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Apply Polished Plaster

by Jan Mh on March 13, 2015

How to Apply Polished Plaster


Want to learn how to create a highly polished venetian plaster wall? You can do that with a few simple tips:


  1. Apply Polished Plaster Step 1.jpg
    Ensure the surface you're going to apply the decorative plaster is flat and smooth with no abrasions. If it's a gypsum plastered wall, then use a fine filler to repair any blemishes and sand where necessary.
    • This step is vital, as a stucco venetian plaster is very thin and any imperfections in the wall will show through.
      Apply Polished Plaster Step 1Bullet1.jpgAd
  2. Apply Polished Plaster Step 2.jpg
    Prime the wall to to give the plaster something to key to. Leave the primer 8 hours to dry before applying the first coat.
  3. Apply Polished Plaster Step 3.jpg