There are few things more frustrating and upsetting than seeing someone important to you lacking in confidence.

Most of us are exactly the same. We refuse to see the spark and the potential in ourselves, but we can see it so clearly in those surrounding us that we want to shake them. We get so frustrated that we can’t seem to make them understand how wonderful they are.


Although we’re often a bit biased when it comes to our friends and family, the fact that they don’t think they can achieve something doesn’t mean you’ve got an inflated view of their potential; it means they’ve got a deflated view of it. We’re normally pretty realistic about the abilities of the people we love, and far more realistic than they themselves are.




Look In The Mirror

If you want to convince someone that they’ve got what it takes to achieve their dreams, you should start by taking a look at yourself.

I wouldn’t mind betting that you’re far harder on yourself than you are on anyone around you. You make huge demands of yourself, neglect yourself, and beat yourself up when you don’t get things ‘right.’ Understanding that is an extremely important start to getting your head around why someone else might not believe in themselves, even when, to you, their potential is blindingly obvious.