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How to Blow Fire

by Jan Mh on April 15, 2015

How to Blow Fire

Fire blowing is a trick that has been used for decades by circus performers, magicians, side show artists and the like. A fire blower uses a technique that involves taking a fuel into the mouth and lighting it on fire with a flame source to create an illusion of blowing, or breathing, fire. Fire breathing is extremely dangerous and practitioners of the performance art must practice with discipline and regularity to master the technique and ensure their safety and the audience's safety. If you are interested in the craft of the fire blower, read these steps for how to blow fire.


  1. Blow Fire Step 1.jpg
    Choose a fuel. Take the following things into consideration: flash point, taste, color, smell and smoke. You have a couple choices in fuel, and they each have different characteristics and produce different results: kerosene, lamp oil (paraffin). You should never use naphtha (white gas), lighter fluid, gasoline or ethyl alcohol.