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GreeceTravel Guides




Everywhere around me I heard negative stories about Athens, as I told people I was about to go visit for a life-changing conference. It was dirty, ugly, busy and hot. Or so they said. Turns out “they” aren’t always the people to listen to. Because when I visited the city in autumn, I was swept off my feet by it.

I ADORED Athens. If you’re looking for a change from the classics in Europe (Paris, Rome, London), I can definitely this Greek Goddess. Sure, you’ll get lost every three minutes because the city is essentially a life sized maze with random wriggly figures they call ‘letters’, but it was also a place I never felt unsafe, and always ended up discovering cool new places when I went for a wander.

Athens does require a little guidebook on what to expect though. Athens is interesting. It’s not easy, like Paris. It’s a bit like the Shoreditch of Europe. Run down, dirty and chaotic, but with creativity and colors popping up everywhere, something I deeply enjoyed. Here and there an ancient building pops up, in the middle of a roundabout sometimes. No biggie. If you visit this right after the bliss of the Greek Islands, you’ll struggle to adept. If you visit this looking for a unique destination full of character in the spring or autumn: Athens should 100% be your next destination. Here’s what to see, eat and where to party in Athens.




One of the liveliest areas in Athens is Monastiraki, a square right in the city centre. If you exit the metro to the square, you are immediately blown away by the business of the market stalls (during the day) or the street performers (during the night). Surrounding the square is food heaven (or rather.. lots of little restaurants) and a little sneak peek into the archeological sights you’ll find trough out Athens.


If you’re into old city centres with cute winding streets (and let’s be real.. who isn’t?) then Pláka area is the place to be. Yes, you will encounter a million tourist shops selling the same plastic poo, but the area itself is adorable. It takes you trough little alleyways and cobblestoned streets all the way to the top of the hill, from which you almost bump into Acropolis.



Shopaholics must venture down to Ermou street, a 1.5 kilometer long street that has all the major chains. About three quarters of the way in you’ll find Kapnikarea, an adorable little church. I love how they treasure these things in Athens, and how it can exist in between new