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How to Braid String

by Jan Mh on April 26, 2015

How to Braid String

Three Methods:Three-String BraidFour-String (Flat) BraidEight-String Braid

Braiding string creates a strong, thin thread for jewelry or other crafts. Learning to braid with string is also a great way to test out new types of braids before you use them on hair, rope or ribbon. Try your hand with three, four and eight string-braids.

Method 1 of 3: Three-String Braid

  1. Braid String Step 1.jpg
    Purchase spools of string. If you want your string braid to be one color, cut three lengths of the same string. If you want a multi-colored braid, cut three lengths of string in different colors.
    • Make sure that you cut the string in the same exact length each time. A length of one foot is a good starting point for braiding string.
  2. Braid String Step 2.jpg
    Gather the ends of the string. Pull them so that they are even.
  3. Braid String Step 3.jpg
    Tie a knot 2 inches from one end. Cut a three-inch (7.5cm) piece of tape and then tape the knotted end to the table.
    • Smooth the tape on the table’s surface so that it will stay while you pull on the string.[1]
  4. Braid String Step 4.jpg
    Separate the three pieces of string on the table. Pick up the right string between your right thumb and index finger. Pick up the left string between your left thumb and index finger.
  5. Braid String Step 5.jpg
    Pick up the third, and middle, string with your right middle finger. As you braid, you will pass the middle string between the middle fingers of your right and left hands.
  6. Braid String Step 6.jpg
    Twist the right string toward the center, over the middle string. Your wrist will turn counterclockwise.
  7. Braid String Step 7.jpg
    Grasp the new center string with your left middle finger. Twist the left string over center string. You wrist will rotate clockwise.
  8. Braid String Step 8.jpg
    Repeat this motion, exchanging the right string for the center string and the left string for the center