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Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

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Dear Friend,

I want to share a weight-loss secret you'll never hear from nutritionists or fitness "gurus."

They don't know about one of the most troubling triggers of extra fat. Especially around your belly and backside.

This extra fat doesn't come from consuming extra calories, more carbs, or excess sugar.

It comes from chemicals.

These chemicals, called obesogens, trick your body into making and storing MORE FAT.

This is an important message for both men and women, and in my special report below, I'll show you how YOU can shed those extra pounds of fat by cleansing your body of these fat-boosting chemicals.

To your good health,
Dear Friend,
Al Sears, MD, CNS

When I first published this report, I sent it to all my male patients and readers.

My initial research uncovered an unexpected source of fat burning, triggered by flushing an "alien molecule" from a man's body.

And it works for women, too.

It works so well, I'm prescribing it to many of my female patients. Especially the ones who have trouble getting rid of stubborn fat.

I'll tell you straight up. This alien molecule is a kind of obesogen, the chemicals that trick your body into making and storing more fat.

And these obesogens look and behave exactly like the hormone estrogen.

Too much estrogen — especially this "alien" synthetic form — makes both men AND women fat.

Get rid of the excess estrogen, and your belly, thighs, and backside tighten up.

And this is important for women to know: Only the excess estrogen is metabolized and whisked away. It doesn't interfere with your normal cycles or estrogen levels.

Weight gain in the modern world goes far beyond eating too many calories. Your chemical-soaked environment is making it much worse.

This discovery makes a real difference.  

I see it work in my clinic, and it will help you, too.

Today I Have Much Better Weapons To Fight This Problem

When I first made this unexpected discovery, people thought I was off my rocker. 

Of course, this was back in the early 1990s, when the idea of testing a man's blood for this "alien molecule" was practically unheard of.

Back then, I was successfully helping men reclaim six-pack abs, chiseled jawlines, and the classic "V-taper" you get with broad shoulders and a slim waist.

And I'm still doing it today.

Except now, I'm much better at it.

Some guys lose up to 30 pounds of fat in just three months using this very same technique.

Now, I'm helping women do the same.

So if you're frustrated by big bellies, puffy faces, and flabby backsides that just won't seem to go away, I have good news.

There's an overlooked reason that's contributing to this "unstoppable" weight gain.

And you can easily reverse it by doing one simple thing.

You see, these obesogens that get into your bloodstream program your cells to make more fat and make men look more feminine.

Every man in the U.S. is quietly being turned into a female thanks to a chemical attack that comes from thousands of items you come into contact with every day.

That includes the food you eat, and many of the things you touch, like styrofoam cups, plastic bags, even "harmless" things like the soap you use in the shower.

It's mostly ignored by doctors and the media, but shows up on just about every blood test I give my male patients.

And the problem is getting worse.

As I mentioned, these industrial chemicals just happen to have a molecular structure that looks EXACTLY like the female hormone estrogen.

Over time, these estrogen-like chemicals send millions of messages into your cells, like a pack of computer programmers sitting down and rewriting the code in your DNA.

As you might imagine, when men get zapped with this "feminine genetic coding," bad things happen.

Tight abs turn into beer bellies... Chiseled jawlines turn into fat, puffy faces... Once virile men go limp...

But today I have good news.

When You Lose the Estrogen You Lose the Fat and Flab

During my travels, I discovered a new estrogen-busting nutrient, and added it to Estro-Cleanse, the formula I use to clean out and wash away excess estrogen.

The results shocked me. (In a good way.)

On average, I reduced the excess estrogen in ALL my male patients by 82 points in just three months.

And when I say "points," I refer to the way we measure estrogen in the blood.

The average woman has anywhere from 200 to 500 pc/ml of estrogen in her blood. The unit "pc/ml" refers to picograms per milliliter. 

For men, that number should only be about 50 to 100 pc/ml. 

But many guys I see have estrogen as high as 250 pc/ml.

That's more estrogen than most women!

So when I get an average reduction of 82 points — in just 90 days — that means their estrogen comes back down to a much healthier level.

And when estrogen goes down, men get tighter abs, harder pecs, and a leaner, better-looking face.

Today, I have new, more powerful ways of burning flab and restoring your manhood.

But before I show you how to get started, let me back up a bit, and give you the bigger picture.

The "Estrogen Plague": 
Ignored By Doctors and Mainstream Media

Troubling Evidence
Ignored By the Media:

– British scientists discovered more than 30 fruit and vegetable pesticides "wrecked" men's fertility by blocking testosterone.1

– A major publication showed evidence that chemicals in sunscreens, cosmetics, and soaps could be mimicking estrogen andblocking testosterone in your body.2

– The journal Science of the Total Environment discoveredtestosterone levels were "significantly lower" among men exposed to the popular chemical PBDE, which is used as a flame retardant in furniture, plastics, electronics, and even clothing.3

– The non-profit Environmental Working Group estimates the average man has over 150 toxic chemicals that are flowing through your blood RIGHT NOW.4

I've been tracking this feminizing force in my male patients for over two decades and mainstream medicine STILL thinks I'm crazy for talking about it.

And I can see why. It gives them a perfect excuse to hand you a prescription for anxiety, depression, obesity, male performance, you name it.

But the real culprit has NOTHING to do with feeling down in the dumps, or being unable to perform.

And most doctors still have no idea this chemical threat is destroying men's lives.

The hushed-up estrogen problem is not taught in medical schools, never mentioned in the major medical journals, and it's not part of a doctor's continuing education.

On paper — at least in a doctor's mind — it doesn't exist.

But look in the environmental journals, and you get smacked in the face by a mountain of evidence.

We find case after case of gender-bending chemicals robbing men of their testosterone, and filling them up with toxic levels of estrogen.

Yet in spite of the proof, the average doctor will think you're crazy for asking to have your estrogen levels checked... Or even THINKING that estrogen may be the real cause of your problems. 

Yet, when I check men's testosterone and estrogen levels in my clinic, I see the numbers right there in black and white.

Anti-Estrogen Elixir Restores Your Power as a Man

I have a solution

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by Henry Pimentel on September 03, 2015

Financial Stress

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I'm sure you do, too. Stress builds. You worry, feel anxious and lose sleep. 

Natural Way To Detox Your Body

The big food companies are playing fast and loose with your life. They stuff their products with unnatural mutations.

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