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Honing Your Killer Instincts as an Internet Marketer

In Internet marketing, like anything else, there are going to be winners and losers. Often, the difference between success and failure doesn’t depend on outside influences, but on your attitude.


Successful Internet marketers share a unique set of qualities known as the “killer instinct.” Train yourself to use these qualities every day and you can increase your chances of becoming successful.

With Internet marketing, you can choose ahead of time how successful you are going to be. By making the conscious choice to adopt the attitude you need to win, you can be the successful online marketer you always dreamed of being.

Take Chances

Because Internet marketing often doesn’t require a lot of upfront costs, you have more of an incentive to try new things with less financial risk. In fact, many of the web’s biggest success stories – eBay, Amazon, eTrade, iTunes – won because their founders had a willingness to follow a business model that nobody had ever tried before.