answer?

The answer is: paper with patterns printed on it. Nothing more. What you're essentially holding in your hand is an "IOU" from the government. You're saying that you trust the government to honor the value of that "IOU" note.

Once upon a time, money was gold coins and actually worth something. In those days, your dollar really would be worth a dollar.

As the financial system became more sophisticated though, paper notes were issued based on government's PHYSICAL holding of gold bullion. However, in 1930, this system (known as The Gold Standard) was dropped. Here in the land of the free, gold was even confiscated from anyone known to be holding it.

Why was this perfectly honorable system dropped? Because it meant politicians could only spend what they owned. By dropping The Gold Standard, governments created their own credit cards in the form of printing presses. They quite literally gave themselves a license to print money!

The result? Inflation (inflation is defined as the quantity of money in the system). This is why you hear about stories from Germany in the 1930s where a wheelbarrow full of cash was needed to buy a loaf of bread. Since 1930, governments, in their quest to win votes by printing their way out of their incompetence, have systematically destroyed wealth of generations.

Your dollar bill buys far less than it did in 1900 right? However, an ounce of gold pretty much buys today what it did 100 years ago! Can you see how powerful belief is?! Belief enables the whole world to think that paper money is actually worth something!

Governments want you to believe that gold is a barbarous relic. Why do you think that is?

Paper money is a huge house of cards, and every now and then, those cards tip over and the price of gold rises. The house of cards has not yet fallen though; it's just started tottering.

In the coming lessons I'll be showing you how to profit greatly from this knowledge. You'll see how knowing the truth empowers you and creates great wealth opportunities. Hence the expression: "And the truth shall set you free"!

How about the money the government promised you later in life in the form of Medicare and social security? Well, social security is expected to be bankrupt by 2042 and Medicare by 2019.

Why? Politicians all claim to want to save social security and yet still carry on raiding it! That's right, all that money you pay in tax isn't going to social security, it's just the government's credit card! As an insider, Senator Ernest Hollings, pointed out: "Obviously the first way to save social security is to stop looting it."

No Conspiracy Theory
At this point it's possible you're considering accusing me of behaving like some paranoid maniac who has watched too many episodes of "The X-Files"!

What I am saying is simply that governments only think of staying in power by whatever means possible. It just so happens that this involves keeping the population fast asleep and working away earning them tax for as along as possible to pay for their games to stay in power. Fair enough?

What I state is FACT not theory. I am not writing this course to impose my personal opinions upon you. I am writing this to tell you the way it actually is. I conform to the school of logic and evidence, not speculation.

Despite the fact that we live in a land with freedom of speech, unfortunately, anyone speaking against politicians at such a deep level is labeled to believe in the 'conspiracy theory' and are therefore labeled to believe in alien landings at Roswell etc. Such people are probably rightly seen as zany.

But it would be extremely naive to deny the fact that as long as humans have been around, there has been conspiracy of some kind at all levels. So before you rush to ridicule conspiracy at high levels of power, let's look at the dictionary definition of "conspiracy": A secret plan to commit an act with political motivation.

Now can you honestly tell me that doesn't go on all the time at all levels of government, media and corporations. P-L-E-A-S-E!

Have you seen the film "JFK"? I'm sure you have, but if you haven't, it's a great movie based on a true story. Anyway, here lies an historical example of how even in the face of overwhelming evidence against a government guilty of conspiracy, the population choose not to believe it.

The population believed the government when they said a single bullet managed to cause so many holes from so many different angles. If the government says 2+2=5, the masses swallow it...just like in George Orwell's apocalyptic novel, "1984".

Why? Because it unsettled them to believe that their beloved leaders could have committed such a crime- it's not possible- the guilty ones must be those who try to attack our government in this way! The government will always win because the majority of its people are sheep and don't want to believe the truth. Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference. Politicians all have the same motive.

Are you one of the sheep or are you ready to wake up and become financially free?

I don't want to launch some sort of revolt against the government! I just want you to see the truth, because strange as it may seem now, this opens the door to financial freedom.

Large Corporations

Large corporations have a large influence on the running of this country (remember, governments can easily be bought because they 'need' money to play their games). For the record, I am not a socialist or anti-capitalist that seeks to share the wealth out to the people by some sort of perverted justice!

The mega-wealthy have become so mostly due to the fact that over the years, many illusions and con tricks have been spoon-fed to the masses by them to ensure that they stay poor. Why?

  • The reason they have done this is that they need to have the masses competing to work in their companies so they can pay the minimum wage possible.
  • Their closely guarded investment strategies rely on the fact that the masses are afraid, uninformed and lazy.
  • Their businesses rely on the fact that the masses are easily manipulated through the media and advertising.
  • Where would they be if