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Get paid to travel – become a travel blogger

Could you build a successful career as a travel blogger? This expert guide could help you on your way...

Becoming a travel blogger seems like a great idea in theory, but as you get the ball rolling the process can get increasingly overwhelming. To be full time and make a living from your travel blog, it's not quite as simple as just throwing up a few posts and having a Twitter account or Facebook page. Being successful in blogging takes a lot of strategy and good business sense, as well as talent for telling stories and presenting them in a way that inspires people to see the world. 

From finding your niche to website design, social media tips, and knowing your audience inside and out, this guide is designed to take you from the beginning stages right up to how to make money from your blog, with advice from some of the most successful travel bloggers in the industry. 

1. Start with your passion

Consider what you enjoy about travelling – people, food, wildlife, history – and make that the central theme of your blog. Passion is at the root of great writing, and making that shine through in your blog will keep readers interested. Sticking to what you love will keep your enthusiasm and motivation up, too.

Remember, you don't have to cover everything about travel on your blog. If you don't go to museums when you're travelling, don't bother writing about them; if you love camping but hate hostels, stick to camping advice. You don't need to catch everyone in your net – do what you love to speak to the people who love it too. 

2. Experiment

You might not have a blog topic that you want to fully commit to right away – and that's fine! In these first stages, the most important thing is that you're writing something. Don't be afraid to experiment and play around with different ideas. Write often and about a range of different things – what you find the most enjoyable will quickly make itself known. 

"Finding your niche sounds really complicated, but it's really just about finding your passion and distinctive voice, and then pursuing that relentlessly,” says Bret from Green Global Travel. “It's OK if you don't find it right away, or if the path meanders a bit along the way. It's more about following your instincts, trusting your gut, ignoring all of the noise that says 'successful bloggers have to do this or that', and blazing your own trail. 

“It takes time, energy, experimentation, passion, patience and persistence to build a brand you truly believe in. But once you do, it makes all of the other elements that make up the business of blogging fall into place a lot more easily and organically." 

Bret and Mary from Green Global Travel are some of the industry's most influential voices on the topic of deciding a focus for your blog, having spoken and written about blog branding many times.

3. Put some thought into your design

First impressions are key – and this philosophy also applies to websites. Creating a strong design for your blog – one that's easy to navigate and understand – is important as this is