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Make Money Blogging: How to get sponsored Post opportunities!

If you have been hanging around the blogging community for any amount of time, you have undoubtedly seen countless sponsored posts. They are on social media and blogs and come in all types. When you start thinking about the possibility of monetizing your blog in this way, it can seem kind of overwhelming. There are so many different ways to get opportunities for sponsored posts and so many different ways that you can do it, that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all! I have had many of you email me asking questions about sponsored posts and there are honestly so many little things that go into the opportunities, that I thought it would be great to give you all a resource for those things! If you still have a few questions at the end of this post, feel free to leave them in the comments or email me! OR sign up for one of my blog consultations so we can talk about the best opportunities for your goals and your blog (and have a cup of coffee together for an hour)!

Here’s the rundown:

Work with media companies

There are a ton of these out there as well, so I will share some of my personal favorites with you. Most of them require you to apply and be accepted, but even if you are denied, you can apply time and time again until your blog is exactly what they are looking for.

  • Linqia: Application required. The company chooses campaigns that they think will work well with your blog and social media following and then you are given the decision to accept or decline based on deadline, pay, and topic. For these campaigns, you get paid per click until you hit a “threshold” that is determined by the interaction within your “community.” The more clicks you get over your threshold, the higher it will be next time. *I would also like to note that it is completely against the ethics rules of Linqia to ask people to “click around” on your posts or your direct links. You are able to direct people to your posts, but not specifically ask people to click to help you make money. Also,the link above to sign up is an invite from me and is a referral link.