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Happy New Year. BLOG

by Jan Mh on January 01, 2015

Happy New Year~2015! Blog 

New Year's Cake Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com


Hi everyone!  The new year has started, and I wanted to share a festive, quick & easy cake design with you!

First, I truly love the look of piped buttercream on cakes.   In fact, the more piping, the better!  It’s often a quicker option than applying frosting with a completely smooth finish, and I love the dressed up feel.

I often use my trusty 2D tip to pipe vertical ribbons of buttercream onto cakes….but today I wondered what would happen if I piped horizontally instead.  The result is so pretty…and so easy!  It’s my favorite part of this tutorial ;0)

First, I crumb coated my cake with a thin layer of buttercream.  Then, starting from the bottom of the cake, I piped long strands of buttercream with my 2D tip.  If you have a turntable, it makes things a bit easier so that you can spin as you pipe.  We used this recipe but any frosting that holds it’s shape nicely to piping would work well.