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How To Tone Your Butt? Let’s Learn The Safest & Quickest Way!

Do you have a flat butt and want to get rid of it? Do you want to shape it like Jen Selter or any other model?

You may have inherited your flat butt or got one after losing weight. We know, it can be a bit distressing for you, if you like to wear tight fitting clothes and you may be secretly hoping for a fuller, shapelier bottom (like Kim Kardashian). To find your answers, you may end up with various Google searches like – How to get a bigger butt? Well, it’s not that difficult to get one – It all depends on you.

Did you know that your hips are made up of 3 types of gluteal muscles?

  • Medius Gluteus
  • Minimus Gluteus
  • Maximus Gluteus

These 3 muscles are covered with a layer of fat and play an important role in our overall wellness, conditioning, and strength. You may not know that your glutes are what helps you stand upright from a sitting position or a squat, climb stairs and stabilize the pelvis. If you are having a flat butt and feel bad about it then you need to work on those three gluteal muscles to get bigger hip.

3 types of gluteal musclesGluteal Muscles Diagram

When your glutes enlarge, it gives the butts an athletic, firm, and sexy appearance that you have always wanted. By exercising your glutes consistently from all angles and eating the right the kind of food, you’ll be able to shape your bums.

When you go to the gym to burn your fat and stay in shape, you do a lot of movements that are potentially great for your glutes. However, it will help you to get bigger buttocks if you know how to maximally activate your gluteal muscles during the exercises.



Do You Want To Know Exercises For A Bigger Butt?

If you have a flat hip and want to get Perfect Brazilian Butts, you need to do some hard work, which is good for your assets as well as your body. There are many exercises that you can do at home without any equipment like lunges, squats, plank and some more. All these common exercises have the potential to get your gluteal muscles firing on all cylinders.

However, most people are not hitting their glutes correctly while doing these exercises. You’ll be able to completely transform your workout and your butt, if you learn to do these exercises over, with an emphasis on your hips. We have listed a few bigger butt exercises that can help you to learn how to maximally activate your gluteal muscles.