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How to Bedazzle Your Sneakers

Three Methods:Bedazzling with GlitterBedazzling with Crystals and RhinestonesTrying Other Creative Ideas

Transform a pedestrian pair of white sneakers into something unique and special using some simple craft materials like Mod Podge, glitter and crystals. This craft will not only produce fashionable shoes, it's also a great activity for parties and sleepovers!.Start with Step 1 below to begin bedazzling your sneakers!

Method 1 of 3: Bedazzling with Glitter

  1. Bedazzle Your Sneakers Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    Gather your supplies. To make these glitter sneakers, you will need a pair of sneakers, some fine glitter (in the color or colors of your choice), a pot of glitter paint, a paintbrush, a roll of painters tape and a pot of Modge Podge.
  2. Bedazzle Your Sneakers Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    Prepare your sneakers. Make sure your sneakers are completely clean, or else use a brand new pair of sneakers for this project.
    • If you're using an old pair of fabric or canvas, consider putting them in the washing machine. If they are not machine washable, use a damp cloth to remove as much dirt as possible.
    • Remove the laces from the sneakers, then take the painters tape and use to it to cover up any areas of the shoe you don't want to bedazzle -- such as the rubber sole and the tongue.
  3. Bedazzle Your Sneakers Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Mix the glitter paint and loose glitter. Pour a large drop of glitter paint onto a paper plate, then sprinkle the loose glitter on top.
    • Mix with a paintbrush or lollipop stick until you achieve a slightly grainy consistency -- but don't allow the paint to become too chunky or dry.
    • If necessary, add more of the glitter or paint until you achieve the right consistency.
  4. Bedazzle Your Sneakers Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    Begin painting the shoes. Take a paintbrush and dip it in the glittery paint. Place your free hand inside the shoe to hold it up, then start painting!
    • Try to apply a thin, even layer of the paint over the entire shoe. If you pile it on too thickly, the paint may take a very long time to dry. Once you have finished painting the first shoe, do the same with the second.
    • Remember that you can always paint an extra layer of glitter paint once the original layer has dried. It's better to apply several thin layers than a single thick coat.
  5. Bedazzle Your Sneakers Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    Apply a layer of Modge Podge. Once the layer or layers of glitter paint have dried completely, take the bottle of Modge Podge and pour a large drop onto a paper plate. Take a clean paintbrush and start applying it to the sneakers.
    • The Modge Modge will seal the glitter (making sure it doesn't fall off) and add shine to the sneakers. Don't worry if it looks white at first, it will turn clear once it dries.
    • Leave the shoes to dry overnight, then reinsert the laces and enjoy your new glitter shoes!
  6. Bedazzle Your Sneakers Step 6 Version 2.jpg